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It's a new year and new you. We've got a friend who is trying his best to make good on his New Year's resolution. Check out his video and tell us your New Year's resolutions in the comments. We'll pick our favorites and share them in a resolution wrap-up post later this week. Here's to a great 2013!
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Being a recent Grad, find a job and make 2013 more profitable. 
In normal case I would repeat that by this you put salt in eyes of many people left without Play Music, Play Books and other services. But because it is a new year and a new me, I will just wish you a happy new year!
My resolution this year is to be mind, body and spirit.
Lol.... you guys make some great videos!
brian m
My new year's resolution is to have Google Play deliver my phone, the money for which was taken from my account and was supposed to be delivered within 2 working days of December 28th, but which has still to arrive with no tracking information available.
2013 resolution? Google with more Ingres invitations for sure.
...YEAHHH...more choco cookies for 2013...well done...thank's for share...<3...
Be the best me I can be in health love school and as a parent
I want to be kinder, happier, warmer, and better overall as a person. I'd like to take each day as it comes, watch everything move along, take the time in the world, I want to live. 
My New Year's Resolution is to pull back my social information and cloud storage/apps from multiple companies(Facebook, Dropbox, Twitter, Foursquare, etc) and use one company(+google) for all of my social and cloud needs. I also want to evangelize this to friends and family.
Roll L
+Kimi Arista I agree with you
+Jason Nelms Do you know any service that will pull together all my info, so I can unsubcribe from most of them? lol Based on email maybe... can't find any.
My resolution is to do whatever I have to do in order to kick my addictions. I've got just over a year in one. I'm still battling two more. I'm determined to listen to whatever my therapist tells me in order to recover. I want physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual recovery.
If you would indeed find such a service, it will store all that data that it collected lol. :-) Remove it one by one and do it well..
+Sergiu Botez Ma intereseaza doar sa mi le listeze, nu sa colecteze info. Dracu'  mai stie dupa 10 ani la cate servicii am subscris cu una dintre adresele de email.
worst start ;(((((
Take each day step by step to learn and be a better human being. You Dont need a new year to be kind to everyone, everyday is worth a positive start. Step out in the sun with a positive spirit, less anger while driving, helpful while walking the streets, considerate for the less gifted, honest to yourself and be a good citizen.
I'll deactivate my Facebook-Account 
That is funny something told me that was cookie monster cause of the spelling. And the picture of cookies really gave it away
To find a new group of people, who are also single, to hang with
My 2013 resolution is to b pretty better what 2012 and less better than 2014 .. and its always will b .. I'm blessed !!! I hope y'all too !! Here he he !! Woodpeckers ! 
Oh Cookie Monster, get back to doing cold veggies. (See what I did ther?)
Stop taking all those useless meds the doctors give you... Started the day after Christmas...
 Healthy in mind and body, spend more time in nature, be truly present with others, be fearless.
I'd do absolutely nothing I love me :)
I stand in agreement with you that you will overcome the other two addiction. By the Power & Blood Of Jesus!
make friends...real ones..not on the computer :)
Make every day a new experience for my two year old son. 
No, it's pretty much the same me just another day older. 
Live more of my life offline, bad start 
+brian m don't worry... when I ordered my galaxy nexus earlier in 2012 my phone actually showed up before the shipping notice was sent...
+Bogdan Sandu well, flip board can consolidate all your social feeds into one stream... that's a start...
Oh cookie monster, you just can't stay away from cookies!
My new year resolution is honesty is the best policy
To serve the Lord jesus more and better!!!
I resolve to come out to my family, and to fight for positive relationships with them.
Err.. enough fooling around. This year I'll play myself a game -- instead of setting up targets for one whole damn year, I'll start small.. say monthly OR the next 10/15 days (if even monthly is too much asking). I'm pretty sure that'll help.

My targets would be:

- Sleep timely
- Work with more awesomeness
- Meditate everyday
- Eat lots of fruits.. healthy meal and all
- Always have a smile on my face, even if it has to be fake.. afterall it's our habits that build up your character.

Happy new year to all you good folks at Google :)
Be more awesome in 2013.
It's a commercial but I think you'll like it... 
They will already know, good luck
To do everything the world thinks I won't ! 
Lol funny. My new years resolution is to be the biggest, baddest, most epic fuck up I can possibly be lol
Purchasing a nexus 10, and nexus 4. They will look nice next to my nexus 7. That's my goal. I broke my leg at work in 2011. Money has been real tight. I'm hoping to return back to work in 2 months. Then the money will get here. 
My resolution is to conquer the world! Muh-wa-ha-ha
my resolution this year is to pay more attention to my wife
I resolute to getting true love this year whatever it takes.
Sid J
Me: Upload my first app to the store
You: expand books, music, and movies to every single country in this and any newly discovered planet
Rock a cute bathing suit this summer! (That encompasses having to do several of my resolutions...eating clean, lifting and getting more sleep!)
Save it for sports. Not geeks
google play its most important
Brand New me for the new year=
Seeing the positive, keep on moving forward to a better me, and being happy for the positive people in my life. #starting right
Vvolunteer more of my time to help others
Finish my app and release it on Google Play. 
I want to stop beating myself up over bad choices from years ago. Leave the past behind, bring the lessons learned along with me.
thanks for the encouragement. I totally forgot that it was a new year . good time to set some goals. mine is to secure more work in the entrtanement bus. I work as an xxxxtra ha ha union at that tho so. .
Living a healthier and more prosperous life. 
My new years resolution is to stop smoking (already contacted a support group) and do my best to make a better life for my wife and I! 
I have read all your comments and like them all ..Colin....
God bless the world in the new year
To lose weight, be more positive, be more optimistic and get an android phone!
To a healthy new year, going to finish a few things I started last year.
Después de los excesos no nada como comer pollo, piña para depurar y perder de 2 a 3 kilos, feliz año nuevo
Also I like that
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My GOD bless our live and take me power to help all handicap persons :::::................
my resolution this year 2013 is to be above my equal  with divine favor to help the needy as well as to accomplish those things I was unable to do for the past years.
See I want google play unlimited please give me google play premium I reqest yoy

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