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We're ready for the weekend. To celebrate, we're bringing you nine free tracks (US- from rising artists featured in this month's #Antenna collection. #TGIF #FSOD
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if it were in Canada... just like you had +Google TV the other day (but had to retract)... we could enjoy.
What happen with Canada? Is it so complicated with copyright?
Maybe next time- i didnt download any lol
Still waiting in Canada. Patience is wearing thin... If Apple can figure out how to sell music in Canada why can't Google?
+Harvey Sandhu my sympathies.  I know that sucks.  We (America) had to wait two years to get the same spotify service they had in the U.K.  We should be able to solve this problem on the global level and stop fighting the same battle in every country.
you have to BUY tracks for $0.00? wtf is wrong with you google
+Google Play... Can we get a date for Australia too!? I mean, its been over a year since Google Music launched, sitll waiting for the service.
Omg guys please bring this to australia!!!!!!
WTF? "Musik auf Google Play ist in Ihrem Land leider noch nicht verfügbar."
So I can't even get free music in my country. This is getting old Google. Australia needs the full store, like... last month!
Please bring the music store to Canada, it would make my life full of win
<3 Google. Some amazing tracks here. Thanks for the heads up and free tunes. I look forward to checking more of +chocquibtown, +ultraista, +macklemore & Ryan...
Can't even get free stuff outside the us. No wonder people go with the unofficial ways of getting music.
Please make google play movies&tv shows, magazines, books and music available in the Slovakia and Czech Republic
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