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It's time to play! Take 80% off US- top movies (US-, books (US-, albums (US-, apps (US-, TV shows (US- and more for a limited time only. #CyberMonday #GooglePlay
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Got some love for us who don´t live in the US?
so CyberMonday is just for the US then
How about actually selling the Nexus 4 - no discount needed - just make it available?!
By 80% off apps, what you really mean is discounted in app purchases. Still a rip off.
Thank you for having any sort of sale at all. I am not entitled to any sale, so I appreciate anything you might offer. 

Sheesh folks... You just came back from the most "Thankful" weekend of the year, and yet you are all so ungrateful?
En México no puedo acceder a todas las funciones de Google Play, Muy lenta la transición hacia otros países. Me llegan invitaciones de Google a mi cuenta de Gmail para acceder, pero cuando intento acceder, dice que aún no está disponible en mi país. Bastante molesto, considerando que, en los servicios de Apple no existe ese problema o al menos lo usuarios esperan menos tiempo para realizar compras, tanto de dispositivos como se otros servicios y productos  (sólo por hacer una comparación).

In Mexico I can not access all the features of Google Play, Very slow transition to other countries. I receive invitations from Google to my Gmail account to access, but when I log in, says that is not yet available in my country. Quite annoying, considering that in Apple services that problem does not exist or at least users wait less time for shopping, both devices as other services and products (just to make a comparison).
+Paul Jewkes but to me Google are not having a sale and they are offering me nothing, and my weekend was not full of thanks it was full of drink, 
+Dave Alderson bitch at the various copyright laws, legal issue and mostly the movie and music content holders they are the reason the Play store is not fully deployed world wide
+michael interbartolo But i cant bitch at them, Google have rights to sell me music, movies and applications in this country, so why are we not receiving any kind of discount? im not pissed about the discount im pissed that the rest of the world seems to be an after thought with Google.  
Noticing one thing Google? All the prefixes to the URLs in your post have "US"
It's really good that you offer these discounts but they are always for the US only.  How about your other loyal customers in other countries around the world, maybe you could offer to them also for a change?
+David Palmer I am not sure why you are under the impression that you are entitled to a sale every so often. That sale was for 10 billion apps download. The next would probably be for 50 billion apps download.

There's a business they are running, you know. It's not a charity. It's providing you many awesome services. For free.
+Google Play Once again I ask why not have a Google Play US page.. Then you can post all this to that and not rub our noses in it all the time.

2 Pages Google Play US for America only and Google Play for the rest of the world. Easy..
+Segi Hong +Bob Pimm you guys are ridiculous. Just ignore the posts that you are irrelevant, really. Taking potshots at the company isn't really going to help your case -or theirs - in anyway.

Here's a suggestion: email the content providers and bitch at them about why they don't allow Google to expand past US shores.
Please make it available in PORTUGAL!!!
+Swee Sien Lim tl;dr: Just ignore me.

The problem is not about contents. I can use play store :/ but there is no discount event.
Thailand really needs this.

So sad... in Ecosystem

I trust in you, Google.
No content on Google playstore sucks. All Google apps on my devices (include Google Music) but still, you are not interessed to open the market for many switzerland...are we not enough profitable...?
Hell, you really think that google doesn't want to come to "put your country name here"? You should blame not google but lawyers who don't allow to sell music and movies and all that stuff worldwide. Progress is clear, but it doesn't depend on google. So please STAHP ASKING!
Hey, Google. Let's have some sales and promotions that are for non-US customers only. Your US customers won't complain at all. Maybe delay some cool new features for them for a year or two while constantly telling them about how wonderful the things they're missing out on are. They won't mind a bit - that's the impression I get from their reaction to posts like this, anyway.
I'd rather a different payment method than percents thrown at me.
How come you can't just post a link? Trying to sift through Google Play to find said deals is frustrating!
Ed H
is this some kind of joke to the people who dont have full play store at their countries?? 
Ir really like my Android phone but it's kinda pain in the neck that Google play outside US does not offer full features, when are you gonna fix that! 
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