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Books on Google Play is now available in Korea: Enjoy thousands of Korean titles from the world’s largest eBookstore. We’re happy to invite the people of Korea to start reading today with Google Play -  anywhere on the web, phone, or tablet. Get reading now!
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I have a question
When be Basttaat all countries of the world buying books, movies, music
Why heya exclusive only to the United States only
I want a satisfying answer
"soon" is standard answer from PR staff.. 
I've given up waiting for any of these services to arrive in New Zealand. If they ever do, it won't be in my lifetime.
no more Korean thingy first!
+Denis Lehane nope, the only feature we have is the Android apps. No Google Music, Books, Magazines, or Movies. 
We all have questions about when X part of +Google Play will be available in our countries. I for a long time did a lot of complaining for products here in Australia but have come to the belief that when a product can be rolled out it will be rolled out. I wonder if the +Google Play team could maybe not give us a date, but, if possible, explain the process that happens to make services available.

Keep up fighting the good fight! 
What about other countries in this planet!!
Come on! Open to the world already.
When you get around to offering books in Bulgaria, I want them from English/US authors in ENGLISH! Why the hell are you only offering native language books?
Funny. How many people are petitioning for Play in Hong Kong?
Merci à Google qui aide les gens du monde à mieux se connaître. 세계 사람들이 알 수하는 데 도움이 Google에 감사합니다. 구글 번역으로 번역했습니다. Thank you to Google that helps people in the world to get to know. Translated with Google translate.
les relations via internet rapproche les peuples; laissez les s'exprimer donnez leurs les moyens et tout peut être plus simple dans leurs vies!
Et surtout... Laisser un peu de temps pour que tout puisse se mettre en place ;)
I hope this extends to other territories (like Hong Kong ^^ )
Sorry! Books on Google Play is not available in your country yet.
We're working to bring the content you love to more countries as quickly as possible. Please check back again soon.
Live in China mainland is really a tradegy...
In Germany still available... in austria unfortunately not ... bring it on Google :-/
Still waiting for books and music store in Poland...
Stll waiting for books, devices and music in Bulgaria...
Any chance you could put the timeline of countries where play store (music, books, magazines) are to be rolled out
Korea? Your EU headquarters are in Ireland and we are still yet to see Books, Movies and Music. Even if we could get a rough estimate of eta that would be great. Its making me hold off on getting the Nexus7
Why in Réunion Island is not available? It's a french overseas territory.
Still waiting in Puerto Rico, an US territory, for Books, Music and Movies... Where's the love? :-/
+Warren Rehman I've been told that the french store only offers books in french and this post highlighted "Korean titles"
We want this availability in India...and still waiting..
Hi guyz wen will UBERSTRIKE cm 2 play store?
+Deb Pun exactly! So why keep asking the same question when you know the answer you will receive on the matter as it will be announced when available. Its your government and content partners with the problem as its been stated before every single time a new service rolls out or becomes available in another country.

In case you haven't figured it out, its server side once they get the okay then flip a switch also US releases aren't exclusive its called a standard launch and do I need to explain why -_-
Congratulations to Korea!!!
The longer it takes Google to open up their stores to the rest of the world (or at least a significant number of countries), the harder it will be for people to potentially switch over from iOS to Android. I'm forced to buy books, songs and movies from Apple in their store, even though I prefer buying those from Google. The more I will buy, the less interesting it will be to make a permanent switch to Android and 'lose' all content that I bought.
Oh I'd love to download that, if only I'd get the friking books already in my country. No movies, no books, no music. When's the "whole" going to be able to enjoy the "complete" Google Play experience. Apple did it, so why can't you +Google Play   ? Apple did it a long time ago, so why can't you?
+Christian Hendriks it took Apple over 5yrs to do it and its no different other than media companies and government has gotten more ridiculous. Do you think Apple launched iTunes overnight and it was available everywhere? Google has just begun into media distribution and there are hurdles to cross and that's it.

Apple has been at it for so much longer than Google and all before it was just the Android market with apps and games and up until a month ago there were no gift cards available for anyone its not like there moving slower than anyone else.
j ai n probleme coulée m inscrire un joueur google 
sous moi svp merci mon facebook 
adnen Chaouch
how about Vietnam ? I can't wait using book on nexus 7
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