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Hey Canadian movie fans! Did you know you can now buy movies on Google Play? You can now own top new movies like Brave (US&CA- and The Amazing Spider-Man (US&CA- for your very own.
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That's very nice but when can we expect to have it in Belgium? 
That's great... if you are a Canadian movie fan. :-)
Are Venezuela include in Google Play plans to buy (at least to rent) movies?
That's awesome. Now to wait for music. 
You people are so polite and appropriate.

Hey +Google where is my F-ING nexus 4!!
But, but, but....


Google Play music in canada?
+Jeremy McGill  Yes, you can access the app but it would be nice to have a credible platform to buy our music from that can compete with Itunes...
Now we only need Google Voice and Google Wallet and we will be in paradise ....
+Kevin Gagnon Hide IP VPN will allow you to browse the web as if you are in the US. So I am able to acess Google Music and buy tracks, just like itunes.
I'll maybe check it out soon. Was hoping Google voice too was out before msn & Skype joined up.
+Jeremy McGill even if your billing address in Googe Wallet is in Canada? Last time I tried, I would be able to browse but not buying...
And holland?
Come on google! No music and now no movies?

And I am a android fan … With no full android experience.... 
+Kevin Gagnon that's the same thing that happened when I tried. I just downloaded as much free music as possible that I wanted :-) 
But that's just plain stupid of us to have to use hacks and workarounds to give money to +Google Play ...
+Kevin Gagnon
its Canadian distributors who make it difficult   have to use one for amazon prime as well  canadian distributors dont want us to have access to american products too easily  have read articles about it  
No Nexus 4, no Chromebook, no music, no movies, no books :-( What's wrong with The Netherlands? 
+Damiaan Zwietering: The same reason none of these things are available in New Zealand. We are insignificant markets. We don't matter because our populations are too small.
I think +Google Play knows all your countries and wants ALL the movies in all the countries, congrats to Canada for the addition of Play Movies.
Please people use TunnelBear to get access to US content.
+Mark Stronge It comes down to a simple cost benefit analysis. If it will cost more to provide the services to a given country than the return from any purchases from said services because of low population, they simply won't do it.
I haven't looked up NZ, but there's 17 million of us in a quite prosperous country. There's even a Google data center over here! 
NZ's population is around 4.4 million. We will never get any of these services. And if it wasn't for parallel importers, we'd never see a single Nexus device either.
Sorry to see that. At least we're between England and Germany for hardware. 
Oh that's not entirely true. At least you speak English (sort of ...) so that puts you ahead of most of Europe :D
I think you would have to lie on your billing address plus use a proxy, not only are the extra hoops annoying, I would be hesitant to lie on the billing address since I'm not sure whether this constitutes some kind of fraud. This issue of distributing music content to Canada has been going on for ridiculously long...I think it was around 6 years ago I lost access to Pandora because of these issues and I remember thinking it would take a few months to negotiate, yeah right... almost 2013 and still need a work around.
Been that way for a long while, but we can't seem to get Google TV here... 
Don't worry they getting more laws put in so I can't hear the noise. Better filters like China has. Hope I don't lose my shirt with caps and hidden fees to go with a good movie.
Movies now, but still no music. God I wish someone would "end" the entertainment moguls. Regional differentiation has no place in a modern world.
Hm, lost patience, unfollowing. I don't care about "country specific" news.
Oh and stop complaining at google, direct your discontent to the film studios...
Of all the countries in the world, you'd think Brave would be available in Scotland but Nooo. We have The Amazing Spiderman though.
Thank you GOOGLEPLAY! My option to bill my carrier is back!

It would be great if we could buy and rent Disney and Pixar movies in France!
 Please make google play movies&tv shows, magazines, books and music available in the Slovakia and Czech Republic
That's cool, but why does The US get all the good stuff first then every other country comes after that. why not make it available to everybody from day1? (just curious)
I think that +Google doesn't see these posts 'cause so many people claim for Google services in their countries.
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