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We still can't believe the #LesMis cast sang live on the set. Check out the incredible vocals on the film's soundtrack: #MusicMonday   #NowPlaying  
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How about you make it available in Australia already?
Yeah, that's why it received poor review by at least one (professional) film critic - insisting on actors to sing live during filming.
That one professional film critic was obviously bitter. He should have respected the courage and purity of the act of having "actors" sing live during filming. This was probably done to make it feel as close as possible to the sound quality of seeing a stage production.
Simion Hayes and the team did a brilliant job for the sound on this and will most likely win the Oscar 
Amazing! it's not US-only this time. link works from Spain... but I bet it's cheaper on the states.
+Alejandro Mery Google Play music is available in the US and 'select European countries'. Which are France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and the UK.

Australia only gets access to Android Apps, Movies and Books.
+Scott Barnden but even in those selected countries the catalog, prices and offers aren't comparable with US's. Even having the "service" +Google Play offers very rarely work for us.
#LesMis  has always been awesome!  The cast in this newest version looks great!
FWIW - My vote for pic of the year. My last favorite in this category, "The Umbrellas of Cherbourg"
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