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Did you know you can download movies and TV shows from the Google Play Movies & TV app and watch it without an Internet connection? All you have to do is tap the pushpin icon on any video in the app and it will download onto your #Android device. Be entertained, anywhere: #playtips  
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Sinbad B
Is there a reason why video files uploaded to my Google Drive space degrade so much in quality when I watch (and pin) them on my other devices? 
if only all rentals are just 0.99 cents even new movies.
Obviously only for those who can use it in their country.... 
I agree 3.99 for a rental is too much when I can get them from red box for just a buck
I use it all the time :-) I want to own some warner brother movies (like Dark Knight) and some New Line movies (like lord of the rings). Other then that I love it.
It's awesome on +Google TV :-) 
Rented Jay and Silent Bob a while back.

Best decision ever.
How about pinning to my ChromeBook?
People can just download movies now... if movie are just only 0.99 cent to rent. Maybe people will just rent it to save them the hassle of downloading.
Let's activate the service in italy, please!
How about extending the "Pin" ability to Chromebooks?
Google Play Movies can`t be installed in my country, it's because we are a  third world countrie?
You should be able to download the movies and tv shows that you purchase (not rent but purchase) to your computer so you can save them. But you can't. So then I won't "buy" them.
Google Play Movies are just too expensive.

It is cheaper for me to pay for fuel to drive up the road to the store and hire it. And it is also quicker than downloading.

GP Movies here are AU$5.99 for a new release, but I can rent a new release from a physical store for only AU$2.95.

So far, it doesn't make sense to watch from GP. Let me know when it's cheaper.
Did not know that. thanks for shareing...
I think if you download a movie in your tablet tou won't be ale to watch on your pc until you delete it from your device. They should make it clear.
I love +Google Play  Movies & TV! I can't stand the argument that the movies should be cheaper b/c they can get it somewhere like RedBox for cheaper. The thing is you can't stick a RedBox dvd into your smartphone, tablet, or +Google TV  You also have to return the movie the next day whether you watch it or not. Google Play is an awesome service and deserves more credit. If I want to start a movie outside my house on the go and finish it when I get home, I can. Keep up the good work +Google Play !
won't work on my Sony Ericsson I'm reading a LOT of bad reviews
+Christopher Dicus Couldn't care less about watching it on my device. I want to watch it on the TV with the family by simply plugging the device into the HDMI port. The device is simply a delivery system, just like a physical disc.
See +Christopher Dicus I'm not sure.  The cost of distributing digital movies and music, and books is so much lower than the cost of printing, distributing, handling returns, overstocks etc of physical media.  But, +Google Play  charges near enough the same for a digital file as for a book, or to borrow a DVD, or even buy a pre-owned DVD off eBay.  Seems like a rip-off to me, even if it is a good service...
In my country it isnt available..  :(
that's good, and it isn't expansive here in Brazil, and it have also a rent option

not available in the Philippines. Im an Android user but my mp3s, videos and books are from iTunes. Hope your movies, mp3, and books will be available here. 
Not available in Indonesia either :(
I´m from Argentina and it's not avaible neither. PLEASE MAKE IT FOR THE REST OF THE WORLD!
+Google Play, why can't you make Movies like Music?  Movies would be so much better if it had a web player and you could get free stuff without having a Google Wallet.
+Jason Jurotich You have iTunes for that, its incredibly doubtful that Google would extend its play service to any non-google devices.
i agree with +Fortune Rutor. it will be nice if you can extend these to Philippines as well...
+Jason Jurotich
The problem is NOT in the +Google Play. The problem is in +iTunes, Apple want a 30% CUT from that revenue!!!!

Even Microsoft cancel their skydrive on Apple devices because Apple were asking 30% cut, EVEN THOUGH IF THAT USER change from iOS device into non-iOS. Apple want 30% of the cut FROM ALL CUSTOMER THAT FROM iOS, they still want 30% revenue even if the user is not iOS user anymore and move to something else.

