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The new Google Play Movies & TV Chrome app makes your favorite movies and TV shows on your Chromebook available any time, anywhere - even without a WiFi connection.

In addition to offline mode on Chrome OS, it also brings Info Cards and an improved Chromecast and local playback experience to anyone watching movies through the Chrome browser.
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TZig Adam
Nice. Now if only the world cared about Chromebooks to start with.

Why can't you do offline movies on PC/Macs Google? 
How about surround sound on your movies not just a stereo stream?
Perfect. Just purchased a chromebook last night! 
Can't wait to have a Chromebook!!
This already existed on my tablet. I like it.
This i think just look like have advertising in Chrome store for movies. Is no big diffrens to see them one the extention or watch it direclty frome Play Store.
Sweet !!!  The Chromecast capability will be most welcome!
+Into The Droid perfect timing!  What kind did you get?
Netglix dont have offline mode! :)
+Shane Menshik And why not just include Play Store Movies as Offline support direclty one Play Store, have extenstion some is the same is just for spread the name everywhere them can :)

+ Both places has bad navigate when its come to movies you have buy, every singel movies just include under one tab. Should like to have it like Plex, can serch for a movie man own, or serch after actress frome a movie man own. And sort it frome A B C D, and Genere like Action, Comedi etc. If man buy 200 movies will be hard to find movies man want to watch for moment. Sorry for bad writing start to be thired 03:49 at night here. 
Thanks to us... Test & measurements world. Discover what's possible#Anritsu
To high price i like more new way free and we donate if we like it. 
+Jonas Jerner Yes am totaly agree buy a movie is normaly higre price that buy a DvD/Bly-Ray online and you can sell it after if you start hate it that is not possibol one Google Play Movies sell it forward to another one. And rent the movies one and one is alot expensiveare that Netflix. 
jrg lpz
Te cae de madres?
Nice, just wish it allowed HD quality and the ability to choose resolution. Also offline playback on PC would have been nice.

