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We’re here to help you cheer on your favorite athletes with a great collection of American anthems as well as British classics and sports-themed tracks. And the best part about it? You don’t need to be a triathlete to download free tracks from David Bowie and Coldplay (US only- 
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Aweso.... oh no wait... still not out in UK
US only not UK again ARRRRHHHHHH.
+John Brown Tell that to the media right holders. Being the 21st century and all you'd think they'd come up with a worldwide license by now. Many intermediarys' job at stake unfortunately, they'll cling to it for as long as they possibly can.
Seriously though Google... I am a fairly big fan (and even that could be an understatement) but if you really want to take on the other companies you need to release all of your services, in as many places as you can, all at once.
Imagine all of the Americans coming over here during the Olympics who can't purchase from your music store, cannot purchase TV or films and cannot use Google Voice (I imagine) among many other services. From what I understand (correct me if I am wrong) the reasoning behind Google Music (for instance) not being released here was down to two factors.
1. In the UK it was, until last year I believe, illegal to copy music from one medium to another. This is no longer the case.
2. You couldn't get deals going with the record labels/Film companies...

OK this I can understand to a degree but how is it that you can't strike up a deal to get, at a minimum, the content you currently have on your play store available in the UK? Surely it's the same record labels/film companies pushing the content out? (Once again correct me if I am wrong) I mean c'mon, I don't like them but Coldplay is a UK band, how come the US citizens can buy music released from the UK!
I see you've changed you're notifications from 
"Sorry! [enter service here] on Google Play is not available in your country."
"Sorry! [enter service here] on Google Play is not available in your country yet.
We're working to bring the content you love to more countries as quickly as possible.
Please check back again soon."
Which suggests you are likely working on it but... y'know... 

Also, while I'm at it, I really want a Nexus 7 but what use is it to me at the moment when none of the services work in the UK? Go on Google, sell it to me...

Ok rant over.. apologies for potentially wasting some readers time... :-p
+F.Peter van der Leur well import duties on digital goods simply shouldn't exists IMHO. Taxing the import if bits over a wire? Sales tax sure, but those can easily be calculated at checkout. I wonder what new tax they'll come up with when instead of importing goods you'll simply download a file and run it through your 3D printer?
Ah, I see. It isn't Google at all, but those nasty mean rights holders. I guess that's why iTunes doesn't work in the UK either...
+Adrian Jackson iTunes have had a few years' head start to negotiate all those rights. Google Play will get there, don't think for one second that Google doesn't want to take your hard earned Euros and Pounds or any other currency for that matter. You can bet your ass that they're working hard to make Google Play work all over the world and beyond. They know, we know.
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