BTW, you should buy Nexus 7 instead of iPAD mini if you want the full goovgle experience.
Milty C
Yeah thanks for making the Galaxy nexus only 16 gig, with no expandable memory. Got no room for even one movie. Well thats your loss google play because i aint buying no movies for that reason. Sorry...
Sorry! Movies on Google Play is not available in your country yet.
We're working to bring the content you love to more countries as quickly as possible.
Please check back again soon.
How about Indonesia?
which country that available for Movies on Google Play?
+Sinbad B File compression. Same as uploading 1080p images to Instagram. I use Drive for everything, except video. Juggle that between Dropbox and a 64GB SD in my 64GB S3.
Thanks for the latest update, now my Xoom on CM10.1 can actually playback my purchased Google Play Movies. Two thumbs up!!
Love Google Play on my Google TV.  It works better than Amazon streaming.
Why can't I watch movies purchased in HD from my computer?
I don't like that I can't download movies to my desktop. I wanted to build my Google Movie library and then transfer movies to the iPad I let my daughter have but I can only play them via YouTube. 
Watch movies instantly, anywhere. ???
Google play say: "available in the United States only."
Thats is anywhere??
Maybe need more Ads (new kind of and with better quality than on Youtube now). More like on Hulu right now. Because prices are really too big and i prefer help Google with watching Ads instead of paying extra, because almost every studio is bunch of assholes and won't give good prices to Google..
And how about add an ability to end bufferization of the video, as Youtube could in old times. It's not a downloading but for one view in the car it's enough. 
You need an LG app for my BluRay player!
How about letting users choose between the movies native language? 
+Google Play ...please re-write the paragraph.  How can we download anything without an internet connection?  Does it just magically appear?

/OOPS!  0_0
Not available for Turkey
Really, I just follow these posts so I can read comments about where it's not available.
I really can't but really wish I'd be able to use Play Movies, Play Music, Play Books as well as buy Google devices from +Google itself here in my homeland of Slovenia. If there is anything I could do to help speed up the process, please contact me. Thank you. 
Might I say it's the content companies, not Google making international distribution a pain.  Why do you think Google goes out of its way to make all of its other products available world wide then throws on the brakes on content, the same thing other companies throw the breaks on for.  Including region coding on physical media?

Don't attack Google, attack the content companies!  Attack your local governments that have censorship laws that make it difficult for Google and the content companies to distribute in your country.  Google's only protecting their own buts on this one, they're protecting one cheek from the content companies and the other from YOUR governments!
+David Monroe I'm well aware of that problem but there must be some way to speed up the process or at least make +Google Devices available for purchase. Here in Slovenia I can buy a Nexus 7 from Asus for 280€ (199$ in US) and Nexus 4 from a carrier for 550€ (350$ in US)... Besides the price difference we have to wait 3-4 months to actually show up on the market. On another note, I know there's only 2 million of us but support for Slovene language is abysmal. From Google translate to services, voice, navigation, ect... when they could just get one local man to fix it all but still there's nothing being done. I'm a freelance translator and offer my services. 
+Scott Meister , it actually says download it, and view it without an internet connection. It's worded correctly.
+Sinbad B , try uploading videos to YouTube instead of Google Drive. YouTube is a much better place to keep videos.
No, Google, I can' t do it. You' re not allowing italians to do that OR to buy a nexus 4 or a Nexus 10. 
I'm curious about something. For all of you who posted from other countries saying that Google Play Movies or Google Play Books or whatever aren't available in your country, is iTunes available as an alternative? Not that iTunes store would play well with an Android device. I'm just curious.
too bad its only for US users. please notify us when it is available for Europe
Did you know that in some countries movies and tv shows are unavailable. And the payment methods are only credit cards? 
+Chris Evans of corse it is. My question is: if in Italy Nexus 4 is completely unavailable (no carriers, no shop. Nexus 4 just doesn' t exist) why don' t google lets me buy the phone from other countries? One phone for each account, 40€ shipping. Problem solved.
+Chris Evans iTunes is available in Greece for some time now. I can buy books, music, movies.

But I would like to do all that stuff from my +Android device using +Google Play.

