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Movies on Google Play are now available in Korea, including hundreds of full-length feature films from some local Korean studios and Hollywood. Get started with 
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Oh Google Play Movies/Music/Books for Singapore, where art thou?
Lamentamos. Os filmes ainda não estão disponíveis para seu país no Google Play.
Estamos trabalhando para disponibilizar o conteúdo que você adora para mais países, o mais rapidamente possível.
Volte em breve. hehe
I know it's complicated but please open it up for the entire world Google. At this pace, the place where I live in won't get this service anytime soon. SIGH! 
Pete R.
SEA is waiting for you man. We're throwing money at the screen here!
Dae Han Mingook~ cha cha cha cha cha!
Still no love for indonesia
Are HD shows/movies only supported on Android devices? I'd like to watch in HD on Chrome also.
Any idea when Google Maps navigation will be available?
I love Korean crime films.
no way! korea again....
it's nice, but when Czech Republic? it's for Google Play still wild east? :(
We want Play Music and Play Magazine too~~!! :-)
Would be so nice if The netherlands would get some google play love too.
PORTUGAL? And Nexus 7 would be much appreciated too...
I'd like to see it as well, combined with a revised Nexus Q which will stream audio and video preferably directly via DLNA as well as via Play. That would give my current devices even more love ;)
Ana Ceu
When in Mexico, we need this !
Awesome movie my Grandson loved it...
nd Lin
we are kind of forced to root our devices or use an north American sim card here in Taiwan. sad to see itunes doing so well here and play store doing nothing
This is great but where is all the K-POP
on the Google Play store for the USA?
I don't want to steal songs...I want to pay for them. I've managed to switch my entire family to Android from Apple...and they are all Korean...and they are looking for their favorite tunes.
+Ivan Botty è l'ente preposto alla riscossione del diritto d'autore, +Luca Morettoni sbagli a dire questo. In sua assenza potrebbero pure chiudere tutte le case cinematografiche.
And what about all these amazing features in Belgium ?
очень интересно, жаль никуя не панятно
Nice! One more :D
At least gives me hope that something is happening and this might happen over here as well (BR).
I really wish Google could keep us better informed about what's being done to get those services on other countries.
A pretty page? A blog, at least?
I'm sure it's a LOT of paperwork... But hey... Keep us posted, please!!
Of course you know we all want Books, Movies and Music on our homelands.
Thanks! :)
Офигенчик епть - Мстители на нахлынули везде--- )) а на какой язык еще их переведут? мне интересно !! И , да... я думал что английский знает весь мир ,а тут во на как...  
неграмотные Корейцы значится насмотряца этой киношки на начнут бушевать ---- нафига им та показывать , это же корейцы! Я считаю это дело опасным для корейцев и для близ лежащих государств!!!!))) 
Hi, nice to see the list of countries grow. Still i understand tht a lot of people are impatient to have access to Google play also. Can you publish a list of countries and the timeframes in which they should get access?
Thanks from Belgium
When will be available in Slovakia or Czech republic, in central Europe??
When will be available in Mexico!!! Korea is so far Mexico extremedly near  :(
Want Google play movies 2 norway 2, please Google :-)
Why doesn't Google play show a little love to Greece, too???? We would love to see nice movies on it!!!
Sure wish I could enjoy this movie :0( No Google Play on my tablet.
What about Georgia? Are you even thinking in opening all features play market here? I'm waiting for two years already. I install cracked games because there is no way to buy apps in my country!
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