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Indie game developers have gotten together to offer a discounted set of games through June 1. Great titles like World of Goo, Osmos HD, and Sentinel 3: Homeworld are all available at a great price at Which one is your favorite?
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I've gotten Canabalt HD, Anomaly Warzone Earth HD, Osmos HD, EDGE Extended, Avadon: The Black Fortress, Cogs, Snuggle Truck, and World of Goo from +Humble Bundle for Android bundles. Those are all great games, all of them are worth a buy!
I love World of Goo and I really like Osmos, Anomaly Warzone Earth, Edge, Inertia: Escape Velocity, Great Little War Game and Swords and Soldiers.
I've played World of Goo on Wii a long time ago, great game.
Pro Zombie Soccer is awesome same as Riptide GP
same here. Got it from +Humble Bundle for Android bundles.
Ron R
Oh, I'd love to take advantage of these discounts... but.. wait!
"Certain credit cards are not accepted for some Google Play purchases. For example, American Express cards are not supported for foreign currency transactions." So I can't. I have an American Express card. In fact, I have two. I simply can't buy anything in Google Play. So you're forcing me to issue another credit card? How does that make sense to you?
I already scored some of these deals, nice.
Android needs more high quality games.
Osmos is a real delight.
Hi !
How can I add our title "Smashing Planets" inside this "Indie Games Sale" space ? 
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