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The redesigned Google Play store on #Android devices is now on the web: Play like never before with our fresh new look.
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Really love the style and color schemes in the most recent updates to the Google Play series of apps
make it available worldwide already, i don't care that china and mussulmans like to censor what they can see hear or eat
Doesn't look right on my laptop, might be because of the "we've changed a few things" banner though
I love the new page. I just got my phone friday and it took awhile to learn the old page, Now I have to learn this one. I do love it.
Erich W
+Google Play can a suggestion submission be added to the play store
I cannot find the functionality to uninstall an app.  Has this been removed?
Is this commingle to gingerbread? 
Jack Chu
Please add "Installed apps" back to "My Apps". Also the ability to update app on the web!
Thailand's people waiting full version of Google play, Now, there is app store only I need movies store.
Greg Clarke
ugh! Why can't we still remove devices we no longer have/use? C'mon +Google Play.
And the web API for developers is....... coming tomorrow?? #please  
Yay! Now make windows 8 apps. You have no idea how much that'll simplify my Google life
Tony Lek
Awesome, but Google we also needs this on the web:

* On games, be able to see if the game supports cloud and achievements.
* I wanna see all my purchased apps somewhere
* Remove devices I am not using.
* Make it worldwide, I need the latest devices and Google Music.
Jess L
Do not like it. Changed mid using it. WHY make the app lists BIG rectangle options? Just takes longer to load, and freezes Chrome.
Another update that takes away useful features in exchange for prettiness. The 'My Apps' section is totally useless now: No way to see which apps are installed to which device, or to edit the list in any way. The app page has lost functionality: No way to sort the reviews, or filter them by device. This is just another Maps-like debacle. Worse, since I can't even downgrade to the previous version.
great work , this new interface is far more convenient.
+Google Play... looks like the explicit tags were left out during the new iteration of the store in the music section.
Too bad they have yet to create an easy way to clean up our app lists.  I have so many in there which I never use or are outdated.
+Google Play +Google All the useful features are gone like the,  Reviews by devices,Apps installed on device, Remote Uninstall and Update. I wonder if this is gonna be the new google way where all the great features are removed just to make the app look better. This was the case with google maps and now Google play webapp.
With the android fragmentation, review by devices are pretty important
You still cannot remove the device linked to your account. 
Looks great but hate the fact it has apps in the "my apps" page that haven't even been installed on my current device. I also can't see what apps are installed on specific devices anymore. Why take away functionality that was convenient? 
The "Devices" page looks unfinished IMO. 
Nice update. Btw it would be cool if +Google Play rollout official App badges, that displays App icon, name, rating and 'install' button for over-the-air installation, to embed in sites.
Very nice! I would love to see a similar design put into some of Google's other apps (such as Gmail)
Please consider to make it smaller. It's taking too much internal storage space. Option to move to SD card would be excellent!
Agreed, now I am required to scroll down to look for the apps version, sizes etc, which before that was located at the side. Anyway, I like that fact that screenshot and reviews would enlarge themselves.
Ohmygod, finally! I was just thinking about how awfully dated the previous design was looking compared to mobile. Thank you, +Google Play !
I know why there's no Feedbak link anymore :)
But I'll wait until tomorrow to tell +Google Play and +Vic Gundotra why this redesign is just nice but mostly useless now. No, I've to tell you now!
I have at least 2 phones and 2 tablets working - all with different apps on it.
Now I have just one list with 1059 apps (all I've ever installed - even tried).
No way to find out which one is installed on which device, which one is a paid app and which one has to be updated!

This is just another "nice design thing" but nothing you can work with. Did you ever read the basics of usability???
Didn't you learn from the disaster with the new maps a few days ago?
But maybe the "My Apps" section is also transferred to G+ because there's a better place for it like Latitude...
Hate it. Don't anymore see which of my apps have updates available and I can't figure out how to filter reviews according to my phone and latest version.
Yeah, yeah, looks nice, yadda, yadda, yadda. BUT...

- My apps section is even more useless than before (I never used the update/uninstall option from the web, but well, that's gone now. Viewing purchased apps? Still not there! Sorting options for devices not there anymore, it's a fucking MESS.
- What the hell happened to the review section?! ALL THE SORTING OPTIONS ARE GONE! That was one of my favorite features! I had a problem with an app? Look at the Play Store and see if I'm the only one! If not, bug hunting/reaching out to the dev. And BAM, gone.
- I would still like to have better included Charts/Special Offer section. I use apps for that but having it build in would be much easier for the non-power user.
- Still no possibility to gift apps? Hello? The Apple App Store has that already for over a year. What's so hard with using the same technique to send someone an app like typing on someone's gmail address - or G+ name because they are riding the G+ train hard.

Sorry, Google seems to make more and more 'one step forward and two steps back' updates to important things lately - see how G+ Locations is much more useless now, taking away Maps features like the MyMaps option, etc...
+Keerthi Madapusi Pera Agreed 100% - sorting reviews and filtering by device was something I used a lot. But at least the wishlist function is **FINALLY** not only in the Play Store app.
Google's actually starting to bug the proverbial tits off me with these useless redesigns. 

Looks like the update borked a couple of people's All Access subscriptions. If you had the $7.99/month rate and all of a sudden your subscription is cancelled, they are working on getting it fixed.

Hopefully this #PSA  will save a few tech support guys some phone calls, but I just got off the phone with them myself (Thanks Jordan, whoever you are!) ^_^
By the way, other things I hate: No more filters on search, hovering above the ratings bar no longer shows a tooltip as to the exact star rating, my apps shows everything you ever installed whether you removed it or not, no sorting options, Music and Books STILL NOT AVAILABLE INTERNATIONALLY.
Would like to see a filter on "my apps" so I can see the difference of the installed ones and the uninstalled ones. :)
Love the new layout!!! Please release the Google Play Music All Access app for ios. 
How can it look nice when the pics are not loading at all, just words and lots of blank space. It looks like crap.
Ayan C.
Looks really nice but 'My Installed Apps'?!
Once again form over function, and screwing developers over who are not lucky to make it to the top 6-7 apps in their category.

Before users could discover your app just by scrolling if you were in the top 25, now an extra click is needed for more than the top few.  Very disheartening.

Also, great to see the # of stars each app gets, but it's pretty much useless info as all top apps shown with the same 5 stars, weather they have a 4.3 or a 4.9 rating -- which is a huge difference.   The # of Ratings are no longer shown for some mysterious reason, which is a much better indicator how good an app is than the almost useless star rating.  So an app with one 5-star rating looks the same as an app with 3000.

Terrible redesign for people who actually try to earn a living from Google Play.  I realize Google doesn't give a flying f*ck if they earn their 30% from which app, but for smaller players this is terrible.

