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Looking for a good movie to watch? What about a new album, book or app? You're in luck as #playpicks returns. Check out what we've been watching, reading and listening to this week. Let us know what you've been loving in the comments below.

Nike Training Club:
We’re clinging onto our new year’s resolutions (for dear life) with the help of our virtual personal trainer, courtesy of the Nike Training Club app. We even think we might be developing muscle; 2013 here we come!

Purity Ring - Shrines:
This Canadian electronic music duo have crafted an addictive album. Listen to "Fineshrine" once and you'll be hooked.

George Saunders - Tenth of December:
The best book you’ll read this year? It just may be. Don’t miss George Saunders’s satirical tales that touch upon aspects of the common experience.

Fortune - The Future Issue:
Perhaps it’s because we’ll never get enough of tech talk, but we could hardly put down Fortune’s latest edition that delves into the innovative minds of and our very own +Larry Page.

Safety Not Guaranteed:
We enjoyed this quirky time travel comedy from the producers of Little Miss Sunshine.
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First! But, not available in my country... Again...
extend full google play features in all us give you our money!!!
It says that " content I'd not available in your country" for all the cases
Still in Italy, we have books and music but no films! Too bad :(
When making a post like this, please indicate which country it is available to so people don't waste their time. If you're in Australia, ignore this post. 
Also ignore it if your from Switzerland ... 
Why not offering all the service in Canada? We are left with iTunes for music..... Are you pushing us toward the iphone? 
Looking for a good movie to watch???well guess what!YOU CAN'T... +Google Play it almost looks like trolling us each offence but...
Czech Republic
Sorry! Books (movie, music, magazine) on Google Play is not available in your country yet.
We're working to bring the content you love to more countries as quickly as possible.
Please check back again soon.
Not available in your country. Hmm... :-/
It's kind of funny that the advertised music is a Canadian electronic duo, yet Canadians can't access that music because music is still not available in Canada.... Sigh...
Jiri H
Well, Google working to bring the content to the Czech Republic, but this take too long!!
Google, please, take my Polish money. It's as good as other...
i bet that this post will have no other comments except complains...
Still not available in Portugal... Why? Why!?!?
Omg you people, have some patience! It's not like they're not dealing with it..! It's takes time to make contracts in every single country with every single company!
+Andrés Rubio Barriga this has nothing to do with companies my's all about each country's laws and so on...nothing more nothing less...but i think we are neglected...
Forget a good movie, I want to order a Nexus 4!!!
+Stanley Nakis It does have to do with companies, for example, in Belgium, they have to make a deal with SABAM, a 'company' that represents the artists over here.. and then there's all the rest.. That's why it takes time.
Are you provoking those, who don't have access to these services?!

(And I guess we are majority, not minority)
Canadian's can't purchase this Canadian band's music. sigh.
Not available, as always. My aunt is going to USA in next month (from Brazil) and I hope that Nexus 4 stock will be available cuz I'll ask her to buy one
Matheus you can't buy it unless you have a US billed credit card, because they only ship to the same country as the billing address.
Yeah but I have an aunt who lives there, so, I'll send the money with my aunt who is going, my aunt who lives there is gonna buy with her credit card and my aunt will bring it to me :) 
I suggest renaming to Google Play USA or stop posting stuff we can't do..
Not available in Turkey.
hoping you'll add BPM to Google Music so we can order our own workout songs
Are you ever gonna let your worldwide users enjoy movies, books, etc?
Ok, +Vizion Heiry I can live without these particular movies, but what about the rest of the content? Is the whole play store licensed? Besides, why iTunes sells music outside the US? Sorry but i don't get it
+Jose Maria Vazquez Apple pursued licenses. I can't remember which episode it is on TWIG but it's the one with Matt Cutts on it and they discuss what's going on with the Play.
I would love to start renting from the play store but i live in France and the movies are all in French with no other language option...I dont like watching dubbed movies, anyone know of a way to rent in a different language?
I believe, tahat list of users who can acces there services is shorter than list of users who can't. Add a tag US Only.
I am loving the post and the suggestions.  Not sure if this is new (it is to me) but I would love to keep seeing them!
How do you get rid of instant mixes?  It SUCKS!
+Google Play how would I suggest a movie? I think The Sixth Day and 11:14 should be added to the play store. 
It'd be great if I can access Google Play again...
Local connectivity issues is a poor excuse being that I was always able to access Google Play in the past and people with the same ISP as me are able to access Google Play.
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