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Listen up! We've got a special offer for select Chromebook owners - now you can try All Access, Google Play's music subscription service, for 60 days free. Enjoy an ad-free library of 20 million songs instantly, or easily create a personalized radio station with no skip limits. Just head to this page from your Chromebook to activate: For details, see
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Such a great service.  It should be better advertised though.  It's not accessible through the navigation bar.  
What if I already have All Access?
Where's the love for Chromecast owners +Google Play I also bought a Nexus 5 and two Nexus 7s and thought maybe I would have received a few google play bucks as a bonus ;-( nope but don't worry I still love all your great products and services +Google Play
Man. I want this so bad, to bad in in the great white north. We can't even buy music from Google.
"Here’s the full list of supported countries. The offer can only be redeemed in these countries."
You know I miss the fact I uses to be able fully edit my apps list from the desktop play store you should add that back in you know when on the list of our installed apps or uses to be installed apps we can just check list them and uninstall them. Also I'm sick of this lack of flash on new devices. I dont care if its out dated! There are still a lot of pages that put it to uses! and what the hell is this shit when I have super user in kitkat I can't push it on to my tab  using the old apk file so then I tried forcing the full linux on that didn't work IS KITKAT not full gui??? is android not going to be full gui (not sure but guess this true for kitkat phones) another thing a lot of linux apps I uses to be abile to push on to my rooted phones wont push on to my samsung 8.4 pro. that shit going back to the store cuz i'm not putting up with my computer not doing what I tell it to do!
It does not appear to be valid for users who already have all access.
The list of countries where +Google Play Music is available is so random. It is like if these countries were picked out by a chimpanzee. –

I think I just got it. It is a currency thing. 
Seems if you have already had a free 30 day trial then you are not eligible for a 60 day trial.
+Michael Schmidt I don't work for them, I couldn't say. 

My guess would be they have more aggressive lawyers than those guys, but I'm just some guy who works at a factory, pal. I have few if any answers. 

I will say I seriously doubt it's because they forgot Canada or don't want you to have their product, which seems like most folks opinion in threads like these. Why wouldn't they want to make money off you? 
I used my thirdy day trial long ago, and when I bought my Chromebook it was a big let down, you guys really should fix that. (Unless its intentional.)
+Clint Weisgerber I don't disagree with you. I'm ready to give them my money because I don't want to use iTunes. It's been over two years now. I wish they would, at least, tell us what the hold up is.
When oh when,  will this be available in Canada?
I would take advantage of this offer if All Access was available in Canada.   Silly +Google Play
Funny that you've used the HP11.  Run music a few tabs ( +Google+ being one) and the lagg is horrendous.  Open chrome hangout add-on, and well,  you best start closing tabs. 
That's what we need! (For music we have enough: Pandora, Spotify, etc.)
I would drop Netflix immediately if you do so!
india .. please
I am already a big fan of google play books
the only reason Google play does can not get many people in India to buy apps is because of the dumb requirement for credit cards ,

Google you are actually forcing me to pirate apps as i have nowhere to buy them , please include operator billing or at least support for an indian debit card in google play
I love all access. Maybe the price can go down to $5? I don't know if that would work though. Also, maybe all access for play TV and movies to compete with Netflix. You could also have a discount if you use both;)
I realy would like to... Just i cant. First there are no chromebooks available for easy in austria. Second i cant get all access up and running in my account.
On booth subjects the support is saying something like : you have to wait.
Apparently I have kicked the tyres of this service before, so Google do not want to encourage me to try the service again now that it has matured a bit.

Then there is the issue of price in the UK. For parity with US customers we should be paying £7.20 including our lovely 20% VAT but naturally we have to pay the 'not from US' tax of circa £33.50 per annum (circa $55). Thanks Google, anyone would think we outside the US were not valued customers.

Naturally the premiums we pay come with the added bonus of getting features and services way after customers in the US. 

As someone with 3 Android phones, 3 Android tablets, a Chromebook and a sneakily imported Chromecast (Google don't really want us to have that one, despite it working well here) I am perplexed at Google's approach to keeping customers loyal and happy.

I would have kicked the tyres of Google Music again and likely swallowed the follow on price after (until someone came along with a comparable service that priced itself in a fair manner for non US customers - I won't be loyal if you treat me badly) but alas no.

The service is of interest to me but the price discrimination leaves a bad taste in the mouth and the approach to targeting promotions only at first time users, quite frankly, just seems strange. 
+Mark Holmes good explanation, although the credit card part is the only  problem i have, Chromecast is coming to the Netherlands later this month and although i see your point with US vs Rest of the world i don't notice it that bad, i feel the credit card part. €10 (≈£7) a month is a reasonable price for all access for me! Do you know if you can get rid of the credit card part with Google play cards?
+Aron van de Pol They just seem to have picked 9.99 in all currencies, which naturally leads to people in the UK paying quite a bit more and Euro zone paying a bit more. Usual Dollar=Pound=Euro nonsense. 10 Euro is better. ;)

As far as credit card goes, I thought you could use a bank debit card. So long since I set it up I am unsure.
Y para el 99% del resto del mundo está Spotify.
If we already subscribed do we get two free months?
Add offline desktop support and a cross-fade option and I'll happily buy a Chromebook just for Google Music.
We need to be able to download for offline use
There has to be something wrong with the way Google approaches the media right thingy in India. Numerous portals (including a few start-ups) have been providing free,legal,online all access to a huge library of Indian and rest-of-the-world music for such a long time. It beats me why Google, with probably 100 times the resource and technology cannot do that. It beats me why Google resort to this hilarious music right argument each time this question is raised.
I'm already a subscriber +Google Play, and after over a month, (been using the free version for some time.... Other than a place to backup my own songs, I dont see it as being more useful than +Grooveshark and actually your Play Music is more limited than Grooveshark. I'm not sure how much longer I will keep paying for the account, but I love Google and want to see if you guys can compete with them properly other than being a cloud backup for music. Now if Google got wise they would buy Grooveshark and just make that and Music One keeping the Grooveshark model as the primary design.
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US only. Should have known. You could have mentioned that in the post though.
Awesome service. My wife and I can listen to it at the same time on different devices! 
I agree wow love to have that chrome book ht g+
And what kind of offer is that!!!!

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