My earnings have already dropped by 40% this month since Google changed up the "Also viewed" section.  At least when a customer clicked on one of the top apps, they would see other good apps -- now it's mostly pointing to unrelated free apps as opposed to paid apps.  I hate to bitch, but unless you are one of the chosen few to appear on the top, you might as well quit.  It's not related to ratings or download count, my app has a higher rating than every single app above it.

+Vic Gundotra 
s problems working with dolphin browser hd. Works with chrome on android but the speed leaves a lot to be desired.
Is this update come to android device or PC website ?
Nexus 7 still on 4.1.6, still on old design and still without books, movies, music etc etc. :-\ 
+Roberto Giunta It's an absolutely terrible redesign.  I will have no option but to throw in the towel with Android development and move over to iOS as much as I hate to do that.  There is absolutely no way to make any decent money unless you are picked to be on the top.  With the old store, people could at least discover you -- with the new one, it's all but a given that 99.9% of the business will just go to the chosen top apps as it takes too much work for customers to find you.  But Google doesn't care as they still get their 30%.
Gary Ng
Nice new UI but lacking content here in Malaysia =(
Oh yeah! I'm seeing it... and I'm trying to get use to it...
i want responsive design, like Google +
Do not like that you can no longer see which Apps you have installed on which device. The New UI just lumps them all together..
I almost love this +Google Play Store update,but the lack of device tabs in the section My Apps, the ability to update from my PC and a My Apps list with apps I don't have anymore, some even for years now, makes me a bit upset, please solve this and we have a go.
I really enjoy the look, but it is slow, and I also miss being able to see which apps are installed on which devices. 
Why did the capabilities to see apps for device by device basis get removed? Now, pushing apps out to multiple devices is a real pain and takes several more steps let alone not even being able to easily see what needs updating or what is installed on multiple devices easily.

This change removed capabilities that made life easier! I like to do updates for multiple devices from a desktop using the push mechanisms. Yes, can still do via each app, but now many more steps and it seems like hunt to even determine the apps needing updates for each device rather than the easy way the prior UI let one see all app updates front and center or update apps for each device installed.
don't remove useful features, improve them and add more useful features, good design doesn't need to sacrifice usable features , now Google is getting to suck like Microsoft, don't die like #him 
I like it, but I agree about being able to view apps that are installed vs. apps purchased and not installed. I also noticed that there are apps in the list that are not installed on my device so there are some bugs to work out yet.
It's not perfect, but you can click on the gear +Christopher Wagner  and see "My Orders". It has all your Purchases listed.
I just wish there was a way to remove Ice Age and the episode of Falling Skies from my account. 
Please, please, please, Google give me a page with ONLY my paid apps. Don't make me sort through a single bucket of data. Also, bring back filter app reviews by device. I use that all the time to see if there are issues with the app on my device.
it's slow and i can't tell wich of my apps is currenty installed and on wich device i can't also see my devices.
i'm from tunisia and i want to know if there are plan to make media content available??
any dates??
my computer keeps trying to show me the 1000 apps ive tried since the day i first bought my android phone thats like years ago.. change the way the apps show up put em back by phone. my computer is gonna burn trying to show all thèses apps at once....... come on Google thats not a good thing... some people still use Winxp ad have some slow computers ... think of them
Looks juvenile. It's a little unresponsive as well. I don't mind the use of color blocks like in the email app... but the rest of the site now looks overly basic in a non sophisticated way. It's gone a little too far in the other direction now. G+ design is just right. 
Nice design but how do you see the apps that are installed on each device and update via the web?
Incredibly sluggish... 
Impossible to access my apps (page loading forever)...
What are you thinking ???? This new layout is terrible !! I find it unbelievable that you would take a working useable page and turn it into an unusable piece of garbage. If you leave it this way it will be time to take google play off and go to 3rd party apps
i like the way it shows when u at last get to see your apps that are on your phones or tablettes but i wont ever click on my applications anymore.. that thing got my computer going crazy.. i never seen a page so long... i've been using android from the beging with HTC on my HTC Hero so i've tried like to many apps .. and that thing is trying to show me all.. Gonna have to get more memory ram for my computer the 8go wont stand the ride....
Du Chen
My App is a total mess now…with installed and previously installed apps all mixed together. Google what were you thinking…
Yeah this is nice but somebody at google really needs to read this...the YouTube app after the update a month back has become very bad with a lot of bugs
It's beautiful with great animation, but needs polish.
1. It's too hard for a user to understand the left navigation bar (and its relationship with top navigation bar).
2. Apps cannot be installed in apps list.
3. When the list is empty, the page is empty without any placeholder.
There should be a way to remove manually past installed apps that the users are no longer interested in and wouldn't want any longer in the list.
Doesn't differentiate in "my apps" those apps that are installed and not installed. 
Just needs the ability to filter search results and I'd be happy. 
i glad you can get to your wish list now.
Pete R.
Good direction:

Two issues:
- My apps installed on my old devices still appeared on my app list as installed and there are no way to remove them.
- I'm in Asia (Thailand), and the interface looks extremely empty. We only have apps tab available, and no features area. The first page only display one line Recommended For You apps. 
The design reminds me of Microsoft's METRO
Real nice keep up the good work Google I'm looking forward to it...
Muy bueno el nuevo diseño! Pero no me permite ver las aplicaciones instaladas en cada dispositivo.
Finally, can see my wish list. Been waiting for that forever.
Looks a little bit like a Microsoft windows feel, some how . . .
What a huge fail this update is.... for the love of pete... stop removing the most useful functionality just to roll out a new update!!!! 
this is just way too flat, come on you guys ! 
+Ian Camilo Florez it's called change, everything in life changes. Also it's more than just an update they are tying all there devices in one style...not have tons of styles.
Being able to view apps installed by device was the most useful function on the Apps page, now it's gone. Idiots.
I'd like to be able to set a default 'price' option.. For example 'BUY SD' or 'BUY HD' as the default rather than the SD rental price in the movies category.. I'm not going to bother to click on every movie to see how much it costs to add to my account permanently which equals lost sales for you guys..

