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One of our guilty pleasures is holiday music of all varieties. We’re even more thrilled this year because we’re offering classic albums starting from just $3.99 (US- What are your favorite holiday tunes?
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Steve Braun
Why asking for my favorite holiday tunes +Google Play? You don't care for everywhere outside the US, so why bother?
Even if you uploaded your own music and are not in the US when you go to play the option to go to listen to your own music isn't there. You have to either bookmark it to get back to your own music or write music at the end of the play url. Look +Google Play at all of your posts the comments are always about this issue what is the problem with the rest of the world and Play.
Nick G
not is USA.... :(
I have to second the sadness and concern of every other non-US person here.
Great new service from a global company made available to 1.04% of the worlds population today!

US is 4.3% of the worlds population, 50.2% of which use smartphones, 48.5% of which use android = 1.04% of world population.
Its hard trying to invest in an ecosystem that doesn't want to include you.  It's even harder to try and advocate that ecosystem to other users because I know they'll be left out.
I'm all about Sufjan Stevens Christmas CD collections!
+Google Play if there's an artist who would like to be highlighted as either musician of the week for free track of the day, how they go about contacting the Google Music Department?
Dear Music Industry, please offer your stuff on Google Music in Canada so I can start paying you for it. Sometimes I feel a little guilty listening to everything with no way to pay you. Oh well.
Everyone else, stop dumping on Google and call the music industry out for not selling thru Google Music in Canada. 
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