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#Skyfall premieres in the US! Get the entire +James Bond 007 movie collection:US- Reshare if you're excited for 007's return.
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Would be more excited if they were for sale. I can't stand just having the option rent only.
"Get the entire collection" - for rent. -_- kind of misleading...   Why not purchasable?  
Skyfall is only just out in the US‽
Seen Skyfall in the UK, amazing!
+Mark Nealon Yep, It was out in overseas first.  Can't wait to see it!! I'm a BIG Bond fan!
GRRRRR! you cant buy the movies. Only rent! That is not good enough. I want to buy the movie on Google. Most of these movies I have on VHS and if I were to buy it again I might as well buy it on line so I can watch it anywhere rather than carry a DVD/Blue-Ray around
This collection is for the matured minds I bet.
FYI - I get a 404 on that link. I'm in Canada, though.
I'll reshare once you stop to make my mouth watery and start bringing those blockbusters to Europe!
: OO7 James Bond 'the legend film' of the years till now n 4ever :)
^It'll only be 'the legend film' till the next Bond movie comes ;)
It's a great film, I can't wait for its sequel.
Add it in Germany, too, please. With buy option instead of rent...
What is the rental term for Skyfall on Google play? (how many days?) Or should I just buy the DVD and rip it?
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