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+1 this post if you've seen or are excited to see the #Hobbit. To celebrate the return of Bilbo Baggins to the big screen, relive the journey across Middle-earth with Hobbit-themed apps ( and J.R.R Tolkien books (
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Going next weekend! Just wondering if I should do 3D or not?
Honestly I wasn't happy with the story, and I didn't mind the 48FPS in 3D.
books are not available in my country...
i watched it yesterday ! it was epic ! 3D was good
I watched it Saturday night in IMAX.  I liked it but I was very surprised that the movie theater was relatively empty.  Does not bode well for the other movies that are supposed to follow.
Does it have a satisfying or cliff hanging ending?
Saw it in 3d on a Imax screen. Totally awesome.
Gren W
+Sinbad B No cliffhanger. Just an pause in the story. No real reason to end at that point apart from to get us to go to another movie.

Well worth going to see though
I ve heard that the hobbit is bullshit compared to lord of the rings.
Can anybody confirm that?
Gren W
No its just different. It is a childrens story after all
+1 this comment if you think that Google+ Pages posts have to be  better than this stupid Facebook like clickcollecting "Like this if ..." posts. I am especially disappointed that even official Google Pages use this.
My kid (15yrs) watched the 3D hobbit last night, said it was the best 3D he has ever seen and loved the movie
Saw it Saturday night and was kind of meh about it. There were several scenes I thoroughly enjoyed but to drag this one book out into three movies is a mistake, imo. A lot of long, dull scenes and a LOT of recycled material from LOTR. I found myself thinking, "Oh wow, this seems all too familiar."
The books link doesn't work for me. Is that because it is a US-only link? Is there not a way for you to post links that work everywhere?
Don't understand why "The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins" by Leonard Nimoy isn't on the soundtrack.
I'd like to buy and read the books on Google Play, but Books (and the whole rest) is still now available in Switzerland...
I liked the movie quite a bit. It's vastly different from the book, but they're creating a more seamless story than exists in the abrupt change from the children's tale of The Hobbit to the significantly more adult Lord of the Rings. The changes didn't bother too much, even if the film does revolve around talking about the plot a lot. Unfortunately there's really no way around this, and once the audience is set up for the story (in this chapter), I suspect the other 2 movies will move along quite quickly.

Go back and watch Fellowship sometime - it's mostly people talking about the plot. Two Towers and Return of the King don't fall victim to this near as much. The same will be true of the Hobbit.
I went to the Midnight premiere AND saw it again on Saturday.
Saw this yesterday. Its AMAZING!! Those giant spiders are creepy though, i had to hide my face behind the box of popcorn! XD
+Travis Lide Bang on. Peronsally I prefer the the darker story telling of the fellowship. The first hour of the Hobbit is whimsical and lighthearted.  Not sure which one I like more, I guess I'll have to watch the Hobbit a few hundred more times :)
Loved it and so did my 6 year old son. We've been reading the book at night and he was enthralled the whole time.
Really loved it, don't let the silly reviews stop you from going.
Saw it Friday, and seeing it again tonight - this time in 3D!
I appreciate the implied comments from the helps me (who has read all of them) put things into a historical sense. Not that they would ever put the Silmarillion into a movie. The Hobbitt is a simple movie compared to the Lord of the Rings triolgy...but I thorghouly enjoyed it!
+aaron miller Jackson didn't make anything up, he used information from the appendixes of LOTR.
No books in Norway! -1

(the "-1" is just Norwegian for "Pleeeeease bring books to Norway soon!")
i saw it yesterday. gollum was HILARIOUS!
I enjoyed it far more than I thought I would. I thought they did a great job with Thorin Oakenshield's story. It's been decades since I've read the books though, so perhaps my fading memory is why I liked it.

The only issue I had was with how impervious the dwarves were to damage from falling. :D
Well, that hurts, since Google Books is not available in my country. :(
+Nancy Milligan Lots of natural selection going on there, working in caves for 5000 years. Only fall-resistant dwarves survive.
Great film, every thing I expected, and then some...
Hans Ng
I can't wait to see it. 
I watched the movie, it's great! Are the books the hobbit and lord of rings aviable in German on google play?
My feelings about the movie can be expressed with this quote of Bilbo Baggins. “I feel thin, sort of stretched, like butter scraped over too much bread.”
Oh, wait... Books not available here. What a surprise. Yes, google, until you learn to handle marketing or a world wide economy this sort of spam will appear on every little post you make. How f'in hard can it be when other companies are able to do it?
Just got back from seeing the movie, pretty epic, the moria goblin battle was pretty epic.
The movie was AMAZING!!

We went to see it in IMAX 3D in the 48fps format. I was wowed by the detail! I'm looking forward to seeing more movies in this format! :-) 
Sean Im
watched it in IMAX 3D. thank you peter jackson for taking us on an incredible journey! if you are a fan of the novel, you will enjoy the movie, especially in IMAX 3D. looking forward to part two and three!
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