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From everyone on the Google Play team, Happy New Year! Thank you for making 2012 great. Here’s to an even better 2013!
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You guys are great. Looking forward to what you have planned for this year!
Thank you again for all of the support.
I hope 2013 will be the year that Google Play's movies, music, books and hardware will be available in more countries around the world.
Happy new year folks. Looking forward to have Google Play musics / movies / books to be rolled out in more countries :)
CW Bok
Here's to a real international roll out this year. Stop making me give my money to iTunes already ;-) 
Happy new year :-D 
Happy New Year to you too Google Play team!!!
How about getting Play Music into Canada this year. That would be great. 
Yep, you can make my year better by allowing me to use your books, music, movies, and magazines sections of the Play store
Make the Play Store available everywhere please!
Happy twenty tateen! Can we have the complete Play Store in more countries in 2013 PLEASE!!!
Happy New Year Thank you Googlers for making Google the best you can.
2013 give us Canadians Google play music!!
Google Play.... you're great! - Here's to 2013!
Looking forward to seeing Google Play Magazines and Music in Finland this year. 
Happy New Year Google Play and thanks for the best app <3
akhil v
happy new year google play and hope to see more and new great apps as we see every year
Hoping for a full featured Play store in Norway soon!
we are waiting for lime pie in Galaxy nexus :D
Yes, here's to a better 2013, where actually the rest of the world can also profit from the full features of +Google Play . And the sooner, the better please! :-)
Stock availability of Nexus 4 in Australia would be a great start. Hope it happens soon.
I would give Google Play an overall 94% rating.. That's damn good by the way.
gtalk update pleeaaasse..!!
i need to share a file with another..
Can't Google Play Put S Voice on the Market??? Mine is Gingerbread   2.3.5... I really need S Voice!!!
Happy 2013 G.P.Store. Hopefully there won't be any more inventory nightmares with the Nexus 4 worldwide.  Would also love to see a Nexus 10 64GB version this year.
Happy new year too and looking forward for this year 2013. Let your server warmup. Cheers!
Happy New Year. May you're post-Season reset bring such joyful things as the opportunity for people to actually buy a Nexus 4, movies, and songs.
Google play gift cards in the UK please!
Happy New Year! :)
P.S Please Google...bring all your services also in Italy
Thanks for getting me my nexus 4 before the new year!
Thnx to all the staff !! Going back is not a option since i am with you guys !! 
So, with new year I hope you will open Play Device Hardware also in Italy :)
Right back at you. Google Play really improved during 2012 and you are to be applauded for your efforts. Thank you. Looking for more greatness from u in 2013.

Thanks for being the greatest GEEX company on earth. Please DO NOT become arogant like the others. Learn something from the history itself. All empires rise and fall...
Here's to the Nexus 4 being back in stock and for sale some day!
Gezuar Vitin e ri,dhe per shume vjet me shendet e bereqet.
I am expecting to see Music, Magazines, Books & Movies in Mexico... 
Hey Google Team, love you guys, have a great year ahead with loads of Innovations!!!
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