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Let the holidays begin! Starting today, for a limited time, when you buy a #Nexus7, you’ll receive $25 in Google Play Credit and free shipping: US and CA- 
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TZig Adam
And the rest of the world?

North America is not the only continent around here Google. 
Always so US-sentric. Getting a bit fed up with it to be honest. Do you care about your customers outside of North America at all?
Cheers Google and only thinking if the USA yet again
I live in Canada and can't buy one.  Cheers to shipping "nation wide" in Canada
Almost like they're based in the US. Sony caters to Japan more and Samsung caters to South Korea more. Get over it. 
Make it free shipping for the Nexus 5 and you got a sale. 
Seriously? I bought mine two days ago. I guess it's OK that I missed out on that $25 being that I bought it from Walmart and saved $30 from the Play Store price...
Not US only!!!! Canadians too!!!!! Now can I have it even if I bought one on day 1??
Treat me to a Nexus 10 pulllleeeease Google!!! Or at least let us know if you're not going to make another... 
Well that sucks.  I just purchased my nexus 7 last week.  Guess I missed out on the $25.  
Ugh more people bitching about it being US only again...
I would love to see a 10".... easy to see and hard to loose it.
Woman can store it inside their purse....
Mine heheh
I bought a 32GB N7 last week from best buy for $229.  I actually found it on sale at Micro Center's website.  I printed the price, walked over the Best Buy and they price matched it.  Now I can put the $40 savings toward the play store.  Check around on line for any Nexus 7 sales (I've seen 3 thus far), then take them to Best Buy.  These days they price match with no fuss at all.
How about the ones that already bought the N7 on August when it came out.
would be good if they realised that there was an old world 
Why is everyone acting as if they were owed this offer or some kind of discount?  Name another company that would offer a retroactive discount?  If you buy a loaf of bread today that is on sale tomorrow, the super market doesn't give you a refund tomorrow.  Why should this be any different?  Yes it sucks to miss the offer, but oh well that's life.  you can rest assured that even at the regular price you still bought what is pound for pound the best tablet in the market (regardless of manufacturer) for the money.  There's not much to complain about there.
+Gabriel Walsh You don't understand because you live in the heart of Google's playground. The rest of the world like us don't have the same advantage here according to this discount being US only.
<Mr. Potato Head Voice>
How 'bout we don't
</Mr. Potato Head Voice>
+TZig Adam - I understand perfectly, but I still think the complaints are unwarranted.  the fact remains that even outside the US (with the possible exception of inside China), the N7 remains a fabulous value when compared to the rest of the market, no matter what discounts or offers Google might be currently giving.  Just look at he price of a comparable iPad Mini with Retina display (about double that of the 32gb N7) and that should bring things into a bit better perspective.
Its actually US & Canada only, but carry on....
I just treated myself to a 32GB Nexus 5 from the Google Play store; will you treat me with a $25 Google Play credit? 
I have nexus 7 1st generation and i wonder if it will be, rather if my unit be a part of the kitkat 4.4 operating system update? since its the old version of N7
Tyler W
I believe they should let you all get the Google credit as well but mainly so you can go buy yourself SwiftKey because you all type like shit.... LOL
+Joey Luis - yes it is.  The updates are rolling out in batches.  just be patient, it will come to you.  My 2012 N7 updated to 4.4 last Friday.  My 2013 N7, on the other hand, only updated last night.
I live in the United States, but can anyone give me a valid explanation as to why +Google Play mostly excludes rest of the world from these offers? 
I'd like to treat myself to a new Nexus 10! Can't hold my breath much longer!
Please make Google Devices available in BENELUX.
Yet again Google shows total distain and hatred for the rest of the world...
When does it work on Verizon be smart enough to allow it on there Network?
Why can't I buy it in the Netherlands, Come on Google!
+Clayton Johnson - If I had to make an educated guess, I would think different national laws and accounting/financial rules and regulations probably limit not just what they can do, but how quickly they can do it as well.
Can't buy from Philippines as well... :-(
What about the early adopters? I'm still waiting for my free stuff from buying a new Nexus 7 after I had the old Nexus 7!
+Google Play I bought mine, from Google Play, on the 3rd and received it on the 8th. Am I S.O.L. or can I still get in on this promotion?
