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Yes! New episodes of the shows we love are finally back (US- Try out new shows, catch up on your favorites, purchase season passes and even get free episodes of #Suits and +Once Upon a Time. Which shows are you excited to watch?
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When will TV Shows be available in the UK?
I'm sure Google is getting sick of hearing complaints about bringing the service to other countries, but not nearly as much as us not having a service that Apple and others can provide.
Watched season 1 of +Once Upon a Time - waiting on season 2 availability on +Netflix at the moment (TV shows not available in UK) (see - not just saying not available!)
If it was available worldwide people would pay for it. Since it is not available simultaneously, companies loose potential profit because people can pirate it sooner, easier, and (obviously) cheaper. Thankfully I live in the US and all the content I usually watch is available cheap, easy, and often times, the very next day. 
Oh Google, you have no idea the hoards of money I'm waiting to throw at you once you make Music & TV shows available in Canada. (I exaggerate, but nevertheless...)
I'd like to see something similar to PRIME on Amazon where for a subscription, some shows/movies are "free" to stream.
+Sarah Myers Agreed.   Google Play video really isn't interesting to me until they have that, particularly since I have seen very few exclusives that actually matter to me.
*cough* monthly subscription for films and TV shows *cough*
Too much coughing going on in this thread.   It's like everyone has Google Play Flu.
+Don Piano but I like giving back to google, so android can get better, I just want the service to be worth investing in :-)
If the TV show in question is Dexter, $ALE. 
When for Ireland? You know, this green country where you got your European HQ. ^^
I really want to use this service but it´s closed down here in Austria!!!
Is there a possibility to use it via Proxy?
+Google Play I'd love to see some TV shows as well as Music become available here in Canada.  Please make it happen!  :)
Google you are making me thirsty , do I need to threat you with going back to Apple ?

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