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We're very happy to announce that starting today Google Play Music will be available in Canada! When music goes Google, all your music goes with you. Bring all your songs with you and introduce them to millions more with Google Play Music. Kick back and enjoy custom radio without rules, spanning over 20 million songs. Even more, store 20,000 songs for free online, and listen to them alongside the All Access catalogue on any Android with the Play Music App ( or via the web at

To celebrate, for one day only, we're offering a free 60-day trial. Canadians, get started at
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When is it coming to Canad..... oh... NICE! ;P Thanks Google!
Finally! Now which country's turn is it to complain about not having a Google service? 
Do u like me yes or no and do u wan to go out with me yes or no 
Ah thank you Jesus. Miracles do happen!!!!
Inb4-> "Just checked.....Canadian availability not working in Eastern Europe or Asia.....WAAAAAAHHHH"
Thank you
Thank you
Thank you
Thank you

*jumps around * Yipppeeeeee! ♪ ♫  

Thank YOU!! 
Time for me to enable it ... about time Google ... about damn time!
Thanks +Google Play, about time!

BTW, I clicked on the "free trial" button inside music, but only got 30 days trial... can this be fixed?
I can't believe that arrived first in Mexico!!!  :O 
I didn't get 60 day trial offer, it says the coupon is invalid.
finally !!! I'm super happy ... this will certainly simply my workflow for buying music ... it was about time !
I was so excited, I signed up before I saw the free 60 days. Guess 30 will do though.
my album "feel my electric" is live on google play dlp da prince
I can't believe this. Great news.
Next Google voice please.
and it wont take my visa as a payment option for free trial... wth...
I have enjoyed it for a while but this weekend I decided cancel all access to go back to spotify. Better for sharing with other social networks, following friends and has integrated to things like bbc playlister.

Sorry Google, you need to lift your game to get me back.
+Google Play Thank you Google! Although i am from the U.S. I am highly proud of this moment! Its another step forward for Google and also Canada! A few days ago people were upset of how the service wasn't available in Canada. This a good start to fix that problem! :) Thanks again! (I am not Canadian)
This is great news, but after adding music through Chrome, I don't see that music on my Nexus 5. Am I missing something?
Cool 😉🎉 when will we see it in Denmark 😊🎉🎊🎶🎵🎧
All I can say is Thanks for making it happen. 
finally, all of us Canadians can stop whining every time a Play Music announcement is made that excluded Canada.  Thank you.
Alan S
I'm not even Canadian but for all my Canadian friends I can officially say - Finally! :)
Enjoy Canada. And keep up the pressure for Google Movies and Series. We here in Switzerland are still waiting... :)
Would have been useful a year ago. Already backed up to Google Drive.
+Errol Mars Well, now, if you have the bandwidth, you can back up to Google Music instead and free up all that Drive storage.
Alright for Canada!!!!!! Welcome, friends! 
If I happened to sign up as a US customer before, and moved to Canada, how can I delete the US account and sign up as canadian?
I can see my iTunes account finally getting shut! 
FINALLY. Thank you Google. Switched from RDIO.
damn, I saw it on the play store first and signed up right away. I only got the free 30 days though, did i need to click the link in this post to get the free 60 days?
Signed up immediately after I saw a post about this on facebook - I've been waiting (not very) patiently for this day to finally come. Not sure if I got the 60 day trial - it'd be nice, but I'm just happy to finally have this service in Canada.
Never thought I'd see it happen! Happy it's here
Thank you so much, Google! Its been a long time coming but this is great news!
Not sure if I'll subscribe yet but I'm loving the free trial. Thanks Google :)
+Sean Boyd I clicked the link here and my receipt from Google play says first charge July 4 so I got the 60 day trial.
+Grant Rees Nice. I just took a look in my settings and my first payment is June 4th. Wish i got the deal, but honestly I'm just happy it's finally come to Canada.
I can't get the 60 day coupon to work, it says it's invalid. I've had Play Music through the US for a while; I'm not sure if that affects anything.
Just saw it when I checked the Play Store. I almost ran around the building screaming so excited am I. What the heck. I thought this was never happening. 
+Matthew Alex +Dustin Downs I'm getting the same problems, first I get "invalid coupon code", and then when I try to sign up anyway, it says my Visa is an "unsupported payment method."

