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Thanksgiving’s gone Google! We’ve created a central hub for all of your holiday needs ( complete with free entertainment from Google Play. Enjoy traveling this season with free TV episodes (, songs ( and books (!
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Google Play services in New Zealand, please. What needs to happen for these services to be made available here? What do we need to do to facilitate this?
Second URL opens on my nexus 7 in the play store, but then kicks over to chrome to a different web page. 
I hate that all google´s cool stuff is not available for my country!! ¬¬
+Juan Sanchez where do you live? the nexus 4 isnt available anywhere now... I think. Well I know it's not available in Canada right now.
+Sean Behan Honduras, Central America. And I have no access to google books, or music, or many other things, only apps
Thank you. That's why we like Google always looking for the people not like fat Apple that looks out for people's pockets...I'm mean so does Google but not like a financial rapist. :)
+Sean Behan what are you talking about? It's already been sold out in Europe and the U.S. for a week now.
These links didn't work well on mobile, but they did on desktop.
We need google play books and music to work in lebanon plzzz 
Google Play: do you have some schedule plan for delivering services to the rest of the world? Music, Books, etc... Belgium is still waiting, and many others too...
need to come to Portugal, i really whant NEXUS 4 :)
If we could have just a approx. roadmap for all countries. We would stop asking/begging...
+Germain Staquet  Indeed, bring all Google Play services to Benelux (or just Belgium in any case)! All our surrounding countries, UK, France, Germany, have these services. How difficult can it be? 
yep..... im enjoying it through my android
Ah, another US post. For a second I thought there was something there for the rest of the world. Oh, well, back to the steam sale. They sell to all the world. :p
Please IMPROVE your Play Store server! The shopping experience for the Nexus 4 was a DISASTER!!!  
Nice...can only download a book in Canada because Google apparently doesnt like canadians (no g-music, no tv shows..). And then Google wonders why Canadians favor Apple....
j'ai bien la musique sur ma tablette mais sur mon tel je n'ai que quelques titres....,,?????
Because we have alot of orchards in Ontario and Quebec? I thought everyone knew this. ;)
Where is my nexus 4 google?????!!! Let me guess, I'll get a tracking number tonight?
+Azhar Abbas That could be argued. Depends on what you do with the phone... See XDA + exynos +source for more info on that.
A) I want a NEXUS tablet
B) I want a NEXUS phone
C) I want everything available on Play, to be available TO ME !
D) Quando, quando, quando ?
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