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Ahead of the much anticipated release of his new film Rock of Ages, director Adam Shankman will be hanging out with 8 fans on +Google Play at 2pm PST, Wednesday, May 30th. He’ll talk about the making of the film, working with Tom Cruise, choreography, and of course, your questions.

To be one of the selected fans, circle +Google Play and post your best question for Adam in the comments below. We'll announce the 8 lucky fans soon!

The Hangout on Air will be broadcast from our page, which means you can watch the discussion in real time. In advance, you can check out other Adam Shankman movies available on Google Play:

Hairspray (US and Canada:, Australia:

The Pacifier (US:, Australia:, UK:

Bringing Down the House (US:, Australia:
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How did you go about selecting the music for the film? What inspired you to create a musical based on rock culture?
Jay Lay
When its going to be available in spain??? We're waiting for ages now!!!
Jay Lay
+Bryan Maher yes i know but the spanish movie industry shoyld see its a good thing because in spain we're lightyears away to be like u,referring to this services: )
+Jay Lay - It will eventually, it took us a long time in the US to get past the RIAA and MPA here. It bothers me that I can't download music from the iTunes or GooglePlay stores in Europe. I'm very into electronic, house, and trance and forced to rely on Deep.FM in The Netherlands to find new music. One day maybe?
Jay Lay
+Bryan Maher yes,well,let's still hope the "important "people take the right decisions to make our lives a little bit easier. Thanks for your answers
did chris d'arienzo have input throughout the production process, or did his involvement end when he handed in his draft of the script?

regarding the new songs that are not in the stage production: were the songs chosen first then the storyline written around them, or was the storyline written then accompanying songs were chosen?

how did you (finally) get rights to def leppard's music? did the filmmakers approach them or vice versa?

i love that you invited some of the first national tour cast members to participate as dancers (and i loved their "waiting for shankman" video), but why were they not given singing parts? how/why were the specific tour cast members who participated chosen (i.e., why not all of them)?
I watched the movie back in March and was wondering what inspired the changes from the Rock of Ages musical to the movie? Was it to keep the audience more focused on just a few storylines whereas the musical has many? What inspired to add new characters and storylines also, like Constance and Mrs. Whitmore? I also wanted to know Mary J Blige's character's, Justice, more in terms of how she came to LA and ended up running the club.
Adam, what were the drawbacks to having to direct a musical turned movie with added changes, and working through the anomaly's with the entire crew.
What was the biggest challenge going from stage to screen for Rock of Ages and/or Hairspray? Does the bulk of the work fall into script re-writes for the screen or is the adaptation pretty smooth?
Adam, I loved Hairspray and am extremely excited for Rock Of Ages. My question is . . . What is the biggest challenge of making a movie musical?
how will we be contacted? i haven't received any emails or messages in google+.
+abe calimag We've shared a limited post via Google+. Please let us know if you have not received the post.
i just saw it and sent an email (already got a reply). thanks.
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