At the very least all options available (and I know they vary depending on the content) should be present on the product page.. I shouldn't have to click on the rental button to see the other options available to me.
looks great... now just give us the other parts besides APPS, here in Denmark
It's very slow compared to the old PLAY store when displaying "My Apps"
Do you guys really like this crap? I mean REALLY?
Cuando sera el bendito día que que habiliten Play store para música, libros y películas en Perú, estoy  harto de esta discriminación por parte de Google.
Great update! Fast (using Chrome), beautiful and wishlist!!!! However, a bad note is that my purchased movies are all out of order and seem to randomly change order.
Ok, now fix the rendering of the fonts on Windows Machines using Chrome (the irony...), it looks horrible.
Google how about an API and an affiliate program? About time no? 
please for the love of android revert the changes to the my apps list. bring back the Review Filters and dont hide the Permissions.
Like everywhere, looks like even Google has some xxxx guys involved in developing some good things and messing them up from what they were...
Older version has web unistaller, can actually see what each of our device has and also could update/upgrade apps there there are many applications those were probably used for a very short time and un-installed but appears in same place...a total mess...
Basic things are needed be able to see what each of our devices have, to be able to see if there is an update available, to have previously un-installed apps separately...
i was already using it on my lptp even though it would dwnld evrthg to my
Google Play should have a complete list of games with Google Play Games Services.
Same over priced music, movies, and books. Same poor selection. Millionth pastel, minimal redesign of the store this year. 
+Taylor Ringo yes! Definitely! It will come soon. I think they are just ashamed of the few apps, just like at the start of Google+ they were coy on stating actual user figures. 
Still curious when something else then apps might popup (in the Netherlands).
horrible design:(( hangs up, I can't delete and update my apps from web.
+Google Play  love the ui.. but please add filtering reviews back.. it makes us feel that those are all paid reviews.. and make improvements in my apps list..
Same here in Poland (only apps). Besides, why did you remove ability to see what new updates of apps are available on each of connected devices? I liked that function.
The option to remove things from the recommended section is gone. I know there are more important features missing, but I'd like for that one to return soon.
You really, really, really need a "Send feedback" link! The kind with screen markup like Gmail has. Lacking that, here goes....

Titles are cut off on the right side of the card if it has any length to it, like Angry Birds Frie or Angry Birds Spa. (Did you want fries with that? You can eat them while you're at the spa!) Reviews have strange line breaks, like "a" on one line & "nd" on the next, "le" & "vels" or "backg" & "round."

In My Apps, how do I tell what's installed versus not, how do I know which ones have updates & how can I actually install updates or uninstall apps from the web now?

Thanks for finally bringing My Wishlist to the web. Now how about an easy way to add/remove things from the list without having to wait on the details to load? The vertical ellipsis like on the Play Store app would be a nice addition to the web!

Why can't you take me to where I was on the page when I go back instead of to the top each time? Slow loading compounded by excessive, unnecessary scrolling!

Slow with too much wasted space - pretty pictures though.

tl; dr - Not ready for prime time! Go pay a visit to your UX designers!!
That's a lot more refreshing. Makes it fell very spacious and sophisticated. Google just keeps getting better with each update.
Where i can find my current installed apk.? Why you guys release something what is not done? Pls. take your time and make WOW effect not OUGH...
+Google Play +Google Austria 
Made a test now with the "My Apps" section:
It takes 32 seconds for loading and shows 1059 apps... (every app I ever tried on any device) :(

Do you really think that's a usable "My Apps" section?

I tried clicking on 1 App: it shows "Installed" even it isn't insalled on any device AND it shows "Isn't compatible with any device" at the same time.

Sorry guys but buy some more pastell legos for your office and don't MESS UP THE PLAY STORE!
What have you done?
fortunately there are already other app stores... and as I did with the "New Maps" - sad but I have to leave. No more maps, no more Play Store.
People need to calm down.. I understand they removed features stupidly but google is now undergoing a design overhaul. Give them some time and i am sure all the removed features will be added back.
cannot update and uninstall apps now
+Google Play - Please bring back the ability to list the installed apps per-device (not just all the apps associated with my account), as well as the ability to remote-uninstall.

Right now the Play Store app on Android is more functional than the website. :(
stupid design, where is the feature image of the app? why the categories disappear on the app details page? Home screen looks awful with the recommended apps only and that whole wasted space below them.
yes..  i need installed apps on each devices badly or else I won't know which phone is updated and which is not.  Not showing all apps that I have installed in the past including those I uninstalled and don't need at all.
the list is getting too long because it shows the entire history
+Prajwal Bellakka and why are we forced to work with this fu**ing alpha-version? This is not Microsoft! Every redesign on Google was first tested in a "closed" beta. They definetely have to many people from MS in their team now or not enough pastell legos or I don't know what's wrong with them...
The music part is o.k., but the apps part isn't: No way to sort reviews, no list of apps installed on my device, way to big images and fonts, ... : pretty unusable. Sorry!
Why can't I see what apps I have installed on different units? "My Apps" only lists every app ever installed which is utterly useless.
+Google Play Will we ever get the option in settings to remove devices that we no longer own.  We can untick the box so they don't show in menus, but some of us need to remove them.  I like things to be neat and tidy, and with devices I no longer own still in the settings it isn't.

Also, will we ever be able to remove apps from the list of orders, that we've tried many months, if not years, ago and decided we don't want or need.

I seem to have lost the ability to see what apps are stored on which device; why?

I seem to have lost the ability to see which apps have an update, on the web app store; why?

It may look pretty, but it doesn't have the functionality I want and need.

Another case of style over substance, I'm afraid.
The my apps page is completely broken... not only does it take an age to load, but the apps are all incorrect... showing apps I no longer have installed. 

Beautiful new look and feel, but the store is constantly crashing on my machine, when viewing apps too!

Can I remove a device I no longer own? 

disappointed with your testing.
Not so good: Can't filter comments anymore and the My apps page is now useless: I can't differentiate between my devices and now apps get listed that were installed on a phone that I dumped 2 years ago. 
i really want to love this new look but the fonts look seriously terrible, verging on unreadable!
It gives very little information without considerable effort to find things. Can't we have music ordered by price, or year, or title as in the Amazon store?
I add myself to the complainer list, too :
 - Font is ugly
 - Page loading is slooooow (Internet line is fast!)
 - MyApps section almost useless
 - No possibility to handle multiple devices any more
 - Cannot check which apps are installed where
I wish it would follow my language settings instead of showing a mishmash of 2-3 different languages :-(
I like design BUT info are less than old version:
myAPP  not split into INSTALLED and UNinstalled.
I really think the new design is a step backwards. Why would you remove so many useful features? Are you planing on bringing them back? Also, it's pretty buggy. I got pages not loading or coming up empty and I got an "unexpected error" once. Overall it's pretty disappointing and bad quality. And that's really unusual as one has gotten to expect very high quality software by Google.
Why is every single app in My Apps showing as installed when they aren't?  As they are showing as installed there's no way to actually install them if they aren't actually on the device
great concept but hate the inability to separate the installed vs. previously downloaded.
the new design is "schrott"! how can i see which app is installed on which of my devices??
Не найти много полезной информации, количество загрузок и рейтинг спрятали внизу, очень неудобно, "также установили" вообще не нашел.
Not only is it showing all my apps as installed when they're not, it also comes up with an error when clicking the "see more" button on "Play Picks" "Recommended" etc etc.  Clearly not ready for release.  You've messed up Google.  Fix or bring the old version back.
+Google Play 
1. The menu on the left side feels strange/unintuitive/unexpected. With some small changes it could be better imho.
2. The Roboto font is beautyful on high dpi/ppi devices only and ugly on "normal" devices. I don't know why it is used by Google everywhere now.
Please please please it absurd  to remove the FEATURED GRAPHIC... that was the best part of the Play Store... I can't believe it please bring back featured graphic.
 +Google Play 
Why update Google Play and remove some functionality from it ?
I have a few devices and now I cannot see which apps are installed on them ?
+Google Play I like change, but you removed some killer features. For example, I can no longer see installs/queued updates per device - a useful feature that really made Play web stand out. It's good that it looks more like the app, but removing a good UI idea like that is a weird choice.