And I can not see why I can not do that!!!!!
Make it available and we will use it....
Разве нельзя сделать чтоб переводились комменты и статьи с английского в этой прогрвмме
not available in your country? sau thank you to your local collecting societies 
Once again... not available in Portugal!!!
Until Android has an answer to AirPlay, this just isn't useful to me. I don't want to pay for and watch movies on a 10" screen.
+Richard Coupe  It does. It's called Miracast. Unfortunately  the device, the app and your TV all have to support it. And right now, the Nexus 4 is the only device that does! Oh and Android 4.2, you need that too. :P
+Jordan Khoviteri-Zadeh I've got a Nexus 4, which has Miracast as you say, but I'm yet to find a single device that can actually receive a Miracast stream and output it to a TV. Presumably the ridiculously over priced Sony Google TV set-top box can, but why would I pay £200 for something that Apple can do for under £100?

I'm a big fan of Android, but Google really make things difficult sometimes.
When can we use this in The Netherlands?? I hope very soon!!
+Richard Coupe From what I understand, Netgear sells a Miracast box for like £40. Well, it's $40~ on

You don't need a Google TV, just something that supports Miracast. Which is a pretty widely adopted (and open) standard, it's just not been in many devices yet.
Aye, when will Ireland get this also? It makes no sense to hard push the sale of the Nexus 7 when most of the content isn't yet available. Cross the border into Northern Ireland, and you get the full Google Play experience....................come on Google..................get your finger out!!!!
+John Bracken I'm not trying to make excuses for Google here. Half the problem is the content providers. Every single country has their own set of owners for all these different types of products.

It kind of sucks. But Google is rolling stuff out fairly quickly. In the UK we got Movies, Magazines and Music last year. I'm sure Google will have some more stuff to announce at IO this year.

South Africa is far from USA, we get nothing here... :(
Did you know that this still doesn't work in Finland!? Getting frustrating reading always this stuff and letting people wait in different countries.
Just wondering what is the delay. We have spotify, we have netflix but looks like getting google services is some kind of "Duke Nukem Forever" project.
i did not noticed that i can download movies and tv showd in Switzerland...
Why am I being sent this crap when its not available in my country, oh yeah google are a pack of incompetent douchebags who can't select by country on their spam.
Oh yesssss... instantly! Hurray!!!
Wait... Living in Belgium... perhaps in 30 years?
Come on Google, a global corporation like you must do better for its global customers!
I would buy a lot more play movies if they were closed captions and easy to find. As it is I have only watched one movie due to it being too much hard work to find captioned movies
A bit expensive to rent movies but you get a 30 day rental period. Don't know any stores that have that so i rented paranormal activity yesterday going to watch it tonight pretty easy process too 
Really? I can download movies and tv shows? Dare you to come over on a flight to New Zealand and say that same sentence!
rental cost is too high, please reduce to same as redbox then you got something 
OnlyIf it's available in your country. Sucks that Google limits the availability despite the fact that most of Android users are in Asia.
Anywhere? Please don't make me laugh. 
Anywhere doesn't include Singapore? As rightfully already pointed out the competition has already solved the protectionistic issue of media rights 
If +Google Play supported or integrated with +UltraViolet, I would likely purchase all of my digital movies through +Google Play going forward. I don't want to have to juggle multiple movie libraries or digital lockers, and I already have a sizable +UltraViolet collection. Therefore, I will not be making any Movie/TV purchases through +Google Play.
"Be entertained, anywhere"
Least expansive definition of anywhere ever.
i have just bought a nexus 7 and found out i cannot access google play because i live in ireland. what a load of s**t.
how can u download it to ur computer and watch it without internet I can on my phone but have no clue how to on my laptop!! Do I create a shortcut with google play? Is there a shortcur for google play?  Please help!
More expensive than Amazon instant video, and much more expensive than just buying a Blu-Ray of the same movie and having it shipped to you.
I've only rented movies using free credits from google. The service works well enough but the price is way too high. Redbox is $1.50 and Google is $4.99 for the same titles. I guess that Google feels that not walking a mile round trip is worth 3.50. Other than convenience there is no compelling reason to rent online. Google is not alone in this. I have an iPad and Apple is just as bad, as is my cable company. It can't be the cost of bandwidth because Google will push YouTube videos for free 24/7. It must come down to some odd agreements for content distribution rights where physical media rental providers pay much less than the online providers. Then again Netflix is only 9 or 10 bucks a month so that doesn't make sense either. Perhaps the reason is that Google is charging what the traffic will bear. Whatever the reason I will continue to vote with my feet and wallet. The walk is good for me anyways. 
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