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We still play these breakout albums (US- on repeat. From newcomers like Best Coast and Zola Jesus to seasoned veterans like Neil Young and Fleetwood Mac, don’t miss these timeless albums starting at $4.99. #MusicMonday #NowPlaying 
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If only I could get Music Manager installed on my desktop! 
If only Google services will come to the Netherlands..... Such as Google Play Movies
One more sleep, one more sleep....
Czech republic please. Google support as g play music and books and selling devices(nexus) is so bad. expand please your nice service. Thanks
The worst of all this is that Google isn't responding at all at their own network site!
Dank voor de +1 Sander :D  *speaking Dutch*
+Thomas Ally Chrome! lol i've tried troubleshooting it and have yet to get it to work so I just decided to move on. Troubleshooting lately has become a part time job (that i'm not being payed for). It either works or it doesn't anymore for me.
Nick G
Canada please
It seems Google music is only available to the USA? Considering you know everything about the rest of the world Google, the rest of the world should have Google Music...
Is Google Music in UK?
Can I use it on my Nexus 7 at Christmas??!
Google Music will be in the UK tomorrow, patience :-)
+Iain Anderson according to Google's own press release and the usual news outlets we will have access to the Music store as of the 13th
so many of these deals I would love to take part in, but can't buy the music in Canada
Wish google music will come to Israel soon :-( 
google is doing a great ob competing with apple
waiting for google music in canada!
The UK store has just opened for me and I am currently uploading my music collection etc
+Salvatore Barrile I guess its currently uploading what it can't match? just getting my head around it at the moment
It should look at your music library and it will give u the identical music albums free without uploading 
+Salvatore Barrile yeah sure but for some reason its only recognised 406 songs in a library of around 11,000 songs just trying to figure out why
Some of those titles are okay. But they are still way over priced for what they are. At best, they should be $1.99.
Is it time for Canada to have it yet? 
+kurt hinds the Google Play music app is in the play store now though, was it always there? 
The funny thing is I'd actually buy some of these albums... if Google Music was available in New Zealand. But it isn't. So I can't.
+Jason Barnes yeah its been, the app itself but not the ability to purchase music from the play store!
In Belgium only apps are available (and not all for my devices). Google Play should be renamed Google Frustration here.
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