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Today’s Surprise: Watch Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones take down alien life in the original Men In Black, yours to own for $4.99 (US- Enjoy!
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No thanks, I can buy the DVD for less than a dollar. If I really want to see it on my phone I can transfer it using free software.

Once again you fail.
This is getting ridiculous; could we have a "Google Play (Non-US)" account or something please?
Where is the surprise and what am I enjoying?
Iain Green
These are awful promotional events +Google Play think you need to rethink this and also remember your customers are international not just US! 
Sorry, but MIB for $4.99 is a ripoff
How about a special $0.25 cent "Best of 2012" app selection and we'll call it a day? :)
I love how people think that just because you play a game on a small screen, the price should be equally small.  Despite the fact it still takes tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars to write a good commercial game.
+Travis Owens not at all, but they have done the $0.25 cent sales before.  Would have a been a much nicer holiday 'surprise' that everyone (and not just US only) could have taken advantage of.

On the contrary, I think $0.99 apps have ruined the mobile market and created the monster we now call the 'free but with IAP (in app purchasing)' scourge.
have you ever heard of VPN!!!
So, I get the page up saying you have this deal, but there is no buy button. Is this still US only?
+Todd Tabern lol, seriously. the only thing surprising about this is that someone would buy this for $5....come on +Google Play, these surprises have been terrible...
Does anyone else find it odd that these "surprises" aren't that great and that we have to pay for them?  When I heard that Google was going to be doing the daily surprises for the holiday season, I didn't think the surprise was that they wouldn't be freebies.  In the very lease I kinda expected them to be good things....
I thought some of the others were nice, the books were free.  But why  aren't the movies, and in SD for $5, who wants to watch it in SD.  I bet the HD version is like $12.99 or something.
Okay, I was wrong, this is the HD version for $4.99, that's not that bad.
I got an idea. Your countries can create a Google competitor and also create your own media content and then restrict licensing on that content to the U.S. Until then...quit your bitching.
The DVD is $7.99 on Amazon, not sure where everyone is buying it for less than a $1.  Bargain bin at Walmart?  It's worth $5 so I don't have to go to Walmart.
bish s
Why is this a surprise? Unless you mean it in a bad sense (Like, why would +Google Play ask me to pay for this old movie that I have seen umpteen times for free?!)
Its an old movie anyway...not like people are jumping to get their hands on it.  The point is that the "surprises" sucked...  Hell, they had an advent calendar a few days before Christmas...pointless...  The one book that was free was always free.  Just sayin...these surprises kinda suck...even the paid ones aren't really worth paying for.
Removing +Google Play from my cirles. 99% of promoted stuff is not available in my country. It's just another source of frustration, nothing else. And ancient movie like MIB for 5 bucks? You gotta be kidding me.
I'll give +Google Play  chance in a few months, maybe.

If you're angry as I am, do the same. Remove +Google Play from your circles. Numbers is what counts in this bussiness.  Not number of rants in comments.

Amazon, here I come.
Think I saw MIB in a bargain movie barrel at walmart for 2 bucks. If the  tangible copy is that cheap,no way I am going to pay 3 more for an electronic copy. 
Yeah, let's stop trying to force Google to take our money and follow +Chris Denbow great advice. There's a huge competitor available to other countries offering it for free. 
If you don't have the right to sell it used, you don't own it.
Yea, that is what I am not loving about this cloud business. You don't get a tangible copy of anything and you don't get to sell it used. 
+Chris Denbow Please bear in mind that the only reason you have access to all the content is simply because you were born, by coincidence, on the right side of atlantic ocean. Google is not collective success of entire glorious nation, it's success of few people who started this company and made it to what it is today.

