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Today's Surprise: A #free multi-media book with drink making how-to videos (US- from expert David Wondrich. Share it with your guests this holiday season while mixing up a few Brandy Crustas—or, if you're brave, some Blue Blazers!—and have a cup of cheer on us. For a glimpse of what's in store, watch the famed cocktail historian in action in the video below. 
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This is fascinating!
I'd love to learn to bartend like this...
Worlds ending in 8 mins. Goodbye strangers. I love u all
Cool. I love his books, Punch and Imbibe
I already know how to mix my drinks...... Hic.. Hic........ 
Thanks for the surprise! It sounds like a cool book. How do I get it? The link opens Google Play and the video as well as to other apps are there, but there does not seem to be a link to get the book. Is this exclusive to countries with access to books in Google Play? If so: fair enough and Merry Christmas!
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