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Congrats to the #GoldenGlobes winners. What was your favorite moment from the awards show?
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Adele and Jodie Foster! 
Didn't watch but I'm glad Argo won best Motion Picture-Drama. Well deserved.
The part where rich celebrities gave other rich celebrities awards
My favorite part was right at the end of the Patriot's game when I turned off the TV.
That part when I was doing something else and said: "Wait there was an awards show? Which one was it?"
Lena Dunham wins for Best Actress in a TV Series AND Best Comedy Series
Tarantino spitting out his drink towards the end. 
My favorite part was Tommy Lee Jones. Best performance for Grumpy Cat.
when taylor swift had that odd look on her face
+amber stone Lol. That and Tommy Lee Jones' "I didn't get that joke" look after Wiig and Farrell's routine. It's a tie between them for "Best Untimely Camera Close-up during Live TV Event"
The James Cameron joke was really funny :)
Loved watching the Golden Globes.
The fashion that was shown. 
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