Also, much like Maps, it is laggy like hell for me.
A Popov
In real life (my case) it looks like this:
It introduced buggy UI in Firefox, and even users w/o any devices can rate apps.
Indeed, Play like never before!

I need to be able to see what I have currently installed not what I put on a device for 5 minutes 2 years ago.

Pathetic - form over function yet again from Google or should that be "New Apple"
We need a way to organise our apps. I've been on Android for five years now and have installed hundreds of apps, some which I still use. I want to be able to tag them and then install/uninstall by tag. 
Can somebody help me how to get the bag that I can downL the play store app....plz
Just as I predicted. Apparently, people outside the US do not need to see lists like "staff picks", "games we love", etc. Sure, I can get to the lists if I search for them on the web, and the click on the link, but what could be the reason to remove a simple button/link inside the actual store? Meh. To tell the truth. The amount of apps I discover per week/month since the new version was released on Android is significantly smaller than with the previous version. And if I remember correctly, when announcing Play Store 4, you said "Easier to discover new content". It may be like that in the US, but a lot of us don't live there, so it's not easier.
Nice will you change the look of google play ? If its right you should do this
cool but I can only see all of my app and not listed for each device I's not very functional...
To be honest, although the design is ok, I've found some problems on the concept:
1st I miss the apps by device view.
2nd I miss the update status of apps
3rd, since you've never solved the problem of the apps we installed once and removed, they all appear as installed (even if they are no longer) I have a bunch of apps, some of which I don't even want them to be there.
Also, deleting them by the play store in the phone isn't the solution as I have to go through each one, one by one, confirm and then wait for the list to refresh.
Please continue the good work and address at least the last issue - It would be quite useful to delete them from the list via web and multi-selection.
A Popov
The most ridiculous thing about this update is that Google believes it is better than previous version of Google Play. I don't expect them to fix it - we have to just bow down and use what we have. And Google, believe it or not, it is indeed harder to find related stuff on new Google Play. You haven't "improved" it, you made it a whole lot worse.
Why do you keep pushing new designs with Roboto while Chrome on Windows still renders the font like absolute shit?
How about "Push updates to devices" from the website? Would be a killer features!!!! :-)
Dear google, why when I am going to see my apps instead of only seeing my installed app I am seeing all my apps from the begining of the history of humanity that i installed?
it's absolutely  horror, you killed all the features ...
The design is nice but UX is terrible, much like the current UX of Google Plus with that annoying as hell hover-to-reveal menu.

If no one ever talked about it in the UX office, they're doing a terrible job. If they talked about it and someone told them to shut up, fire that someone.
+Google Play several people including myself, are seeing the page in different languages 
Seleção Play See more
Apps favoritas
Recommended for You

it seems that some parts detect the browser, and others the user IP.
Looks like Windows 8 :D
+Google Play   New font doesn't work all that well on low ppi displays. Text on my computer screen is very messy. zoom in 400% and it looks fine. doesn't otherwise.
#epicfail Design has been screwed, functions have been screwed, what the hell is that? I cannot see applications per device, you mixed up applications installed and "installed once, then removed forever", it is not possible to switch languages, it is just completely wrong. Please, fix it - coz fresh look is one thing and usability is completely different thing. This is not fresh, this is broken.
Truly an awful update.
Not having the apps split by device is a massive loss alone. Then the list of every app ever installed in a list with huge icons makes it a scrolling nightmare, at least fill the screen area to reduce this. I still miss finding a list of the apps I have bought and I now rely on a third party app to provide that now. Having the ability to browse play content bought by category would be great. Users have multiple devices, make it easy for us to manage the content on our devices! To top things off, the site now requires more clicking and searching to find content (less shown on screen) and the site seems to run a lot slower.

My overall assessment of the changes is that it makes me far less likely to use the website. Hopefully there will be some major improvements to follow. Hopefully the same changes will not be implemented on the app, but that might just be wishful thinking.
#confusing  can't update apps in browser, can't uninstall apps in browser, can't distinguish between apps installed or installed in the past, can't sort comments by device/version!!! ROLL IT BACK PLEASE!!!
Can't remove apps from my device here either.
Beautiful look. But its not no use. And update or uninstall app from the browser. Have an good pc whith nothing running in the background. Still its slow and i think tjis is of no use. Now i have to use my phone to look through each update i,have on each phone. All the apps i have in 2 phones are now displayed in one hole page. Rubbish
I still don't understand why I can't order a device using the Android Google Play app! I only ever use the web Play store when I want to order a phone or tablet (or maybe one day a chromebook).
+Google Play I was about to say it looks great, but after a little playing around there are problems... :/

In "My Android apps" it lists all apps I've ever installed as still installed.
Store Listings lack any Feature Graphic, making it look quite empty.
Download chart/graph is gone.
No way to sort/filter comments (most recent/by device).

+Reto Meier Save us!
The last version allowed to know what applications were really installed on the device. You could do the updates remotely. Must be changed absolutely!
First: Looks n1ce!

But: Installed Apps missing, no possibility to delete Apps (or I have not found yet, but definitely looked hard) and number of Installations is way too far at the bottom of the Apps info page.
horrible.... how can any product manager release this? you don't use Android, right?

Have no idea why the removed so many useful, awesome features.

Why would they remove all the review filters -- was it just so they could use slide animations? Browsing reviews is now nearly impossible.

