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Looking to redecorate your #Android? Now’s your time: take 50% off DualBoot Games live wallpapers ( from Ocean HD to Season Zen HD. Which wallpapers will you choose?
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I was a big fan of Vista's live desktop.  1080p video at the time was a system halter, though
I like it to show off, otherwise it'll be disabled in a couple of days
Got one. I use it all day every day .)
Question, if I purchase a new phone, will I be able to transfer my current apps (paid and free) to my new phone?  If so, how?
Yes once you login the new phone all your apps will be there.
But not on phone... on your account and you got to install on new phone.
Live wallpapers?
No thanks, i need and love my battery!
Very cool, but not "important"
You want a battery killer? Try the Papertown theme, and kiss your battery goodbye.
live wall papers are nice on Android TV/media boxes ( e.g. Neo X5). On these boxes you don't have to care about battery life...
Never use live wallpapers. Drain battery and makes the home screen sluggish...
I used the ocean one and I didn't notice any extended battery usage at all. 
Wallpapers make a screen look complete.
This is not regular wallpaper!!! This is the best
LWP ever I promise you. Only get lwp from Dual boot Games.They made this lwp and only 5 others.They just started making lwp and they are beautiful!! Go to their site if the 5 others are not listed here or go to the app aptoide and download it free:)

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