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From thrill-ride games like Jet Pack Joy Ride to hidden-object games like Snark Busters, you'll want to check out these adventure games in this #gameswelove collection: Let us know which are your favorites.
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Would also like cloud game saves like iOS too. Would really help when going from phone to tablet when playing games or when going from old phone to new phone. 
Beach Buggy Blitz is by far the best free game on android...vroom vroom!!
Only someone who has no idea about videogames would call these "adventure" games. Maybe Snark Busters, but that's only if you count casual ones. Jet Pack Joy Ride?? The only real adventure games available on Google Play are Broken Sword and Machinarium...
Stickman Vs Infinite Ninjas!
Some real adventure games would sure be nice. :)
Playing on Android without archievements its like a soccer without cups or doing a postgrade without a certification.

Hurry up with this. I'm avoiding playing on Android for that. I prefer playing on my vita
Are we suggesting that Android has jumped the shark already? 
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