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Curious what made our list of the best games of 2012? See the games we couldn’t put down in 2012, from +Need for Speed: Most Wanted to ZooKeeper Battle: What are your favorite games of the year?
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Need for Speed is pretty nice, and its on sale right now!
Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3
Eve Online.... Always.
I'm still enjoying dead trigger 
I'm playing Need For Speed:Nitro on my Wii. It's a pretty good game!
..Temple Run..Run like hell..Air Attack Lite HD... Subway surfers..Cut the rope.. where's my water...Jetpack joyride...and SVZ....
granny Smith hands down 
I've got a pretty big list heheh BUT for me this is PART  of what I was playing in 2012 I do not regret the money that I spent on these games and of course there are many other free games, and others I do not remember now but they are worth downloading just take a look :D

Ibomber Defense Pacific (perfect)
Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery (perfect)
Waking Mars (must play)
Petri (must play)
Jewels Dash (better than jewels)
Devil's Attorney (epic)
ColorGrid (best killing time app ever)
Hill Climbing (perfect)
Jetpack Joyride (stunning)
Paradise Cove (better than farmville)
Sailboat (must play)
Ski Safari (perfect)
Tap Box (just perfect)
ZombieSmash (challenging)
Zombie Swipeout (better than fruit ninja)
Granny Smith (dynamic)
Flow Free (challenging puzzle)
Eufloria HD (just perfect)
Blox (epic)
Army of Darkness Defense (harder than you think)
Asteroid Defense 2 (amazing)
Auralux (must-play)
KungFu Warrior (Fight them all)
Tap Blox (Fun)
Zookeeper Battle:

The most greedy developer in +Google Play 's history.
Please do not advertise a game like this in any case!!!
I know its awesome, almost got every app in the "Best Games of 2012" 
SAS Zombie Assault 3.  Type it into Google, have a fun day at work.  Fin.
Why isn't Modern Combat 3,4 & Dead Trigger on this list? What about the Drag Racing game, Shadowgun Dead Zone,Mass Effect really all those games didn't make the list?
World of Goo
Angry Birds Star Wars
+Joshua Willoughby  plz give link to that game--i need ravensword shadowlands.

Pocket legends, bard's tale, gyro, spirits, osmos hd, world of goo, unicorn dash, zombie dash,are my fav.
Nova 3 and minecraft pocket edition
I forgot about Nova3 as well, who wrote this list?
Angry Birds Star Wäre :-) !!!!!!!
Temple run very good verry very good
Bad piggies , Where is my water , Perry
Subway surfer best game ever
Tribez on Android n d rest on PS3; Assasins Creed: Brotherhood, Unchartered 3, Call of duty: Black ops n MW3, currently God of war 3.
I deleted most of the games off my Nexus 7. Needed more space for books.
Hmm Black Ops2, Cut the Rope and Zoo Keeper Dx
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