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Compilations are a great way to sample new music or collect your familiar favorites. This week, we give you the recent hits you love (via the NOW That’s What I Call Music compilations) plus some great catalog selections. What's the best compilation you've heard for a new type of music? Users in the US can check out this collection at, with albums starting at only $3.99.
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who the hell still buys these things?!?!
“Leider ist das gewünschte Dokument nicht in Ihrem Land verfügbar.” — Did you not say you worked in international availability?

Month later and nothing has happened.

At that rate you ain't going to beat iTunes — ever.
It's probably not bad if you need some random mix of stuff for people coming over or something, but I'm not big on compilations personally.

I just wish the free song of the day choices were better sometimes. I love Google Music, but I primarily use music I uploaded.
I agree with +Martin Krischik it's been a long time since Google Music was released in the US and I haven't heard any news about other countries. A date for a UK release would be greatly appreciated :)

Also need to figure out how this relates to #gdrive , don't want to upload my music to two places when it is released.
"Vi beklager, men det dokument, du anmodede om, er ikke tilgængeligt i dit land."
When will it be available outside US. There are people living outside the US - if you didn't know
Yeah, I'm a big fan of Google but they need a serious over-hall when it comes to the music they decide to feature. Almost always terrible. Is there not any cool people in charge of this stuff? Maybe it has to do with Licensing IDK but it's a little embarrassing. I chose to add the free music to my account when I first got Google music. Boy, what a mistake that was! Now I have a ton of terrible stuff mixed in with my music.
Hi google play. Will play music store be coming to Australia?
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