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Today's Surprise: Receive a huge discount on the entire collection of amazing Top Chef cooking lessons on your #Android  tablet (US- Watch these video cooking tutorials for just $9.99, and wow your friends and family with delicious #holiday feasts. 
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Dan Cross
Tell you what would be a 'surprise': you offering specific content outside of America for once. 
Then again - for once - American Cooking "shows" are utterly uniteresting, so - for once - we're not really missing anything. :p
+Google Play waiting for the +Nexus 4 to be available on Google Play France...please fix that problem, thank you!!!
Can't wait for an offer I'm interested in... I know it'll happen eventually... well I hope so anyhow.
Pro tip: change the Google Play account name to "Google Play US" and reduce the worldwide disappointment that comes with each announcement.
Hey top Chef. Don't make me sign up before I can use your app. Fail. 
Tavares Ford, every time I read something you've wrote on Google Play, there's always at least one grammar mistake. It's so off-putting reading something that hasn't been checked before publishing that I assume the whole article is a rushed piece of trash. You do seem like a nice guy though so nothing personal :-).
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