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Have you tried Fancy? ( This app lets you discover amazing stuff, curate your own collection of favorite things, and unlock deals along the way.

If you've tried it, what did you think? And what's the coolest thing you've found?
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Its like instagram & Pinterest had a baby... but you can also buy things on there as well!
This looks great on the Google TV, i side loaded it and everything works fine...
So throw out Google Currents, that was called Google Eko in Swedish once downloaded but had yet another name on Gplay? :p
(Please Google, don't start translating the title of your apps like that, it's at best confusing, even amusing, more likely just weird and disturbingly scary... just like, you know... clowns!)
I like it. Now I have a giant list of nice things I want to buy.
Be careful to disable autosharing into your social networks when you fancy things #protip
I will never be able to affotd the things I've fancied but utnis quite a groovy app. Recommend a tryout.
Maybe if you could make apps available worldwide.... Stop this fragmentation please. I want all services in Italy too!
I would like to be able to login with my Google ID (not Facebook or Twitter)...
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