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We love a good romantic comedy during the holidays -- we're watching Run Fat Boy Run What's on your holiday movie list?
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It has nothing to do with Google Play, but I need to start watching Downton Abbey. 
I have access to nothing but apps on Play Store.. Looking at the way Android activations grew in India in 2012, I guess +Google must consider unblocking all the features of the Play store. It is high time guys.. 
I watched Creepshow 2. "Thanks for the ride, lady!!!"
I loved Creepshow 2,but not as much as the first one. 
kids watching the Lorax again. and again. and again ....
I can watch it for free from another source. 
Hey google there are also people from other countries than USA so why you are publishing US deals only ?!!
I'm removing google play from my cicrles cause it doesn't make sense to read about sth that I can't buy.
You don't want my money then get lost.
i cant get google play on my visual land perstige 7 is that normal
When will Google play be available in New Zealand? Really annoyed I can't even view content I off lined in the states in my own home in NZ
" this item is not available in your country"... again Google Play forgets that the world is bigger than the USA (I'm assuming that's where it's available). A comment in the main post about availability would be nice.
When Google music in Czech Republic? 
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