And, the installed apps list looks like a half-thought.
Design Version 5, Content Version 1. Instead of always updating the design, why not update the content? Here in Switzerland we have only apps and the new design looks like one HUGE gray spot of nothingness.. Or at least consider that there are still countries with less content and keep them in mind! Seriously you make us mad more and more!
Runs slow, can't manage apps that are currently on devices like old version. Like options to uninstall or update from web based store since I manage family's devices.
Amazing how you and chrome team always post Tips and Tricks for rendering, code and CPU optimizations etc for Web Developers, but as it looks, you obviously don't practice them at all. 
Google Play now its super slow, uses lot of CPU and RAM.
Same with new Google Plus UI.
Not everyone has Super Computer at home, you know.
Finally a new design!!! I like the integration of items a lot more now. More intuitive design, expected from Google. 
the UI is great but I don't know if that's because everyone is looking at it since the news of update, but it's hell slow !
Alas!!!!!!!!!!!!! I spoke too soon, the new design has lost the ability to show the "actual" installed apps on your device and allow you to uninstall them.  This view should be more minimalist rather than big and clunky like it is in the new version!!
the scrolling is a bit jumpy but i like it otherwise.. wonder if this is gonna be the key lime pie system theme :p
Wow. And I thought the fisher price inspired Gmail interface was bad. What are you doing Google? 
+Rami ElGawly agreed!! If you click on the my apps then click on the individual app then you can kind of get an idea of what is installed on what device, nothing like the previous version which I believe you were able to click an individual device and see what was installed on it.  I am not sure what is going on with google but lately it seems like they keep taking steps backwards as in the example with the new maps.  I haven;t updated it yet cuz I was reading they messed it up. 
Where is my devices?   Come on google bring it back one of the best features of Google 
Add my name to the large list of people who wants back all the useful feature of the previous version: apps installed divided by device, all the filter options, remote uninstall and update and so on.

What happened to you +Google? You used to be the king of filters and now you are cutting them out of all your services?
You're taking the way of "less is better" and I really don't like it... Is one of the reason I hate Apple, giving priority to appearance instead of features, please don't become like that.
1. How to change language now?
2. How to filter reviews?
3. What happened with feature graphics?
Forget about the store. When can I get my new Maps on my phone??
So the only way to scroll through the screenshots gallery is BLOWN-UP SIZE? 


Do you realize how UGLY and PIXELATED Android app screenshots look???
Sadly we have only the apps tab in "The Netherlands" hope the other parts of google Play roll out soon, Love the new UI
+Google Play Where is the Featured Apps section?!
And where is the Featured Graphic?!
That was the best part of Google Play... i can't believe it.
The UI looks very neat and colorful.  
See More button is missing in the results page.
Google Play will be more powerful if there is an advanced search.
Who the shit-head issued this update? It not only lacks features but also has buggs. 
Hope it's not as crap as the maps update :-( 
Bo Peng
my apps is totally unusable
1. slow
2. no installed app

and when you can add sort function to my books
Extremely slow. Recommendations are worse than they ever were. All apps show as installed even when I only tried the app over 2 years ago for maybe 5 minutes. I like the look, but the usability is absolutely terrible.

In addition, Google seems to think that we all want to see every explicit song ever made with its nearly as explicit album cover on the recommendations page that we see right as we get to the Play Store. Give me an option to get rid of the filth!!!
It's nice, but please remember function is also important.  It would be nice to more easily see what apps are installed on my phone and be able to uninstall them.  Also, why not let me filter by device or installation status?  Also, what about  sorting by install date or latest update?  When one has 150+ apps it gets hard to manage them.   Please make this easier for us!  :)  
The new UI is awful - really!
The search is now limited. The app descriptions are hard to read. Tittles are not fully visible. I loose orientation at this grid with awful big icons. And all that functionality is lost because of some stupid design! 
The new design is pretty bad. Why are all of my uninstalled apps showing up under My Apps ? And why is it just one big list of apps instead of separated by device? Where is the uninstall button?
Where can I list what is installed on my devices? I can only get a (very long) list of all of the apps that I have ever downloaded on any of my devices. Not very useful! I can't even find any mention of what devices I currently have!
What's the point of showing me every single app that I've installed on 5 different devices since the beginning of time? With no ability to filter/sort/anything?
The new update of #googleplay website How do I see the apps I have purchased and installed in my phone and the apps that i have purchased that are NOT on my phone? Earlier I could find it easily by going to My Apps section in the site but now its no more the same. Can anyone let me know how it can be seen?
I don't understand why Google can't get form and function to work together.  The dedication to the "Cards" design shouldn't take precedence over actual functions. "My apps" is now an even worse clusterfuck. It's just a grid of cards WITHOUT ANY INFORMATION OR FUNCTION. It penalizes people who have multiple devices and people who try out more apps, ie. the most dedicated Android customers. Who thought that was a good idea? 1 step forward, 2 steps back.
Nice looking update. In the My Apps section though, it's showing a lot of apps that I had installed, but they are incorrectly labeled as 'installed', when they most certainly are not. I also would like to have the option to filter the apps list and uninstall apps (like I could previously).
Don't like it, at all.  Hating the lack of functionality, as in, there is none.  It's a big, shiny EMPTY toolbox.
It looks beautiful but I would like to request the my apps  capabilities be brought back, I was even hoping to see expansions to this capability like the ability to group apps in folders or something, not take features away.

Despite this I do have to reiterate visually the page looks stunning.
A few months ago when you altered the Play store on devices to use that paler text colour, thus making it impossible for me to use your service on my phone because, having a visual impairment, I can no longer read text on the Play store app without a lot of eye strain and headaches, I started using your website and pushing apps to my phone.

It was working out beautifully until today, when I find you've done the same thing to your website that you did to the on-device app.

That not-black text is VERY difficult for some of us to read. PLEASE go back to a darker text.
No se pueden desinstalar apps de los dispositivos!!!
ergonomics and usability do not seem to be on google's radar. The new play store gives me less than 1/3rd of the information per screen than the previous version. I have to scroll up and down all the time on my 24" monitor! What in the world are you guys SMOKING? I have recently seen quite a few cases where google design "innovations" were clear examples of how NOT to do it, IMO
I like the new look (or at least, I have no problem with it) but in the redesign the remote uninstall feature has been removed? Also it is now easier to view reviews on my phone than on my PC which is ridiculous! There is no way to sort the reviews to see the newest ones first, or the reviews on the latest version or sorted by device (even though this can be done on my phone) Please bring these features back!
WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO THE PLAY STORE?! You went from perfectly usable to "Overload browser cache".  What the hell is happening with google?! First the new maps (removing used features like proper offline maps and lattitude), and now THIS (You can't actually use myapps anymore, because of the cacheload if you download several apps)!  Do you have the Apple maps guys working for you now or something?!
+Francois Nolte Unfortunately, Google habitually devalues their desktop sites... Remember when we used to be able to attach location from the desktop site? yeah, that was back when I used to generate location-based content... no more, not until they restore that feature. I'm not typing a blog post on my phone, for gawdsakes.

I'm not surprised at all that Google removed the incredibly useful features you mentioned. They seem to have a real aversion for useful features on desktop sites.

+Google Play +Google+ Help +Google+ 
Jess L
My maps auto updated too when I had it set NOT to. Gonna have to try and find an older maps apk
If all I knew about Google was their desktop sites, I would find them so contemptible that I would avoid them at all costs. We are constantly losing features!!!

