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Do you have what it takes? Test your skills and ability to solve word games to war games in this puzzler's paradise collection:
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+Tom Gray Americans might be able to buy it, but they probably won't be able to get it until next year since there's a 5 week wait... ;-) 
alright..let's see how this works out like????
I'd rather buy a nexus 4 
Weird, why do so many of these games request permissions like phone state, read battery statistics or change global sound settings? Why recommend such games? Shouldn't you guys at Google Play teach devs not to request unnecessary permissions instead of promoting them? It makes it more difficult for users to tell proper apps from those that are malicious, that take too many liberties with users privacy or that changes things apps shouldn't change.
Why does the link redirect to dartserve? it can't be opened in my phone, because I have an adblocker. 
if my cousin (who lives in the USA) logs into google play with my account (i live in canada) and buys a song or any google play content that is restricted to the US store, would that content be playable on my android devices here in canada?
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