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Looking forward to a relaxing weekend, Canada? We're offering movies for just 99 cents (CA- for a limited time. Curl up with your favorite stars and enjoy!
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at least some treat for Canada always left behind on everything Google does
I'm not complaining, they've done this type of sale in the U.S. a few times already
Cool. Now...can you tell me or any of the hundreds of threads why my instance of Music Manager can't access the Internet? Would love to use it...
Why can't the USA participate in this sale?!?!?!!1 Thanks for excluding my whole country, Google. Americans like to watch movies too. ;P
Because Canada is allowed to steal movies without penalty --- and they are trying to make it appealing to buy them instead of steal them
+Ethan Anderson So many people won't understand why what you posted is so hilarious. I do, and salute.
you pirate a movie in NZ --- youre internet is cut off!!
+Thomas Tenkely I wish. I removed all devices...reinstalled, deleted anything related, and no. And I have all my songs in Google Play and a new computer! (Plus I'm a strong supporter of the Oxford Comma...!)
+Ethan Anderson because Canada is excluded from a lot of sales and services from Google including Google Music, Google deals, chomebooks.... So for once in your life time feel the pain :-) 
That's not how you spell "theatre" in Canada.
Yikes- selection is a bit weak. But hey, for a buck, can you expect more than Cuba Gooding Jr and/or Billy Zane?
Now this is the sorta price rentals should be.
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