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We're kicking off our magazine launch in Canada with your favorite titles starting from just 99 cents: CA- Enjoy Reader's Digest, MacLean's, Fashion, Chatelaine, 7 Jours and more. Which magazines are you excited to read on your #Android  devices?
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Carlo W
And the UK!!!
nice thanks

what about music purchase and tv show ?  ;-)
Wow I wouldn't take those magazines even if they were free! :/
Play Magazines in France, pleeeeeeaase !!! :-) We're dying for it.
What? You got 7Jours in there? I'm actually surprised Québécor Media is selling using Google Magazines.
i didnt know they still made magazines. weird. kinda like watches. lol.
Dammit Google Canada, why can't I subscribe to Maclean's?! 
Reader's Digest is toilet paper, Maclean's is packing filler at the very worst. 
when will this be available in Portugal? =)
$.99 magazines would be appreciated in the US also!
India !!!!!! Please there's half million Indian ando people waiting too spend their money on magazine and movies
Hallo +Google Play ... what about Luxembourg???
I can't even buy a nexus7 online... :-/
Could anyone explain what's happening? 
+Google Play to bad you don't think Puerto Rico is not US territory, last I checked Puerto Rico is owned by the US and US citizens don't need a pass port to to enter, and we use US $ currency.
So you really need to refresh your geography knowledge. 
Can't wait to dive into a few subscriptions. Gotta get me a Nexus 7 first. Alls I got is Chrome on my laptop n an outdated Gingerbread phone w a 3 inch screen. Maybe for Christmas Google? You DO have my shipping address! ;-)
How do you have a 99 cent sale with no pennies?
Where's support for Asia?
Loads more countries to be added on 13th
Any chances in Latvia?!
The only way to get full service at Google Play is getting rooted and use Market Unlocker Pro, but that's makes me sad. Should be available worldwide.
We are waiting for you GP in Mexico, where your services are very limited. Meanwhile Amazon and iTunes are getting our business. 

I Would like to get an answer on how to get a Google Cromebook if you livr in Canada
You have deleted my comments: Now I will put them again, this time, I have reported it to Google USA, and my other Google contacts, as bad enough you don't answer people in here, but to delete their comments, when I didn't swear, yell, or flame?

Where is MUSIC? Many fans, mine, and yours, want to know? Canada has been waiting, I am a musician, I have been waiting for a long time, when there are a lot of other products out there that do the same - but I waited, so we deserve an answer, NOT a deletion of our question!
I'm quite sure they didn't delete your comments, maybe you lost reception on mobile or something. Anyway, Google is well aware of the limited countries, complain to the music studios, not Google.
+Mark Stronge Can I get my comment from "Google"? They did delete my comments, I am on a PC, I am here on their site, my comments, (And a hundred others) are gone, I am not stupid?

And, the release of "Music" was supposed to happen in Canada, per their "OWN" release notes - to Canada - on November 13. and I am responding to that, ok?
There are many times I go to a post and loads of comments are misding then I load it on my mobile and there are all there. these weird things are happening on the g plus servers.
+Mark Stronge my comments are not there, and were yesterday, I need not prove it to you, go there, I gae a link, see if you can find them? I put them there yesterday at 1400, saying "Where is Google music that was supposed to be given to Canada on November 13 finally?" And many others are asking - it was "Was" comment number 8

I am not an idiot
I have some Russian guy 2 days ago and then your comment 1 hr ago, a huge hole in the timeline.
+Mark Stronge Seems some stuff got deleted? Hm? I think they don't want to talk about it?
+Google Play when is Canada getting Music? We were told November 13, and I personally have not had my question answered since that day? 
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