But on the plus side movies purchased in the US actually play in Canada with this Chrome app just like on Android but unlike through the browser.
still waiting for apps for consoles!!! just think it would be nice :)
What we really need is a service like Netflix on Google play!!!!!
Good news. But what they really need to get me buying overpriced movies on Play is more movies licensed for HD playback on Sony Xperia Z2. The current selection is at best mediocre.
+TZig Adam apparently the world does care. Chromebooks are outselling Windows 8 laptops. On Amazon Chromebooks are the top selling laptops.
Wow. How revolutionary. Saving files locally and playing them!
If I purchase a movie I want full control of the content I won't be buying movies from +Google Play I should be able to download it if I feel like keeping it on my hard drive maybe I want to stream to chromecast with out the internet and why does chromecast have to always be online I know my local wifi signal is good enough 
+Jason Paisley something about these devices is completely flying over a bunch of people's heads. I'm a student and I'm actually able to do some heavy analysis of MRI data through my Chromebook. It's incredible what it's capable of. It just takes an adjustment to a new style of computing. 
+Benjamin Gulker you mean how 1990's. It's a cloud centered OS people. You knew that when you bought the bloody thing.
I have downloaded a movie for offline viewing but where does it appear? Not in my downloads folder, and underneath the movie it says downloaded click to remove
Is it working on all Chrome devices?
But if I only own BIG... cause it was the only free one that one time.. and all my other content is on PLEX.... how is this a feature to people that don't pay for movies?
This is perfect, my 13" Samsung Chromebook 2 just arrived last week!!! 
Any way you can release movies in Dolby 5.1 audio? Stereo only in 2014, cmon Google.
Had my Chromebook for a year and a half now...I don't miss my pc
+TZig Adam the fact pc sales have declined due to the chromebook I'd say a lot of people care.
Waiting for All Access Music offline now. 
+Brent Sullivan finally decided on the Toshiba CB30. Really nice feel and design, but like all the reviews the screen leaves quite a bit to be desired. Horizontal angles and ok, but vertical angles are quite terrible. With it on your lap, the sweet spot is very small before the blacks wash out. I have only had time to play with it for max 30 min so mite improve slightly after the screen beads in. As the ones in store are not as extreme as mine. 
+TZig Adam can't you install this app on windows or PC? It's only a Chrome app so it should work.
Lack of 5.1, low overall quality and high prices don't make Play Movies very attractive. Sorry Google.
+TZig Adam Chromebook are Rapidly Rising in Fame (+Into The Droid Purchused One Recently) like Most Google Stuff is, I hope that One Day +Google+ will be Bigger than Facebook and Twitter!!!!!
Supposedly they just got to Denmark and I had a looksie on my favourite site ...and meh.. they were all shitty branded and snail speed ones. Hopefully that will improve and I might consider. :D
When will this service be available in the Czech Republic? When will movie service available here? Thanks for answer.
very good Google, it becomes more and more to feel that I do not need a PC / chromook work soon at least as good ofline as a ps or mac :)
Does it support HD playback yet?
We want an All Access for Movies and TV !!!!! Like Play Music. And in France of course. Not only the US!!! And we want Original versions of the movies.
Please Google :(
👍👍👍👍 I'm gonna try it out!! Hopefully there are little to no glitches. I'm 🙏🙏i have a good experience with chromecast
+TZig Adam funny thing is chromeos is the highest selling PC/laptop on the market you really suck at trolling
Speaking of Chromebook a friend is a teacher and is thinking about getting this over the Surface. Should she? 
+Jena Troelsgaard I felt the same way before I played with one. All a faster processor would do is boost the cost for no real benefit since everything you do on them is pretty much instantaneous as it is.
Does not work on chrome pixel Beta channel.... 
+Daniel C Hmm, yeah suppose I couldn't know that unless I got to play around with one. lol And It's not exactly power I need for a wee laptop type thing anyway. I got my desktop for that.
+Leif Gruenwoldt but why? Check out the new release section. Not one of them is in surround sound. With Amazon and Apple that is not a problem. 
This might have already been asked, but... Does it work in Chrome for Windows 7?
Can you give us a date for chromebook release in Italy.... I hate announcement with no dates +Google Play +Google Chrome +Google hours... days... weeks... months... online... in stores...? 
+TZig Adam serve your own before you serve other. Get a Chromebook, see why people of the world are beginning to care.
On mobile, you can "pin" HD or SD videos. It's in the settings. If this is not already a setting for Chrome OS version, I imagine it will be relatively soon.
Doesnt work for Windows. No offline, no HD. 
I bet HD is coming. Not sure sure about Windows support.
Most of the same titles are on Netflix for Free. What should I pay for a movie or tv show when i can see it free.
+Denise Page Yeah, it's "free" for $10 a month, or so, and titles come and go. You certainly can't find newer or more popular titles except a small handful. Google Play has lots of new stuff, even pre-DVD release. It's for people who don't want to sign into Netflix and find that the show they were in the middle of has suddenly disappeared... which has happened to me on numerous occasions.
+Timur Gaskarov just because ms supports it does not meen you should still use it. People that refuse to get with the times are left behind. And some new apps just won't work anymore. Plus as a windows user I can say that windows 8.1 blows the doors off win7 . and you can now boot directly to desktop. There is no reason to not upgrade. Enjoy your old windows and its support. But for me I put my windows 7 DVD in the trash can the day I installed windows 8
I like google play helps me. In many ways!
Great feature.  How about adding a #lending feature.  All members of a family do not need to own the same #movie.
My chromebook doesn't have enough space to make this a useful feature. 
Idont know anyone but sometimes it askme to I mark savesomedont pay any attention to what imark
This is cool. I was watching TV the other day. I swear I heard something about Google cable . I hope that's true:)
why is it telling me 'to watch this movie on the selected screen, you must unpin this video from your  device' when i try mirroring Play Movies offline content to my Samsung Smart TV? i had to buy a ChromeCast to keep it offline (i have to use 4G LTE as i have no internet where i live and i don't want to chew through my data plan to stream from some cloud). why must i pay that $35 when my Samsung tablet worked fine before KitKat?
but it worked and only stopped working after Kitkat. what did KitKat change to make that error show up? i like ChromeCast and all (was going to get one anyway, and i do like its nature screensaver when it is not active) but why force it? i hardly touch Google apps anymore but there is no alternative to Play Movies as yet that allows local downloads of movies. Amazon Instant Video only does streaming, and no app exists, and Samsung Movies streams too.  i live on a data plan. cables and landlines do not go this far out. so i cannot afford this whole 'cloud' that everyone is up in arms about. i also like my music library offline so when i drive and hit a no service area, it won't cut out at random and rebuffer. my short stint with Play Music infuriated me. thankfully an alternative does exist there, Amazon MP3. 
i mean i bought the movie, i didn't rent it. so why can't i mirror it to my screen through the Samsung software as i had been? i bought a Samsung TV for a reason, because i could be confident that i could play all my pinned content on the big 32" screen vs. squinting at 10". now i have to use a Chromecast to do the exact same thing that was built-in from the get-go. why?
kinda a shame as ChromeCast was meant for non-smart TVs. the only use i have for it is playing offline content from a Jelly Bean budget tablet (the samsung still cannot mirror even with the cast device, same error, so i needed Chromecast just to mirror from a tablet that does not have this restriction in place because it does not have the mirroring capability my Samsung tablet did) because my TV has apps for everything else. kinda a shameful waste of $35 for the device plus $65 for the tablet with Jelly Bean to avoid the KitKat limits.
+Nick Dalzell Just tested this out for myself and I get the same freaking problem. It's bad enough that they force us to use our data rather than playing from local storage, but the streaming quality is ABYSMAL compared with every other video app known to Android. What the heck is the point of buying HD when it can't even stream SD video reliably? Piece of crap video player. This, on top of the constant nonsensical errors that require a device restart. +Google Play should be utterly embarrassed that "Play Movies" bears the +Google name. Then again, the Googleverse has become a desolate graveyard of useful features and basic functionality, as of late, so we really shouldn't be expecting anything but endless frustration using Google services, to say nothing of the unspeakably horrendous customer service, if it can be said to exist at all, even for their paying customers.
What about Caprica?! Come on... We have spaceships and cylons, but we're still waiting for Google Play!! Arrrrrgh! This is fraking killing me.
Tight pants jennifer lopaz so funny I want to see it again others should see it 
without hitting download button present in the google play movies!!!!??
Stop talking about space ship because Jesus Christmas the son of the living God is coming again
That's a cool thing to have on the phone.
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