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Over 400 volumes from Dark Horse Comics ( are now available in every country Google Play books are sold. Build your tablet comics collection with blockbuster series like Star Wars, Hellboy and more. For a limited time, purchase series for just $3.99 in the US and CA.
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Not available in my country. Globalisation, fuck yeah.
Now open the store for Norwegian users so you can take my money allready!!
Not available in my country. actually only available in 2 countries. why? are they the only ones with android devices?
Available in Brazil... fuck yeah!
Not for individual issues just TPS's as far as I can tell.
Ah amazing news, but OF COURSE it won't work for Slovakia :X 
It's difficult to browse the comics available from Dark Horse  and other publishers like Marvel, because there is no "Comics" category and you can't browse by publisher. I know a new version of Google Play is coming soon and I hope it fixes these problems.
"scanned pages, not recommended for smaller screens" I might just stick to Marvel and ComiXology
Available to every country with Google Play books is a small step forward, but special price for US and CA is kind of trolling...
Be Ru
Sorry! Books on Google Play is not available in your country yet.

Put some pressure on Goooooooogle: post your "non available" message here!
+Be Ru Google is constantly working on licensing their content for other countries.  It is a long painful process.  There is however little excuse for services like Google Voice
+Scott Miller Other companies (Amazon, Apple, etc.) offer more digital content (ebooks, movies, etc.) than Google, sooner, in more countries and at the same price. Google sucks at negotiating with content providers.
Not available in some area on this planet!
+Roberto Elena Ormad I agree, but content like this is secondary for Google.  You are comparing them to companies who's primary function is to provide this kind of content.
just take my money already.
I picked up the Mass Effect ones when they were on sale, they're really good. I was surprised considering they're all side stuff.
I just wish I could get all of the titles I purchased digitally direct with Dark Horse given license in Google Play Books also... First world problems, eh?
Comic Book section please so we can find these sort of things easier in future please.
Would be great if it was possible to loan book on google books too.
While you can zoom in on comics in Google Play Books, It doesn't auto-track between panels like major players in the digital comics area do (Dark Horse's own app, Comixology, etc). This is purely for reading on a tablet or a PC, not very convenient for trying to read on the go on a phone (even a 5").
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