+Google Play +Google+ Help +Google+ 
I really like the redesigned Play store, but uninstalling apps from the web was very handy. Please bring it back!!
How can you change the language in the new layout??? I really hate Google Play in romanian -.-

Also, why am I seeing all apps as installed in the "My Apps" page? I do not have them all installed...

1. Scrolling through screenshots force it to expand to almost full screen. Android app screenshots look ugly.

2. List of My Apps, you can't remove old ones.

3. Apps you've installed once, but already uninstalled from all devices, still shows Installed as status.

Finding more....
Where can I give a feedback for the play-store? It looks good, but isn't more user-friendly than before!
Missing a lot useful features. Section MyApps is now useless!!!
Lars A.
It's an awful update that removed features and failed to add the vital functions that were missing. A big step in the wrong direction.
I've been trying to report bugs but found no way to do it 👎 
Thy guys who created this crap and their supervisor who authorized this 'work' should [censored]. How can one do this useless and insane redesign and cut off nearly all useful features in no time? Hello? Anybody home? Think MyFly, think!
The app detail view in Chrome on a desktop is unusable.  All the text is GIGANTIC for no apparent reason. The concept of columns has been tossed out the window completely....  "MY REVIEW" needs to be in a box with enough padding to take up a third of the page?!? (the section is a 402px tall band across the page)

I honestly can not believe that anyone even bothered to QA this before release....
Emil W
No way to sort reviews.
No way to uninstall apps from the web.
No way to see which apps need to be updated through the web.
No way to change which language you want to see reviews in.
No way to only see your currently installed apps.

Good job..  /s
Why is it no longer possible to see currently installed apps on a device and for which apps an update is available??? I don't care to see all apps which I installed years ago only for testing, but want to see what I have currently installed and update over the web browser!
No way to uninstall apps from web
No way to see the actually installed apps

The new play store isn´t good
Maybe +Google should put some more effort in its updates nowadays. Updates are only useful if they really enhance an app/service. To just overhaul the UI, but at the same time dumb it down by removing a lot of its former functionality is just - not smart.
I used a lot of the now missing features on +Google Play on a daily basis and just can't stand the new page. And I'm just a user, but developers don't seem to be too impressed by this update as well.
Nice work. Not.
A nightmare!
- no "user who viewed this also..."
- no "user who purchased this also..."
- just completely unrelated apps as "related" and only 7 of them
- no review sortings
- clarity completely gone (where's the sidebar where you could get all relevant infos at one glance?)
- no removal of devices and "just tried" apps
- still no way to gift apps
- still no way to bill for updates and upgrades
-  Google requested me to provide a banner for my app. I spent a lot of time to make a nice one. Where is it now?
- no way to change language

Google, please stop updating your services! It only seems to get worse!
Seems +Google hired a new person in the management department, probably  working in a finance/investment/advertising department of some companies before (hopefully the person worked before...). That's the only explanation for such updates in the last time (maps, play, google+,...) which makes somehow sense from a investment point of view (google needs to make money too), but completely neglect the user relation point of view, which is these days much more important in the long run. +Google, you should hire someone new now before it gets worst (It's already bad, but yes, it can still get worst. ;-) ). (And send me the link to the job advertising then, maybe I could help you ;-) )
Doesn't Google see how Microsoft is going down in flames with their failed Windows 8-design? It doesn't take a genius to see that PEOPLE DON'T LIKE THAT! Still, Google follows suit: First the bombed new Design for Google+, now they ugly-up Play Store... Classic.
Like a lot of others here, I'm also upset that you can no longer see what device reviewers have. It was a great way to see if there were any bugs or issues with the specific device owned, to better inform whether or not to try the app or look for another. And no sorting options at all? Wow.
design is not the most important thing
- where is the "my apps" section ?
- why isn't it possible to remove apps from device
- device management would be great

Please reinvent and make it more useful...
I am not a big fan of the My Apps section. No way to see what is installed on each device or update the apps on that device.
dont like, i dont like this new way of thinking by google, more big and big icons and less information on the screen.
Why of a 5" smartphone if the information avaible is always the same or even less?
At my notebook play store is slow, less information. i dont like this new politic by google.
Like it very very much but there is still no buying options for me in Serbia, and that's No good. :(
Oh, and it's a bit slow and there is no difference between my installed and un installed apps. 
So while on my computer...1) I have no choice but to look at a combined list of Movies AND TV (no way to just see movies or TV separately), 2) Every single movie comes up and up to 8 episodes of each TV series - with over 300+ movies and 70+ TV series (although some of them only have 1-2 episodes) the load times on the page are so long my Chrome browser alerts me 3 times with the broken folder icon that the browser is unresponsive and asks if I should wait or close (and I am on a fiber connection) 3) My movies are no longer in alphabetical order; rather, they are in the order I purchased them in - because everybody catalogs their movies by purchase date, right? and 4) The side navigation, which on an Android device allows you to select just "My movies" or "My TV" is replaced on the computer version with "Movies" "TV" "Studios" and "Networks" which at first glance sounds pretty cool...until you realize this isnt meant to sort YOUR content...nope, its meant to provide a more convenient way to showcase the Play Store content to purchase more. At least there they don't hit you with 8 episodes of each and every program - just a simple clickable banner to take you to the Show page - gee - how about using that technique on the customer main page - my load times would increase dramatically!

TL; DR - Poor Redesign, not user friendly
The "my apps" page is way the worst change ever! It's VERY slow, loads every single app I once downloaded since I use Android (useless), makes impossible to see on what device the application is really installed or not...

I don't understand, haven't you tested it before the release? New releases should improve things, not remove possibilities and do things with less efficiency than before...

On the other side, I like the redesign, the look & feel and the whole navigation, but this page... Please change that!
Overall, I liked it, but needs some tweaking IMHO: "My Apps" should at least differentiate installed from non-installed (even better, this could be a toggle), ESC should close screenshots preview, and it would be nice to be able to uninstall directly from "My Apps" panel, without needing to open the app's details.
Apart from the look, the changes to this are terrible. Managing your apps is now an impossibility.
Was für ein optisches Desaster! Die Berechtigungen kann man nicht mehr direkt aufrufen, allein das ist schon Höchststrafe. Keine Liste anderer App mehr, ruft man eine App direkt auf.
Ich hoffe sehr... besser gesagt, ich fordere, dass G. auf die massenhafte Kritik eingeht und wieder zum Bewährtem geht - und sei es nur teilweise.
All the useful features that differentiated Google Play from the iTunes app store have been deleted; in exchange, we get an interface that looks and feels like it was designed by the ad agency for PlaySkool toys.  I've deleted the bookmark from my browser, as the web version is now essentially useless.
Não gostei ficou uma merda 
Kick apple's butt all the way! 
Well congrats. You've made it real pretty, and it looks like the Android App. But you removed all the functionality that I ever used there so I probably won't visit the page ever again! My Apps section shows every app that I ever downloaded for any device as Installed, whether it's on my current device or not. Cannot see which apps need updating, nor can I update them. Can't remove apps from my device(s). So you've removed all the value from the website, but it sure is pretty! First you kill Reader, then Latitude, now this crap. Getting real tired of your s**t Google! :(
Awful. The store is more not usable now. Congrats. Keep pushing us back.
Google, your CSS is terrible.


