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Looking for a good read this holiday season? Pockets feeling light from all that holiday shopping? Make sure to check out all of our free books on Google Play. Here's a list of some free titles to get you in the holiday spirit:

Treasure Island, Robert Louis Stevenson:
Les Misérables: Part First: Fantine, Victor Hugo:
A Tale of Two Cities, Charles Dickens:
Romeo and Juliet, William Shakespeare:
The Wonderful World of Oz, L. Frank Baum:

Grimm's Fairy Tales, Jacob Grimm, Wilhelm Grimm:
The Count of Monte Cristo, Alexandre Dumas:
The Time Machine, HG Wells:
The Tale of Peter Rabbit, Beatrix Potter:
A Christmas Carol in Prose, Charles Dickens:
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Not available for free here in the uk  :(
Wonder when +Google Play will get with the multi-account thang. That way I can click a link and change my account, rather than having to open a new incognito to sign in with the account I use for Play, and not have to sign out of the account I use for Plus.
Every time +Google Play posts links I click them and just get a blank page that says "Moved Temporarily"
When it comes to books... I'm really surprised there isn't a much more substantial list of free titles being offered by Google. I'm sure some older works of fiction could be offered... 
If you're reading this +Google Play, could you explain to me how someone can sell a digital copy of The Invisible Man for £21?! Pricing on Google Play is well screwy...  :(

Feel free to reward me with a free copy of The Time Machine.  :)
The inability to import my current library to Google books is a major factor in me not using you guys. Until you incorporate this, my business will be elsewhere, free or not.
Hey guys! All of them are already free in Google Books. +Google Play just remember you to check these titles.
+Terry Poulin  I use Moon+ Reader because I can add any ebook previously bought from anywhere. With Google books, I am unable to add books unless I buy them from the Google store.
+Jimmy Richards likely because Moon+ Reader is a book reader, Amazon, Kobo, Play, etc are stores that publish a reader.

Give or take the bother of manually setting it up, you can usually download a EPUB of a Play Book and use Adobe Digital Editions to get it on mobile device. For using it in a reader that doesn't support Adobes thing, it is technically possible to strip the DRM and use it with any reader but that isn't technically legal.
+Terry Poulin You can upload your current music library to Google Music. I wish it was the same for Google Books.
Cuz everyone wants to read Peter Rabbit on Christmas.
+Jimmy Richards it would be nice, especially if it could be 'matched' and auto done without even having to upload. They probably would do it too if they thought it was more profitable than what the licensing costs would set them back just to be able to get away with it.
I still wish I could load any ePub on Play Books. The interface is nice, but books I bought from the Humble Bundle and Story Bundle can't be read in it...
I've been reading The Time Machine. Such a great break from text books.
+Terry Poulin I like Google Books as a reader. I think it is smooth, but I don't like my books spread over different readers. Moon+ syncs with dropbox so I can read across all of my devices. If Google would allow uploads, I would switch tomorrow.
+Xatolos Wired I found it easier to install the Kindle app then send the (Story Bundle) books to the Kindle app via Amazon.
Anyone, anywhere can get these texts for free anyway! Almost an Apple style 'promotion' here Google!! I thought you were better than that! :(
+Jimmy Richards I'm fortunate, most of mine are physical. Began with Kindle and later changed to Play after an "incident". I found a book on Amazon where it wasn't permitted to send the Kindle version to my Android phone, not fun for like a $75 book on graphics programming.

Since then, everything I've got has been Play, unless there's an Amazon gift card involved.
+Ronnie Tucker I used the Tunnelbear app to make it look like I was in the US and then installed the Nook app. Visually nice with real page flip animations that look good.
Kathy G
I think you can get those books free read to you via Libirvox too.
Not available in Australia. Bloody hopeless. 
I'd +1 this if Google Books were available in Singapore.
Dan A
Unavailable in Australia
Jiri H
Unavailable in Czech Republic
What are these books, movies and tv-shows available via Google Play you keep posting about? ;-) Happy Holidays from Sweden!
Google play is a dissappointment here in the Netherlands. There should be world-wide licence agreements.
Damn not available in my country yet
I want the tail of monte cresto X(
Any chance you will be updating the Play Books "Read aloud" synth voice with the nice Google Now synth voice? Or perhaps an array of synth voices? Either way thanks Google! :)
Whats matter is whats in the heart 
Really i didnt know that but i sow the movie and i liked it so i though that i must read the book
Then i have to read it no matter what
The Time Machine, Oz, and Treasure Island do not offer me a button to activate/download them (Grimm's does). Is this perhaps another US-only offer which is not labeled as such?
So sick and tired of everyone bitching and moaning about Google Play not supporting their country ... get over yourselves guys
+Jason Fowler Indeed! I live in Belgium so we only have apps. I simply use a free us/uk vpn and a fake us residency and now I have everything. It is that simple!
+Jason Fowler The problem is not the lack of support, the problem is announcement like these which generically say, "here's a present," and then allow us to found out the hard way that the present is only valid in certain regions. Region-specific presents need to be marked in the post as being region-specific.
Been reading the complete collection of Sherlock Holmes stories courtesy of Google Play Books, Thank you Google!
Good idea. but unavailable for Italian people :(
Los libros en Google Play aún no están disponibles en tu país.
Estamos trabajando para ampliar la disponibilidad del contenido que más te interesa en otros países lo antes posible.
Inténtalo de nuevo en unos días.
Sadly, there are no GoogleBooks in Israel (neither are GoogleMusic or Movies). 
Stop bitchin' about the play store availability please! Do you really think google doesn't want the play store to be available in your country??? 
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