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 “What's this song?” The Sound Search for Google Play widget can help you find out, and starting today, it’s available to download on Google Play: US-
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John B
I bet only for 4.0 and up devices. Fail! Fail! Fail!
Google Play Music is available in France, Germany, Italy, Spain and UK... Why not the Sound Seach for Google Play widget?
Yes +Martijn Kuenen I agree - why cant Google mention when services are GEOLOCKED.. Come on Google tell us the facts when you release a service to one country.
My guess is the GEOLOCK is to allow them to do traffic loading measurements before going full world wide.

I just wish Google would say "For USA only for now - world wide release coming soon"
Really wish this was a 1x1 widget. 4x1 is a lot of screen.
Why is this only available in the US (for 4.0)?
Please free Google Play Music for other countries!!!
I am surprised that people actually can read. :-O
How come this cant released Globally?
ever hear of soundhound or shazaam? do we really need another music ID app?
+Jamie Moxon its probably to keep server loading under control - its probably a staged roll-out.

Why Google does not release the info in their press releases that its a GEOLOCKED release completely confounds me everytime.
+Google Play , in the same way, please could you release the Photosphere capability as and App so we can get making those gorgeous 360 wraparound photos with our higher-end phone cameras? :-) 
Can not download in Scotland. Google play store status for this app is "This video is not available in your country". When will it be available in Scotland?
Omg! US only again! Stupid Google, why can't you be like Apple on this? I hate country restrictions :/
I wish it'd also work for movies and quotes but hey, it's still a plus.
Why is this limited to the US? Shazam and Soundhound aren't. You should at least activate it for all countries that also have Google Play Music.
Simply the app is not available in my country because here i cannot buy a song. Google is applying the known model: No Business Purpose, No Service.
Thank god it finally for the sg3 had it on my nexus7 comes in handy 
I love this on my Nexus7 and now I love it on my HTC EVO 4G LTE.
How exiting! But the joke is, that this feature was allready available for a short period when android 4.1.1 was released also in Germany. With the update to 4.1.2 it disappeared. However...
This is awesome it seems like Google is blurring the lines between stock and OEMs versions of android.
Why only US? Second app within one day restricted to one country...
Yes, I had it when my N10 arrived at my door with 4.1 installed. So I am unsure what they mean "new widget".
Bah, I dont need it on my tablet, I need it on my phone...
Does it work worldwide? I´ll give it a try ;)
Nope, it does not work grml
So where is the pure *.apk ??

Bell Samsung Galaxy Nexus
Impossible d'installer cet article dans le pays associé à votre appareil.
Does logistics, forecasting, or communication are concepts that speak to you? Isn't it possible to provide even a date of availability for the Nexus 4 in France ? Thank you !
I have a dream, nexus 4 on google play French.@google
When It will be possible to buy a Nexus 4 in France ? This week ? this month ? next year ?
Ooohhhh!!! It looks like there's a pic of Nexus4 screen!!! How do you get one of them?? I thought the Nexus4 was unavailable (in France i mean)...

+Google Play or +Google , could you give us YOUR definition of the word : "soon"??

Next time i will purchase an app or anything else on Google Play, i will pay....soon...

+Google Play What about Nexus 4 in France ? Have you any date ? We are waiting since 1 month and nothing on Play Store... Is it planned before christmas ?
Too bad... this feature is not available in France... Such as the Nexus 4 ! Still waiting for it ! Will +Google be kind enough to provide us with an estimated availability date ?
+Google France  said one day : You can buy a Nexus 4 on November, the 13th in France... Were are now the same day but one month later, still no Nexus.... So when?? At least an answer would be great! ty
+Chris Perron I have too, but history is new and apparently history will sync across all your JB 4.2 and higher devices (as well as Chrome on PC?)
Woah, I had to "push" the update for Sound Search from my PC web browser to my Nexus S 4.1 device.  It is compatible but it did not appear on my Nexus S apps update list.  History now works on my phone (where I need it!) and it picked up all my previous searches.  Yea!
WE NEED lyrics built into Google Music... When a song plays through Music, lyrics should be available via notification pulldown automatically. I can't believe no one has thought about this yet. There was an app in the Play Store some time ago that did this but mysteriously disappeared. Simply titled 'Lyrics App'. 
Yes +Shantanu Raj I'm aware of all of them. However, I'd prefer a native standalone feature that only displays lyrics on device or streaming from Google Music in the notification bar... I don't think that's too much to ask, and I imagine it wouldn't be very difficult for Google to code into their awesome music streaming service
The best one I've found is from the same developers of 'Lyrics App' but it's very inconsistent and always runs in the background.
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