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Join Sid, Manny and the rest of the herd on their latest journey, Continental Drift, and immerse yourself in the Ice Age world ( with all four movies, plus soundtracks, books and the Ice Age Village app, where you can build your own prehistoric village.
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+Google Play you should check your circles and post this crap to US-only circle. Rest of the world only looks and goes angry.
It's a great movie, good thing they didn't make any crappy followups just to make more money. I feel the same way about The Matrix.
I don't get the reason for google play when there is YouTube

F Kango
Not in Sweden. 
Well, in food market near my home you can buy even water, nuts and dried fruits on "Ice Age" brand. Its too mush usage for kinda booring story.
Wow,Ice Age!I love it,clever and smart.Let us smile(^_^)#!
Well, still waiting for a google play full opened in Italy...
Movies you buy when in the States you can't even watch when you go on vacation. This is getting ridiculous, if Google makes money off of advertising worldwide, their services should be available worldwide.

i would love to enjoy all this amazing content!! but as your customer services is none existent!!........... i guess ill be waiting a few more mouths!!  
Why smaller countries aren't able to buy books in playstore?
probably that your the network does not cover smaller countries like google play-store does not offer some of it's services to parts of Africa
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