Ben Cai
Only Nexus 7? But I want to buy Nexus 5  :(
I bought mine last week. Called Google if they will give me the $25 promotion credit. They asked me to return the device I have as it is within the 14 day return period and then order a new one which will qualify for the promotion. cmon, why not just give me the $25 credit! you would anyways spend that much in my return shipping and shipping of the new order. Doesnt make sense to me. +Google Play 
I don't ask for a discount, just for freaking play devices. Get that +Google Play Portugal is on this planet.
+Ravishankar Balakrishnan Come on, giving credit post purchase without requiring you to return the item is an Apple trick otherwise known as customer service. 
Google doesn't hate the rest of the world. Its just well if your outside north America, well I guess you live on the wrong continent. 😁
+Jacob Schafer what is wrong with that? It is 2013 and it makes no sense for only the US and Canada to get these deals. When I lived in Europe I couldn't buy tv and movies from google play, only watch, and not only was it annoying, but seemed like a pointless position for google to take.
I swear this Google post has turned into U.S. vs the World. Just look at the above arguments between countries back and forth. lol.
+Todd Salmon please excuse me for getting tired of seeing constant bitching on a US based companies posts where they complain about the US company giving deals in the US and releasing devices initially in the US. 
+Jacob Schafer You might have a point of Google did not keep trying to convince me that it is an international organisation.
I have also heard your countryfolk voicing their unhappiness that Samsung was releasing products outside the USA first.
The funniest complaint I ever heard was how it was unacceptable that the UK got the latest Doctor Who episode before the US. 
Sounds silly, but I'd love to have that wallpaper in the ad ;p
Da rest of my country homes Philippines,not only here in kuwait♥♥♥
It is a very nice consumption device, replaced my aging Nook Color.  Productivity wise it is pretty minimal usage for content creation, but until a Surface Mini comes along, this is a good stopgap.
+Jacob Schafer it is not so much these hardware deals but more the region locking I was complaining about, I just didn't make that clear enough. You could argue since many regions have non apps blocked from purchase these deals wouldn't make as much sense in a non US based region. But then that is just part of a bigger problem. You can argue about harsware deals only being in the US, but region locking content should have no excuse.
And the early adopters and non-North-Americans? left out in the cold huh?
In Austria I can't buy the damn thing over the play store - stop teasing us, Google! You are being cruel!
And how about Russian vodka guys?!
look good.
+Jason Grima The US is certainly an early adopter for iThings but Android is less interesting to many of your fellow citizens.
You people sure do bitch a lot. There are somewhere around 200 countries out there. Each with different laws regarding business practices, distribution of goods and services, promotions, etc. You lot expect one company to offer the exact same offers at the same time all over the planet while somehow magically adhering to every single permutation of national law in every market. Seriously? 
+Gabriel Walsh Trust me, they won't be able to comprehend what you're saying. Seems entitlement is a worldwide phenomenon. 

And before anyone even begins to think about flaming me, I'm an early adopter who isn't eligible for this deal. You know what? I'm ok with that. I accept that. I'm not about to go whining day after day about it.
I have a nexus 7 and I love it
Corey G
Anyone have this wallpaper?
Hey +Google Play Can we get the Note 10.1 (2014) as a play store tablet? Pretty please? Would love to see the LTE version sans the bloat. 
Tony H
Nice to see this offer in the UK...NOT, thanks for nothing as usual 
الحياة ألوان ،كل يوم تعطينا لونا جديدا 
+Scott Watson actually, I'm in Australia, where the nexus phones sell out as soon as our play store gets stock of a new model, so there is definitely some interest from my fellow citizens. Honestly not sure how the nexus 7 has done here but I bought mine from a local retailer, after waiting two weeks to buy one direct from Google, then they finally added it to our play store 2 days later. This isn't a problem of import laws or local taxes/customs process, because it was already on sale at retail outlets.
Santa Claus is bringing me one eat your heart out people
have it been sold in China?
PK Hong
lost my nexus 7 gen 1 at Jakarta hotel last friday and got it replaced with nezus 7 2013 yestedray...good products.... love it. 4.4 kit kat ART
..smooth and feel good
Gettin Really annoyed about the rumors about the Nexus 10 2013, so if you all could just make an official statement about the topic, that would be great.. >:l
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