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Google Play hung out with 14 people. <a class='ot-hashtag' href=''>#hangoutsonair</a>Shelley Murveit, David van Rees, Mark Mercieca, Sebastian Reid, Christian Liberman, Martin Burcombe, Erich Hugo, Moyukh Kismatul Muzahid, Cheryl Pon, Alek Hayes, T.B. McKenzie, Alastair Reynolds, Peter F. Hamilton, and Iain M Banks
Google Play presents: Iain M. Banks, Alastair Reynolds, and Peter F. Hamilton
Google Play and 14 others participated
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HOA is not supported on my device... :( 
I'll post my off-line question here JUST IN CASE there's time for it!

What is the point of backing up one's mind in preparation for death?  The resulting clone or virtual mind would be you for all intents and purposes, but YOUR consciousness wouldn't "transfer" and you wouldn't experience the life of your backup/clone. I know many don't see this as a problem, saying the death of the original person is no different from when we sleep. What do you think?
Is this getting recorded? I have to get back to work :(
When will the full version with Google Play movies and music throughout Europe?
Can't hang out on my device either samsung 3 G galaxy
I am part Native American my mother told me that when we die we wake up
Hello Alice how have you been
I've missed your art what's up what's new
What genre would the writers most like to attempt in which they are fairly certain they would fail? That is, what other genre entices them but is too daunting to attempt?
some one better tell me next time, acorrding to the next post
En google play pueden encontrar el libro de narrativa breve "El nuevo maestro y otros relatos" por menos de 3€.
I Think Google is the Future! Is better than FB and Myspace and so on. (:
how to join hangouts? im new here
Nash Gleek,I am new too and would appreciate any help I can get.
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