+Google Play is All Access still rolling out, or is there a technical issue?
Here too, I didn't get the 60 days trial
I didn't get the 60 day free trial either, only 30.  What's up with that? Hey  +Google Play  is there an error in the original post?
+Matthew Alex +Dustin Downs +Craig Sheppard I just got off the phone with Google Play support, and I haven't been the first to call them.  My account is definitely a Canadian one, yet they can see that All Access is trying to bill me in U.S. dollars.  I'm quite certain I've never signed up for All Access in the past (I have used a proxy to access the online storage part of Google Music, though).

Anyways, it's under investigation now, and I'm expecting an email response.  It seems to be affecting enough people that they're focusing on the issue.
YES!!! Never thought this would happen!!! See ya later iTunes!!!
Congratulations Canada!
I also only got 30 days due to seeing it in Play first. Is it possible to get the 60 days instead? Thanks! +Google Play 
Finally all the Canadians on Reddit will stop complaining!
Finally, Hallelujah! I have been waiting so long for this my final link with ITunes has just been broken. 
А на каком языке в Канаде сервис ?
На "пиджин инглиш" или на франкском ?
Got the 30 days only  as well. I'm a bit salty, but that is overshadowed by the massive happiness that Google Music is now available in Canada! :)
Wait, I'm in Canada and wasn't supposed to have it yet? Whoops.
I cannot seem to buy the All-Access......guess I have issue of because I enabled it when I was in the US last year. Anyone have an Idea ?
I can't access the promo either. I get the error "*** Invalid coupon code * Subscribe for just $9.99 per month." when I go to 
Yay! People in Canada can FINALLY download Nickleback!
Good offer, not bad at all!
Thanks Google! We've all been very patient (well, mostly).
Se no Canadá demorou imagino como será aqui no Brasil ... 🙅
As an American, about damn time, Google. 
This has really made my day. Thank you Google. I will now stop bugging for this to come to Canada. Now if only Glass explorer program, Google play devices, etc. Would follow !!!!!! 
YAY CANADA :D  *Vancouver, WEST SIDE :P*
I get a " *** Invalid coupon code * " error message.
+Patryk Kościk  I think the most problem why Google Play can't start in Poland is ZAIKS and their stupid law.
As an American, I would like to thank +Google for finally getting it together in Canada.
Still, y'all have some more work to do - places like Germany still ain't covered...
It was all my whiney tweets at you guys, wasn't it?
60 Days free!!! So happy I saw this link, totally made the decision for me!
Good for you Canada. I know you've been waiting some time for this.
is it coming to Argentina ? we want it
i agree you should realy roar your heart out
Any chance anywhere in SE Asia will ever see this? More Android phones sold in this region of the world than most others and still nothing on play, wallet, even keyboard not available in certain SE Asia countries ffs love what you do Google but please wake up to the fact that the USA is only a fragment of the world there is much more and better opportunity outside its borders 
Wow wow. Wow! Thank you Google! What an amazing app! Woohoo.. Been waiting long for this!
When will you be bringing TV to Canada???
When is it coming for Singapore?
Hey, I moved from the US back to Canada and I can't use All Access since it's asking me to use an American Credit Card. Help!
This is awesome! ^^ Now My google play cards can be more useful then just using them purchasing stuff in apps with it ^^
R.w T.
Can you make Japan the next one for Music and Music All Access?

By the way, these countries still needs to fill the gap for TV shows: Canada, Italy
+googleplay india waits with more than 40 mn Android users
How about Brazil? Going into Canada is easy, I wanna see you do the same down here haha
yeah show some love to the filipinos too
So happy that it's finally come to Canada! 
Is it just me or does the music sample/preview not work?
Just like David G, I signed up but the trial period is 30 days and not 60 days as stated on this post. 
Gosh! Been waiting for more than a blue moons time.
Finally! Will it include a "music cloud" where we can put music, and listen to it everywhere?
When will we see it in Sri Lanka???
Im already In love.... I mean I love everything  Google does but I really like this. Keep up the amazing work +Google Play 
+Amanda de Oliveira it actually has everything to do with music labels and licensing in each individual country. It's not up to google. Blame the music labels in Brazil. 
please google play music in colombia!!!
The trial is only for 30 days, or am I missing something?
Praise the lord! Google, you made an awful monday the best one!
I am in Canada but didn't known about the 60 day free. Please help me to activate it. 
Now only about 40 countries to go, before comments do really, you know, comment things!
My husband Steve Benfield aka Steve Bentfield took me to an awesome concert thus weekend!!
This app is amazing but I m not able to download songs from this app can someone help
Still waiting for Australia don't forget us please love music cheers
If GooglePlay Music will come to South Africa. I will be so happy
Hope it would be a worldwide soon...
You ask me the same question please 
Nick G
About time! Already made my first purchase
Really awesome - and still #Apple didn't succeed in bringing their #Itunes #radio in time... So here you are Google, you got my money! Too bad Apple... You took too much of time...
What are you doing on friday afternoon and why do u buy a apple iphone for what so u can take pictuers 
+Sumeet Gill I think that if you already used the US service with your account, this bring the error in the coupon code... that's what i's assuming?
I'm getting invalid coupon code, but it's only been 22 hours since you posted this 1 day deal? 
+Google Play  Another Google Launch F'up!  Is it $7.99 as you say on many pages?  Or $9.99 as it takes us to in every check-out?  Is it 60 days free as you advertise here?  Or 30 Days free as every splash page takes us to?  And why is a MasterCard that I use all the time with Google Play "unsupported" by Music as checkout method?  
Subscribed yesterday, yet I only got 30 days :|

