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Today's Surprise: Indulge in one of the most fun and appealing apps on Google Play (US- Follow the story as elves fight against the odds to save #Christmas. Will they manage to wake the Frost Giant in time?
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I play that since the beginning :-) 
Although it's sluggish and it could benefit from some UX loving, my kid loves it.
You guys realize this is the free version right? Surprise!
we love this too, had it from the beginning of december almost and every day my kids say ' mum we need to do the elf calender' bless
what a surprise...a free version! oh man just what I! /sarcasm /facepalm
yea, lame. the elf calendar is free anyway. What's so special about that?
Its a free gimmicky thing to amuse children..... it works on my kids.......
I've got it on my N7 & my lil one pesters me every morning to run it for him.
yeah thats what my kids do, and the neighbours lad comes over to have a go too lol
Love this app! I did it with my 4 year old grand daughter and we both hooked.
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