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Watch our latest lab experiment Google Play Test #0505: Bananas to find out what bananas and movies on +Google Play have in common. We’ve also included some easter eggs - can you find them? (hint: hover your mouse). We’ll give a shout out to everyone who finds all of the easter eggs.
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This piece deserves an award.  So brilliant!
I found 5 links, however the first 2 both go to the same location.
I hate the obligatory "not available in your country". Please don't tease me, if I'm not allowed to consume it.
plz how to update samsung galaxy s 2 i9100g to ice cream sandwich ??
Amith F
Or even remove that "Introducing Google Play" bar at the top.  It's been around a while now. It takes up a whole line and if people want to learn more there's probably a way they can find it in a corner. And would LOVE some TV Shows. 
I'm not sure what kind of crowd those movies are aimed at, movies nobody cares about.  Not the best way to promote +Google Play .  I've got to think people at Apple/iTunes, Netflix, Amazon, etc. are just shaking their heads in bewilderment.  It'll be interesting to see how Google Play can compete with the likes of iTunes over time.  Most people don't even know about Google Play.  The first problem I find with it is the awkward name.
All your devices, except Google TV's.

Kinda pisses me off, because that is the only place I would want to watch a movie.... On the big screen.
Just checked for updates .. But something has gone wrong, movies STILL don't work here in DK ?? Guess it will work tomorrow from play then .oO
+Rich LaDuca. what's Google TV?  Isn't that the device that tanked and many customers returned and caused Logitech a massive financial quarter loss? That's probably why it's not available on it.
herbie goes bananas, forbidden fruit, google play
Been saying this for months, still not available on Google's own Chromebooks.
+Michael Comia Google TVs are made by many other companies other than Logitech. Some of the newer ones are integrated into the TV itself. 
+Kyle Polansky, they aren't doing so hot either.  I don't know anyone that's purchased one.  Did you purchase one?
I have one. its the best thing ever. I just wish developers would create more apps for it. 
I want one and when I'm up for my next Roku device, I think I'll sub with a GTv.  +Rich LaDuca I love to watch movies on my tablet in down time.  Pretty much any tablet bigger than 7" works for me.
+Rich LaDuca, you can now watch movies on Google TV through the Youtube app. The update was sent out about a week ago. 
+Michael Comia 
I have two Logitec Revues... They work fine for me.

The only thing they get used for is Netflix and DLNA. I serve movies from my Win 7 box running PLEX.
More expensive than renting a physical DVD and with less options (DVD has extras, different languages, subtitles..., but google play only lets me rent films dubbed into Spanish).
+James Dyson 
Thanks.... Will check it out.

Does that still entail getting the movie through the 'Play Store' and then somehow pulling it up from within the 'YouTube' app?
Amith F
Google has become really slow to make things happen. We know what they are trying to do. Things just seem to move a lot slower than the competitors.
They just want to get it right. Im sure it takes so much time. just like google plus. They could ruch out with new stuff, but everyone would complain of change.
its a massive undertaking and the competitors are ruthless.
Amith F
Google Play/Video streaming should be Agnostic. Work on every device/browser the way Youtube does. 
I rented a movie on Google Play once to watch on my tablet.  Problem was, I connected my tablet to my TV and it would only show black.  Really Googs, I can't watch something I paid for on my TV? So I'm sticking to PS3 + Vudu/Amazon/Netflix solution for now.
+Rich LaDuca, The YouTube app provides a browser link to your YouTube account to purchase movies but loads the rental within the app to play. I watched a movie yesterday, it was pretty easy.
Amith F
What if the device your on does not support the app. Also I've found the quality of the video to not be true HD resolution. 
Apuesto por google play. esta nueva red de google puede satisfacer al consumidor y hacer muchos logros como nuevos logotipos de industrialización ,  dile no a la piratería y apoya al arte y a la música que es una de las influencias   por la cual juntos tenemos que surgir,
+James Dyson  Thank you sir!
+Amith Fernandes I know that the highest resolution YouTube offers for d/l is 720... anything bigger would probably buffer for ever!
Que dices algo recapitalizacion para la industria musical..?
+Michael Comia I currently don't have a need for a Google TV. I have a home theater PC and it does everything that I need it to right now. I will likely get a Google TV in the future.
Amith F
+Rich LaDuca Exactly, Behind the curve. Netflix offers 1080p streaming. Picture quality is kind of important to the serious TV watching viewer. 
Tenes que proteger las pequeñas industrias. nunca hagas a los millonarios mas millonarios, y a los pobres mas pobres, cuida la industria acosta de restricciones y sanciones.
Josh T
i dont get it... where are the easter eggs?
you've gotta be fast to get those easter eggs...herbie goes bananas lol
"Google play makes your movies available anywhere."...except almost all countries around the world :/
Brazil the country of bananas is not getting any Google Bananas
Well I do have Bananas - when will I get the other part (or should I use the cable method :-)
Why can I choose between SD and HD in Youtube and Android but can only rent SD in Google Play on the web (at least in Spain)???

Why only dubbed versions of movies in Spain??

Why so few ebooks in English in Spain?? I can buy tons of books in English in!! Why not in Google Play???
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