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Over the next few weeks, we’ll be adding nearly 500 new Paramount Pictures films to Google Play for people in the US and Canada. We’re kicking this off with these new classics. Which is your favorite?

Hugo (
Transformers (
Ferris Bueller's Day Off (
The Godfather (
The Adventures of Tintin (
Footloose (2011) (
Captain America: The First Avenger (
Shrek (
Coming to America (
Super 8 (
Puss in Boots (
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Bueller... Bueller... Bueller... Bueller...
And how about other countries, when can we expect to see movies??
Alex W.
When does it work in Germany?
Rob Gould
...and the rest of the world?

BTW: Android has a stronger marketshare outside of the US, yet those fans that support the Google Ecosystem are still waiting...

While I'm a huge Google fan, I'm getting tired of getting treated like a second class citizen. I'm sure the content industry is to blame...but please OUT them. Perhaps you want to test your home market first...

I would at least expect a COMMENT. Please +Google, +Android, +Vic Gundotra, or +Mike Elgan (as an influencer) help us out here.

You are forcing me to go to Amazon or elsewhere to get the content that I wish to legally buy.
We're running behind in Europe due to too much legal crap.
France gained access so it's not just US and Canada anymore.
Hugo and Super 8 are the best!
I would love to buy MP3s via Google Play since I loathe iTunes and MP3s aren't available in Canada.
To answer the actual question: Ferris Bueller's Day Off, but there are plenty on the list I haven't seen yet.
Why are you letting Coming to America be added to this list, when Eddie Murphy was found guilty in a court in the US of plagiarizing (aka as stealing) the story from another author? (Art Buchwald was the actual author of the story) This movie, as far as I know, is illegal for that reason, and should no longer be permitted to be shown.
To answer the question (yes...I did rant earlier): Godfather. Hey, Google, I have an offer that you can't refuse ;-)
"Well it's Jean but most guys call me Shauna" -FBDO
We want it in Denmark too
Adventures of Tintin is mine from that list. Super 8 would probably be next.
Guessing none of these will be available in the UK for at least 6 months... because nobody outside of America matters, apparently!
The ones available in Poland. Oh, wait, right...
I live in a bad part of World (Czech Republic/EU). What a shame :(
Even though i live in Norway and can't get this, probably never will, what quality are the films in under optimal circumstances? 1080p?
irish d
now pls make it work on my googletv. i keep getting a flash error . better yet make a googletv app just for movie playing.
You've made me an offer I cannot refuse! The Godfather and the sequel are two of my favorite films of all time. I know what I'll be watching on my Xoom on my next flight!
We want it in Europe and in the rest of the World!! There is a World outside USA!!
Europe please! Germany...
My favourite? Movie, that will be avaliable in EU. The situation is really embarassing and you, Google are going to lose big part of EU market because of expansion of iTunes and its movies and music. HURRY UP!
Eric S
Lets support the twats that bankrolled #SOPA, #PIPA and #ACTA
Uk and france already have play movies enabled. Rest of Europe.
. Still waiting. We cant pay so we get the movies by *******ing...
Subscription service? I think the prices are to high.
Por qué siempre sacan servicios únicos para Estados Unidos?, los demás países no cuentan?
When you release everything like music, movies ect that are only available in certain countries to worldwide? Just wondering
Just start selling media in Europe too
It seems that Google don't like euros? There is no services like video and voice for Talk, no music and movies in Play etc. Infrastructures are most uptodate and people have at least 2 android devices at home. I don't understand that economy politics from Google...
When can we expect to see Google Play music/movies in Poland?
When can google play support more application such as movie, music, books in China?
3 bucks to rent a movie from 1986. it should be 99 cents at most!
I can go to my local family video and rent it for $1, electronic distribution should be cheaper.
I add my voice to the "WHY ONLY US/CANADA?!?!?!"-crowd.
It's fucking outrage that the movie companies are gready to the point of idiocy!
very cool. Godfather is a classic ;)
Saben? Sería genial que en Latinoamérica también pudiésemos comprar o alquilar películas. Y más aún que fuese en nuestras monedas de cada país (porque sólo por pilar dudas, exepto Ecuador, nadie tiene al dólar estadounidense como moneda). Ya el ITunes nos permite comprar música y películas, espero que ustedes no se demorem mucho.
So what Europe makes own system and smartphone something like ubuntu in few months ;)
Please, please make it available for other countries (Germany and rest of Europe in my case).
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