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Need a little action in your life, Canada movie fans? We’ve got hair-raising thrillers like Haywire, RED, Warrior, Public Enemies and more, yours to own starting at just $3.99: CA- What are your favorite thrillers?
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They get thrillers and we in the states get Home Alone??? What kind of joke is this ay'!!!
Good deal!! Just rented 2 flicks! :-) 
+Jason Falter what are we gonna do... First in history that copywrite material is available in Canada first... We must cry, it really is the apocalypse coming.
What a pitty, it doesn't work in my country which is Saudi Arabia :-( 
seen "Wanted"> sooo wicked =P
Tip: Source Code is much better if you don't watch the last few minutes ;-) 
Wait I want a copy of RED...I do really hate that WB refuses Google Play (U.S.) to sell their movies.
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