Asked Google Play Support if something could be done about it, was told "Nothing we can do". Looks like I won't renew then.
Finally! The irony is there is something messed in my account and it wants me to pay for Canadian all access in USD with a US credit card. 
I will be  happy, when it comes to Europe. ;-)
thanks google your awesome. call support today and got the 60 day trial figure out thank you very much.   
Can you renew a subscription using Google play gift cards or vanilla Mastercard gift card? Thanks! 
+Matthew Alex +Dustin Downs +Craig Sheppard and many others: I was just now able to sign up for $7.99 and 60 free days, after getting the invalid coupon code and unsupported payment errors. So presumably something was done to my account to fix this. Any luck for others?

I'll point out that I had just cleared the app data for Play Music on my phone, and when I started it again I saw the $7.99 offer. I immediately went to the 60-day link on the web instead, and signed up without issue.
+Josh Phillips can you give url for 60 day link? i can only see 30. Even when i try the 30 day, i get unsupported payment method for my visa which is tied to my google wallet. i'd also cleared cache, data and reinstalled google play music :(
Thanks for coming to Canada, the one piece that was missing from my Chromebook is complete!
+Josh Phillips ok thanks, thats what i tried, guess I'll have to contact support. hopefully support info is easy to find.
+Dustin Downs What I did: go to the Google Play store on the web, find the help pages, click "Contact" in the upper-right corner, fill in a few boxes (I said I had trouble purchasing music), and then you'll get a callback within a minute or two.
how you download the app on a samsung chrome tablet?
They finally resolved my problem accessing Music All Access, my hat to your support team (I would send them some cake, but knowing how this is, I won't get their office address)
Oh nice she's my best senger! Hhhhhhhh ! I know!
Omg who made this its so inspiring
Why do I keep getting "the item you are attempting to purchase could not be found" when attempting to subscribe to All Access?

I've ensured that all Google Wallet info is current/correct.
The 60-day trial never worked for me (invalid coupon code). And for some obscur reason I can't subscribe to  All-Access. Google is complaining that my credit card is an unsupported payment method, but with it, I can buy apps, books, music albums, devices... Go figure! I'm disappointed.
+Matthew Alex It won't work if you are using an American Wallet account.  You need to create another Wallet account that's Canadian in order for the coupon to work.
W Clark
Loving it so far. It's working without a hitch. Seems like a good value.
When u are start Google play music india???
Brian M
For those you still having a problem with the Invalid coupon code, and unsupported payment method - this is happening because you at one point used Google Music US, so your account is somehow flagged as such. It also is probably just showing you the US $ 9.99 price vs. $ 7.99

If you don't want to make  another Gmail account just for Music: 
I had to a) Make sure you remove any US address+Credit card on file in Google Wallet, make sure they're Canadian  b) Then called Google Wallet, explained the situation, and they transferred me to a Google Music rep. It's happening to a few folk, so after she investigated it, she said she was putting me on a spreadsheet where the engineers/support team would switch it back to CA. Takes up to 3 days I believe. I called them on Friday, I checked Tue night and it now takes me to the $7.99 and I can choose my CAD CC.

However, it seems the 60 day promo is over.
+Brian M Yep mo problem was solved today as well... but I can't use the promo anymore... kind of lame if you ask me #google 
Will Google Play Music and Movie available in Taiwan in the future?
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