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Discovered new sites lately? Thanks to the awesome Stumble Upon app (, we're finding all sorts of great sites and sharing them with our friends. We've never felt this cool.
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All you need now is a time machine app to take us back in time when people used StumbleUpon
Stumble upon seemed to break the "one too many" barrier when it came to all of the online stuff I keep up with. It's sort of cool, but it's another login. 
downloaded it yesterday, really liking it!
Yeah, username and password combo?  I've had it setup on three different phone OS's of the past and my browsers.  It became a chore to keep up with.  Do you no longer login to it?
I've run across the login thing on different devices, but only certain one's. It's a pain
Does StumbleUpon still share your links with a "Dickbar"? I always hate clicking a link only to be taken to a site with a StumbleUpon "Dickbar". Seriously, just track my click and be on with you. Really now, "Dickbars" suck.

The App looks nice and is styled and colored in such a way to look like they are trying hard to get Google to buy them but if they are still doing the whole "Dickbar" thing you can count me out. Those things always seem so spammy/scammy. I just want to share links, not advertise for StumbleUpon.
StumbleUpon is my favorite way of finding new websites & cool stuff online!
Use SU regularly... best way to discover really extraordinary stuff! Channel surfing for the internet except every channel is an attention getter.
There goes the few minutes a day I had left after stumble upon ate my brain while trying to work....  IE on the commute to work (when I normally don't have my laptop)...
The only disadvantage is the lack of G+ integration :(
Alright, I just installed it again and blew the dust off of my account. It's nice looking but clunky, the dickbar is certainly present, and I'm finding certain task, like gathering info to be counter intuitive. Everything seems to want to take you to the next stumble. 
I got my nexus 4 thanks to a friend in London. But i think that all of this messup with the nexus 4 it's truly UNIMAGINABLE. Google made users of different classes. Class A) the ones that can buy a nexus Class B) the ones that cannot buy a nexus 4 and that cannot buy a simple movie on the store. 

I think that you cant make business this way. If you are going to sell something on the have to make every section of the store OPEN for every single loyal user on the earth.

I tell you that you're losing the loyalty of many google/android users all around the world. This is not how things should be done.
You guys are so useless that its just sad! The nexus 4 is sold out and poor LG can't keep up with your demand right? Bull shit! I went to 15 different mobile phone shops around London only and they have full stocks of nexus 4! LG says that production goes well so I recon that its time for Google to get their shit together! You have always been known for screwing up new realises and keeping your store out of stock! Such a massive company yet still soooo amateur!
Jskub, why would you go to 15 stores if they all had stock?
The stores in London that I saw which Nexus 4s in stock are selling them for over 100 pounds more expensive than the play store was. Hardly surprising they still have stock left.
OMG I haven't used Stumble Upon in about 4 years, but I loved using it and sharing things with friends. I'll have to check out the app!
+David Monroe "...Do you no longer login to it?" You kidding right? Sounds like you need to get SU so you can get up to speed on modern browsers. They can securely store site profiles... you know, those cookie things.
I know about cookies - cookies were around in the mid 90's.  There comes a point where you sort of burn out after the fifth or sixth social network or whatever.  Stumbleupon at one point in the past was just the tipping point beyond reasonable with LiveJournal, Facebook, MySpace, Slashdot, Fark, and whatever else I was into at the time.  That, and face it, other than a brief period when there was actually a really good way to sync Firefox browser syncing sucked until Chrome came along.
David forgive my sarcasm earlier, still though... logins aside... Stumble bears no resemblance whatsoever to the social sites you mentioned. I do not even feel that Stumble is a social site. It is a site to discover sites of your specific interests, you would never have been able to discover out of the billions of web sites out there. Your grouping is a box of apples and oranges together.
App not working cant connect using google or facebook, hope they fix it soon
Been wondering about this for some time. May just try it out
Jacob G
Its about damn time google play would rep stumbleupon! This site jas been out there for a cpl years now, and is still putting everybody to shame! If you dont have it, I bet you still walk to work! This is the new age! This site/ app is the best stumbleupon for life! The world at your fingertips!
+Jacob G  LOL "walk to work.."... agreed, but I ride a bicycle to work so I don't count, right? hahaha. Look me up on SU, Donmars.
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