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+Need for Speed: Most Wanted ( has arrived for +Android. Check out this latest release in the racing game series from Electronic Arts.
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Wow, 'compatible' with Droid 1, but not Asus TF101? EA needs to cut the crap.
If only I had fingers like I had when I was 15... :)
love cars, and i think this is an awesome game
Not compatible with SGS2? HUH? WTF.
Not compatible with Motorola Razr????
my Hummer will kick your bimmer's AZZZZ
Not compatible with my TF101, but fine on an old Sony X10?!  Something seriously wrong there!
Why does this thing want to read all my contacts?
Not available for my country (PR)??? OH MY GOD!!!
I think because it has a social aspect.  It doesn't want to read all of your contacts, but it needs to know who 'Joe Smith' is if you want to share something with him.
TF700 not compatible?! WTF?
Could EA suck any harder?! No support for Skyrocket. Knew I shouldn't have gotten excited. 
Mortal! Que lindo seria poder jugarlo en mi smartphone!
Gaming on mobile. No thanks. Waiting for ps3 version
AWWWSOME.i have the wiii version
I played that on Gamecube when it came out... it was AWESOME
They all stupid game !!! 
I have confirmed, that video is totally a fake, shadows are not realtime, there is not "Blur" effects in the game, there is not "Free run" its only play a carreer.real graphics are much lower than in this video......totally dissapointed
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Not bad for mobile platform quickly the lines between mobile and console are being blended.
please make this compatitable with the TF700T (along with other good EA app for android) please
Been playing this for a while and I'm loving it. Finally a great (not good) game from ea
Should be called, coming home from the bar.
+Arthur Davis congrats on the getting a note 2 that's a killer phablet. Are the states model quad core also or just the international?
OK deepak gandhi "Gaming on mobile. No thanks. Waiting for ps3 version" i don´t have money for buy a ps3, wii or whatever, (here in Argentina costs are really high -ps3 $3000 games $500 vs SP $1000)  i working hard for buy my smarthphone... so i hope play some games on it!
+Arthur Davis what version of the phone do you have? I have tmobile and have been trying to get the game, but to no avail. 
it should be the most wanted apps in a short time..
+Terry Linton yes I'd does kick ass but as an Apple die hard who owns both ios and Android devices, go fuck off assTard, you are part of the bullshit back and forth on tech forums 
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Looks really nice :)
I rather get this for ps3 I hate bugs and compatibility Issues
Waiting for it.. i hope it is alos created by Criterion Games like NFS HP
Games on 'smart'phones. Gr8 battery usage! It does not last a half day with all software connections open.

And these older pieces of shit are running out of memory.
¿Whatta fuck is that now?
Wow! Amazing game! Been playing it for 2 hours....nice work EA!
wow...its just fantastic.awesome...:)
Year best of race game :)
Hope all the juice is spilled in the game and not on real roads...
That's awesome. Would love to get this game.
I just tried it and it's awesome!!!!
What's odd is that went I transfer the apk' for most of EA games from my "compatible device" to my non compatible device they usually work. I'm going to stop supporting EA. They rarely update the games too. Other developers are able to support a wide range of devices. 
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U give it a try!!
i would like to try it~
Way 2 go servant of GOD,he is the way truth & life. 
+Jesse Leppert Funny, Google Play says it's not compatible with my OG Droid 1 but it is compatible with my HTC Thunderbolt. Huzzah! Shame most smartphone games are absolute ass (looking at you Angry Birds). 
And correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't this game come out for the Palm Pre's webOS several years ago? 
Not available in iraq...the play store is asking me as if to download the illegal copy.
Compatible with SG3 and samsung galaxy note 2 and nexus 4
Not available in UK! When will it be?
Not compatible with HTC one s 
I take it this a quad core game then?
Awesome game !!!!!! Multiplayer = best game 
Not compatible with Epic 4g either... waiting for Galaxy S3 LTE.
Gameplay looks very intensive. Very impressive!
Any word on if this works with the Asus TF300? And if it does, is a controller compatible with it?
It sucks my Asus Transformer 300 isn't compatible. 
but it is not free.

please make it free fast.
Why bother announcing it when its not compatible with half the phones out there? Not even galaxy 2ics?
Ill get it but not till have have a good controller to play it with. Touch control sucks for games like this.
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+Quentin Williams If you root your device, you can use a PS3 controller. Not sure how well that works on this game, but I've used one with other games and had good results. 
Good game, I already testing test my tf300
Ea really went above and beyond with this one.
did you know there is a person named debbie blitch hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
Not for compatible with SamsungGalaxySIIX ?
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