This is destroying the comments blocks in Firefox and IE. Its not affecting Chrome or Chrome does not comprehend the value.

There's no such thing as:

That is not in any kind of spec or working draft. If you were using "keep-all" then maybe. Otherwise this is a quite annoying error.
I need more. In "my apps" at +Google Play on my Galaxy S2 i need the ability to prevent updating of specific apps i do not want to update. I mean never.
So i mean if i click on "my apps" in my Galaxy S2 i should be able to prevent some apps from updating. 
I like the old one better. Right now, I cannot see which apps I really have installed and which ones need updates. Rather than that, I see all apps that I have ever installed on all my phones. Useless for me. I guess I will access the Play Market from the phone app only from now on.
ken ner
How is this new format better for me? Or is it better for you to try and sell more crap. Now everything I ever download and installed on any device shows as being installed, even if it isn't. The old design which showed current installed and what needs updates on 1 line and what was previously installed on another line was so much better. This is now useless! Please revert back!
Hey, where did the feature go which lets you see which apps are installed on which devices, and uninstall/update them from there?
I need that to control which apps are installed on a certain device.
Please open the full store in Israel!
I can buy only apps! I want to buy music,TV shows and movies!
This is big step back in usability. I have 4 Android devices and now more than 500 apps in "my apps". This is unusable. And there is a performance issue: the "my apps" page  took about 20 seconds to load.
I think you should make it world wide ...
Oh, great, you can't filter for newest comments anymore. That is a great way to hide the Google maps update disaster! 
This new interface sucks! Where are the f*ck*ng filters?
Web browsing is not "app browsing"!!! Some times celan interface is not better interface.
Give our filters back!!!

Another thing. G Play Store has not a place to give feedback about this kind of things. I dug all the Help section, and when i tried to send a complain in "Other" option it said "Can't send, give us more information about..." I've used all the maximum 500 characters, how could I give more information about?
Also add filters by language in the Book Store.
nice but please put already log in mobile details and delete the mobile log in  options 
These guys are not interested in our feedback; so there's no button/link for it. And I'm not interested in this crap - switching to Amazon appstore (at least until they get this done...)

Google ist very disappointing these days!
Where have app permissions gone?
Jan Arts
Hate the new design. Where is all the information about the apps? And most importantly, no app permission at all! How am I supposed if an app is snooping around in my contacts for example. Come on +Google Play , it is better to have an informative store with an ugly design than a nice design with no info. 
is it my browser settings or the font in the new update  is difficult to read?
I have 2 requests for the new layout: 1) Please re-enable Application Permissions on the app's page so we can see what permissions the app demands access to before starting the installation flow. 2) Please re-enable language selection for Google Play - it used to be at the bottom of the page. If you don't want to re-enable this then please don't select language based on IP/Geo and keep it on English (even though I am more Danish than English) - and no, I don't want to keep signing in just to see everything in English. And yes, I sign out after use.
So, +Google, I guess the whole "Don't be evil" motto is officially gone now? =)
Why no music, movies, magazines to purchase in Indonesia?
Google has once again sacrificed functionality for a pretty design.  Gone is the ability to sort reviews by helpfulness, date, device, or version.  Google is quickly losing touch with their customers.
Where are the permissiones now?
And how can i sort the comments according to date?
And why use Google Windows-Design?
No ideas anymore?
The new design is disappointing

And what is with your german orthography?
There are rules, who to wrap a word.
Simple icons in a monochrome box.  A little too Windows Modern UI looking for my tastes.  I personally can't wait for this design trend to be in the past.  Still love ya, though, Google.
+Kanishk Singh Worrisome series of feature missing updates from Google. It all started with replacing great Google Talk app with feature missing Hangouts. I mean, you cant even see online offline status. After that came web version of Google maps and now Play store. Contrary to Google maps, I cant return back to "classic" version of Play store. It's now useless to me as I usually loaded some ups to diverse devices which is not not possible. I don't know what to think but I don't like it a bit.
What the hell happened to My Apps viewed by device? You think we only have ONE Android device? Ridiculous!
+Derik DaSilva Any word on the fix (regarding removal of All Access subscription)? I haven't seen this issue posted about otherwise...
The new layout stinks.  Going into aps and no longer having it show what aps could use updates etc, is stupid.  It now is aimed only at content sales instead of aps/device support/updates (paid or not)
It's a fast, fluid, intuitive, and beautiful interface on the desktop now.  This is exactly the kind of update that was needed for a long time.
+Devin Scroggins quite the contrary with Chrome at least, which browser are you using? I always find it shows the annoying circular-arrow-still-busy graphic even just searching my apps and any market apps. 
Antz Jr
Please bring back the lost functionality. Why do you ever need to kill that?? Update via web, Uninstall via Web, Show apps install per device and sorting reviews per device.. This is what makes Play Store great. 
The updated Play on the web is disappointing. After searching for an app using Google Play on the web, the tiles that are returned as the results do not contain enough information.
It does not show the Star rating of the app.
It does not show how many downloads or comments have been made on the app.
There is no way to change to sort order of results.
There is no indication of how the results have been presented - by highest rating first ? By most comments ?
It is not very stable, sometimes it showed only up to 'Description' section, all the rest at the bottom were missing. Refresh the page a few times backs to normal again. Design looks good, but why took off reviews sorting options? I just don't understand.
This is rubbish, give us back the old Google playstore.... Its really bad... I don't want to see recommended apps, I want to try something new, this is just rubbish..... First on the phone and now in Web, it's just rubbish and annoying...... 
Don't like the new App store.  Doesn't show installed apps on the multiple  owed devices.  Google thinks it's better, but its not as user friendly any more.  Hope they switch it back soon!!!!!
-1: Form follows function... at least it should be! Damn Google :(

It's the same with ALL google product updates in the last years. The Design gets fancier (I don't say better!), but many usefully features get lost :( Is there a software thief around at our headquarter or is a designer just cheaper than a real programmer? 
hmm the new design sucks in so many ways 
I don´t like this new design. I can´t see my installed apps & my downloaded apps separately.
This is your worst work so far. This "update" is a downgrade! Shame on you +Google Play !

