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You know why you love Pixar: The stories. The characters. The game-changing animation. Now love your favorites anytime you want, from Brave to Toy Story to Wall-E, available to own from just $9.99 for a limited time (US&CA- What's your favorite animated movie?
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Wizards, Secret of Nim is pretty awesome though.
"Sorry! Movies on Google Play is not available in your country yet.
We're working to bla bla bla bla..."
"Die angeforderte URL wurde auf diesem Server nicht gefunden."

Movies are availible on Google Play in Germany...
I think Monsters Inc just has such depth and the bizarre scenarios are just priceless
The store page seems to give no indication as to the video file specs (resolution, audio channels, bit rate, etc).
note it says from $9.99. I prefer my movies in HD format and of course those are $14.99 and up...Nice way to get people to look at the Pixar movies.
Filmy w Google Play nie są jeszcze dostępne w Twoim kraju.
Zróbcie w końcu coś z tym.
Well, in Brazil, I'm glad for lauched today, but there's only Ratatouille.
+M Byee No I have bought a few movies on Google+ 
Great news. Love it Pixar movies...
The only one I wanted to buy isn't here: Monster's Inc.
Marco O
I want to buy all movies in Germany!!? 
Why show me this Advertising? In Russia you can not buy movies.
Will Google Play Movies and TV get ultraviolet support?
I agree we need Monsters, inc. I have all the rest
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