EDIT: People, seriously. If you don't like what +Google Play is posting, just un-circle it like I just did. There's no point in constant ranting in comments.
+Patrick Ryan The lack of a tangible copy makes it to where your copy will never degrade. There's no such thing as a used copy anymore. Also, For $5 new, how much cheaper would you sell a used copy?
I was talking about other cases where you have say a video game that you bought brand new game played it then sell it for nearly new condition. You can sell it for at least half to someone but with a non tangible copy you don't get to do that at all. 
+Joshua Edgar Also when I was talking about the bargain bin at walmart it was 2 bucks for a brand new copy of MIB. The point is, I think it is better to have a tangible copy of a game, CD or movie than this cloud purchasing crap where you aren't even allowed to put it on anything tangible. Say like purchasing music on amazon. 
I think that cloud storage is much nicer than physical media. It can't break, get lost, stolen, etc. And neither is it tied to a single device. Want it physically on your device? Pin it. Quit complaining and get with the times.
bish s
It is nicer but the things you "buy" are not actually yours, you are just "leasing" them. If you actually read the above comments you'll realize that no one has said anything about having or not having them on their devices or the convenience aspect of it - the concern is about who actually owns things you buy. It is a reasonable concern, not just an issue about getting on with the program.
+Skipper Kagamaster and you're completely locked out of it when either YOU don't have an internet connection, the providers services go down or get flooded with users prime example of that was Netflix on Christmas eve. Or you simply get locked out of your account for credit card fraud or other complications that can happen with online service. All valid reasons why I still like to have the OPTION of a tangible copy. 
It's not reasonable. If you don't like how Google's cloud streaming works, don't use it. It's not like physical media are unavailable. No one is holding a gun to anyone's head and forcing them to purchase cloud media. I personally love how Google's implemented their cloud offerings (and Amazon, too, to a lesser extent). People get too hot and bothered about terms of use. Bottom line: not comfortable with it, don't use it. Google has to keep the MPAA and such happy in order to offer this stuff in their store, so we have to take the good with the bad.
Fucks sake you are acting like I am demonizing them, or like I am being some sort of demanding unruly customer. I simply said for valid reasons why I still like the option of a tangible copy as a back up. Thinking you should take that stick out of your ass 
bish s
+Skipper Kagamaster Arrogant replies like yours do not help the cloud cause... if you don't like people complaining then quit reading the posts. This is social media - not everyone will agree with your likes/dislikes and you can not adopt a bullying tone.
Lol I wasn't even saying that Cloud was the worst thing ever either, I see the need and advantages for cloud, I just like having tangible copies as well, suddenly that makes me an unreasonable lunatic? 
Sheesh; was just stating my opinion. Sorry it wasn't the same as yours, didn't mean it to be offensive. I'll mute the post and carry on; you all carry on with your complaining over non-issues. Happy Holidays to you all!
I am sure there there is a way for stating an opinion with out coming across as an arse hat. Saying things like YOU DONT LIKE IT DONT USE IT, UNREASONABLE, DONT COMPLAIN. Not exactly the most constructive way of promoting cloud services. 
All the people complaining about a US
promotion. The 'hate America' crowd is alive and well on Google+

+Keven Fox how about you don't have the 30 min. it will take you yo go to buy the bootleg copy you talk about for less than a dollar and 30 min to transfer to your phone? Some of us prefer to download it in 1 minute (if we like the movie). Your logic is cheap and useless. 
You would think Google would realise that play is in other countries that just the USA, either that or they are ignorant...??? 
I don,t have any money. I will download this shit for free from another source & watch so much as i want. Besides i already have this in full HD and absolutely free. 
Even if this was available outside the US, I couldn't give a shit. Pricing is way off. 
UK deals please. I would also point out that this " deal" is garbage.
+Richard Gil not talking bootleg you idiot. Pay attention here, this movie can be found under 1 dollar period. I'm sure Google wants you back at work, break time is over.
I bought it.  I like it.  There are things not available in the US like certain cell phones, wireless technologies, etc.

Stop being so dramatic about a movie.
+Google Play. These people post but never respond.. 
This is meant to be a global network ..that not just includes Britain united kingdom ..not just Americans...i can assure you a lot of followers from the UK and other country's will leave many people are sick of it al ..Colin ..
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