BTW it's ugly...
Font rendering is awful, with blocks and gaps in all title fonts. How can this have gone live.
No more apps updates from the Play Store on the web!
No more uninstalling from the web!
Only 48 listed apps for a search!
No more sorting between installed & uninstalled apps!
No more sorting between devices linked to the account!
No more sorting between free apps and apps to buy!
Many lags loading downloaded apps!

WOAH!! The first inversed upgrade on the web!! Google invented the forced downgrade for everyone! 

Er.... who, by hell, pushed this crap online???? 
Maybe the same guy who decided to close Google Reader, the ability to rename favorites on Google Maps, Latitude standalone app, iGoogle and Google Labs.

Will JB 4.3 look like Gingerbread next week??? Wake up guys! You rocked, you're melting.... Even Apple is begining to look sexy... WTF??!!
When you search through the help pages, there is one named "Google Play Customer Service - Supported languages". On this page, there actually is a "Contact" button! Make it glow! :-)
Refusing to submit my form!
my web store only shows ''apps'' theres no movies seccion books or music
I can't see (and action) apps on my 3 devices online anymore. It's very rare, but this is one of the first times that I don't like a google update.
Google Play is now like a work of art - pretty to look at but of no practical use
If possible +Google Play should again show why an app is incompatible with a device. Before it told you, not available in your country, or things like that. 
The design is not that great, but what's really, really, really pissing me off is the removal of the most useful features from the old version. How can removing apps-by-device or showing OOOOOLD apps uninstalled long ago on the first page, be called an "improvement"?!? This is beyond ridiculous. Unbelievable.
+Google Play The new design not that good, but most of the functionality already gone, I need a way to short which apps already installed on my device and which one is not, that very useful. Also the how to short the apps based on user review that no longer there.  
- There should be a Display density option like in Gmail because everything is so damn big.
- At least include a sliding bar in the screenshots section if we're force to skip through them one by one. I can see the screenshots just fine without it being in full screen.
- The font is too thin and doesn't look attractive...are you using Roboto light?
- Merge the Additional info where the app name header is and move the What's New next to the Description in a separate column. (Play around with it.)
Bad Script takes more time to load than older one..... overall crap....
Pretty sure you tookaway most of the functionality that is used most often. Update apps by device. See apps I have installed per device. Looks nice but looks aren't everything.
I'm a small time developer with an app on the Play Store... from the web on the old store I could 'discover ' my app if I searched 'word puzzle', yes it was several pages down (6 or 7) but I could discover it... now if I search 'word puzzle' i get a list of 48 apps and no more... mines not in the list... so much for 'Google Play has a new design to make it easier to browse and discover new favorites'... someone help me with this please?
This is beyond silly! The previous store did let me 1) see which apps where installed on which devices, and uninstall them from a specific device if appropiate, for example uninstall certain games from a kids phone, and 2) the my apps now lists ALL the apps from ALL devices without paging, which means that at least 1000 apps, even uninstalled ones, appear alphabetically on the page, which then pops up an unresponsive Javascript dialog. In that case, this is the same as just dumping the entire Google Play on one single page: It's totally useless!

Please give me filters where I can filter my apps 1) By device and 2) By Alphabetic Order / Install Date / Access Date (if possible), and give me the possibility to uninstall apps from certain devices via the web, like it was before.
Google took one step forward and three steps back!
Now every app I ever downloaded says it's installed.
No way to sort what apps are instaled on what device.
No filters for searching apps like paid or free.
No more filtering reviews. When I see some reviews with one stars I want to see those reviews.
No "user who viewed this also"
No "user who purchased this also''
No more uninstalling from the web.
Google is on a "Hey, let's remove tons of useful features!" rampage. Have you seen the stupid new Maps app? Goodbye layers... No more checking to see how far off the exit a gas station or food stop is.

And remember when we used to be able to attach location from the desktop site? Yup, guess they thought that was just a little too awesome... better get rid of it!

WTH is making these freaking decisions at Google? Whoever it is needs to be fired immediately.

+Google Play +Google+ +Google+ Help 
+Google have begun to destroy what I used to hold dear about them. There's still no better experience out there, so people will just have to make do with it unfortunately!
Google's been on a kill-useful-features-and-basic-functionality rampage lately... The Googleverse is a slaughterhouse, right now.

I'll tell you one thing, they've lost this Google advocate, that's for sure. Looking for alternatives to everything Google... Google cannot be depended on. Far too much uncertainty to invest in any of their services or products.

+Google Play +Google+ +Google+ Help 
"How to maximize uselessness" by Google Inc., available soon on every browser. I suppose all Googlers use iPhones and never get in touch with Google Play.
Still no statement from +Google Play . Want to sit it out or do you really think that "My Apps" section is useful?
+Bengt Giger I talked with a Google employee yesterday. She doesn't use a iPhone but you're right she didn't get in touch with the new Google Play yet.
Does anyone know how to eliminate older devices from my account ? When I click the edit but it just says update and nothing really happens...
Absolute garbage. I won't be using the web interface anymore. Seems like that was probably the intention with all the pointless changes and removal of every useful feature. Just another Google service ruined. What's next?
As a big Google fan, I really wanted to like this new play Store but I just can't...

I like the card look but text is almost unreadable, having 8 columns can be confusing, there's lots of wasted space, my apps section is useless now, the amazing feature graphics are gone now, the download chart is gone, no more filters, etc.

It must also be some sort of weird coincidence that all my apps' daily download rates have dropped by around 40% ever since the Play Store got this new design.

I'm really starting not to like Google. First Reader, now this? No more using the website for me now.

I just really hope Google doesn't do the same for Google Play app... 
I want to love it, yet I can't actually read any of the text in any browser other than FireFox...this includes Chrome, which I've uninstalled & reinstalled, tried Chrome Canary, Opera all to no avail. I love Chrome but can't get it work with the Play Store. Why is this?!! #fixitgoogle  
I miss being able to see which apps are installed on each of my devices. The "My Apps" is just like looking at the "My Orders" page.
Update is awful from a functionality point of view. They've tried to mirror the android app, I get that, but not at the expense of functionality or even legibility! Why can't it play nice with Chrome?! It's all Google!! #fixitgoogle
I have to say I think this is horrible...I can't filter my apps by device, etc. so every app I've ever downloaded is listed and I have to wade through the sea of every app I've ever installed/uninstalled to find what I'm looking for.  This is just crazy, with the recent changes to gmail, etc. horrible! 
Not allowing users to search reviews base on star rating is a dick move google, and thanks for giving me reason to use amazon appstore instead.
Is the web version of the play store ever gonna get fixed? Still runs slooooow and it shows every app i have tried as being installed. You can't manage devices this way. The performance of Google apps is becoming very sad.
the new design looks good, but the missing functionality, exspecial the uninstall function and not able to see on which device the apps are installed is the worst thing ever. 
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