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It's the NHL playoffs! If you're a hockey fan, follow along with the official NHL GameCenter app. (, or for select tablets at

Or, check out the official NHL 3D Live Wallpaper, now updated with the Spinning Puck Playoff Edition. (

Which team are you rooting for?
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tablet-optimized app "This app is incompatible with all of your devices." on Asus Transformer Prime? #fail
hahaha. I have a Xoom and Acer A100. Incompatible with both!
Cool zieh ich mir gerade rein ;D
Worked on ASUS Transformer TF101 last week, but you're right, says it's incompatible now.
+Ken Holman Not sure what's going on, I installed NHL Gamecenter on my stock Transformer Prime last week.
Not compatible with wifi xoom?
+O'Neil Castro Stock Prime over here. doesn't show up in my maketplace on the device. Says incompatible on website
Not compatible with my wifi Xoom and wifi Acer a100 tablets. Both running ICS.
At least Gamecenter hasn't been available in Finland in the past, how is it now? The links in the post are not opening anything except some clickserve thing?
What's with the clickserve links? They don't work well. Can't you just shorten the actual links?
+Carl Sims +Ken Holman +Alex Joppie The tablet app isn't available for some wifi-only tablets. We're updating the post to reflect this information. Thank you for pointing this out for us and sorry for any inconvenience!
Like this apk very much however pay a lot to unlock video summary? Sorry it´s free on the web...
Is something wrong with YouTube? I think I received some stupid kind of advertisement masked like a survey - answered three questions, then I had to choose iPad, iPhone or Macbook Air, and after that it redirected me to some other website where it wanted my mobile phone number. That's when I started getting suspicious and closed all webpages.
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